[Unique] 50+ Yoga Instagram Captions & Quotes

yoga quotes and captions

Finding yoga Instagram captions and quotes? Doing yoga has always been advised by our elders and many people. Truly, yoga is one such exercise that is a solution for all diseases. Even corona has been announced to be defeated by YOGA! Yes, yoga has such power! [Coronavirus quotes]

With the help of yoga, many people have recovered. Normal gym exercises are also good but what yoga gives is not only physical fitness but mental fitness as well. Which other machinery exercises can never give. That is why yoga has always been on the top for several years and guarantees that it will always be!

So, after so many good things said about yoga, let’s deliver this message through the best Instagram yoga quotes and captions. We have compiled a list of yoga captions for you all. Not only Yoga quotes but pranayam quotes as well! So keep reading till the end! Use anywhere and everywhere because it’s free!

Now without further ado, let us start with the list of Amazing Yoga Instagram captions and quotes

Best Yoga Instagram Captions And Quotes

yoga captions and quotes
  • “Yoga teaches you how to communicate to your body.”
  • “Stretch your body”
  • “Do yoga, be healthy”
  • “Yoga – An easy way to stay fit!”
  • “Love yourself and do yoga”
  • “Yoga makes you happy, healthy and homely!”
  • “Ditch the Work From Home trend. Stay Fit From Home is the new trend”
  • “Guide yourself through yoga.”
  • ” Meditate, Meditate and Meditate”
  • “Ooooooommmmm”
  • “Chant Om and Relax”
  • “Meditating is more powerful than punching people”
  • “Stay Cool. Stay Calm. Stay Composed.”
  • “An hour of yoga a day keeps the doctor away”
  • “Mind-blowing or mind relaxing? Which one would you choose?”
  • “Best yoga exercise is Shavasan.
  • I can do Shavasan all day and all night!”
  • “Each and everyone needs a little bit of yoga to say fit”
  • “Live Life Longer with YOGA”
  • “Want to leave everything and go somewhere in this pandemic where no one is there? Then close your eyes and chant oooommmmm
  • “Glow from within with yoga”
  • “Never underestimate the power of yoga!”
  • “People with gym subscription is nothing but a subscription to look good from outside!”
  • “I have started regular yoga to stay fit. Have you?
  • “Did you know doing yoga or staying happy is the same?”
  • “Don’t stretch a fight. Only stretch your body while doing yoga”
  • “Pre-requisites of having a yoga-fit body -> You should have a body; Do Yoga.”
  • “For me, yoga is music to my whole body.”
  • “Align your body senses with YOGA”
  • “Yoga inspires me, motivates me, and supports me!”
  • “Believe in yourself because self-care is important.”
  • “If you do YOGA, there will be no ROGA.”
  • “Yogic-Jogging is a replacement for Morning-Jogging”
  • “Yoga exercises us physically and mentally”
  • “If you need freedom from stress, then yoga is the best medicine”
  • “Yoga is the best medicines for depression”
  • “For physical wellness, do YOGA”
  • “Enjoy life by doing YOGA”
  • “An hour of Yoga fills you with energy for the entire day”
  • “Yoga is a preventive measure against all kinds of illness”
  • “Regular yoga keeps your immunity strong”
  • “Do yoga, say bye-bye to CORONA”
  • “Relationship-bonding becomes stronger through Yoga”
  • “My family is fit through Yoga. What about yours?”
  • “No age-bar in Yoga”

Pranayam Captions for Instagram

pranayam quotes

Pranayam is another stream of Yoga. It is mainly for gaining good vibes for your mental fitness. Pranayam is also undefeatable! Now let’s look onto some pranayam yoga captions for Instagram…

  • “Regular Pranayam gives a new life everyday”
  • Pranayam gives us great feeling:
  • Pranayam means life comes into your body”
  • “Enlighten your body with Pranayam
  • Pranayam detoxifies your body as well as your mind”
  • “Secret of my fitness is Pranayam
  • “Change the meaning of living life through Pranayam
  • Pranayam makes me happy and glowy from within”
  • “Get the power of spirituality”
  • “In this world of fake people, only Pranayam is real”

Pranayam and Yoga Instagram captions will help us spreading its energy with our friends and family. I always love and do yoga and pranayam, it truly freshens me in early morning!

So, now what are yo waiting for? Go and spread this powerful energy ASAP because its freeeee!

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