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World Environment Day Status for Instagram

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. As we all know, the main aim of this day is to bring awareness to the people of this world for the protection of our environment. World Environment Day was first held in 1974 with the aim of raising awareness for currently emerging Environmental issues from global warming and marine pollution. Also, other than this we should send Inspiring World Environment Day Status for Instagram to spread awareness amongst our close ones.

We all must know that things will work out for the planet, but in the end, it is us who will be in trouble. If we don’t take much care of our environment, it will be very difficult for us to survive. Also, every human being living on this Earth has the responsibility to protect our environment. Due to increasing pollution, our wonderful Mother Earth is being destroyed day by day.

Now, it is high time we should take some action against it. So, spread awareness around you through these World Environment Day Quotes & Status for Instagram by posting them as your Instagram status.

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Environment Day Status for Instagram

  • Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.
  • If there is no Ocean, there is no life on Earth.
  • Today I am tall enough to walk with trees.
  • The Earth is the most beautiful planet in the solar system. So, don’t ruin it’s beauty.
  • The Environment is everything for living Beings.
  • If you’ve understood the natural world, that means you’ve understood Earth.
  • We must live in every season of our nature, because every season has something to say.
  • Nature is like a home which we must always keep it clean and fresh for the people who will stay after you.
World Environment Day Status for Instagram
  • Let’s do not cut the trees and remember that our life depends upon it
  • The great glaciers are melting day by day and this is not good for us… ohh! you know what? this is happening just because of us.
  • Keep Clean air and save birds.
  • Save Earth for the next generation.
  • We depend upon the plastic so much, we forget that this plastic will kill us one day and on that day, we will be regretting on what we have done. But sadly there will be no solution to save mankind.
  • Say no to plastic and save mankind.

World Environment Day Wishes

  • If I could, I would create a world where the environment doesn’t need anybody to protect it.
  • We cut trees for fake news to be printed on Newspapers.
  • I think women are like water because they both are the source of life.
  • We all depend on nature. We should take care of it.
  • The god lives in Environment, in Birds, in Animals.
  • Act now for a better tomorrow.
  • We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.

  • A drop of water is more precious than bundles of money to a thirsty man.
  • The environment is precious to life, secure it for life.
  • All the living things respect Nature except humans, we always disrespect Nature.
  • Life is developed by Nature.
  • Nature has something in it, which we will never understand.
  • Plant a tree at least once in your whole life.
World Environment Day Status for Instagram
  • Save Environment, there is no planet B.
  • Save water, it will save you tomorrow.
  • Say ‘No’ to plastic.
  • Keep calm, Keep Environment green.
  • There is a direct relationship between men and the Environment.
  • If we do not stop now, there will be no life on Earth.
  • Stop the change of Environment, before it will change you.
  • Every day is Environment day

World Environment Day Quotes & best sayings

  • If you take care of the Environment, it will take care of you.
  • Keep it clean. Keep it green.
  • Plant a tree it will give you oxygen, fruits, shadow, fresh air. If you cut it, then the loss is yours. Now the decision is up to you, what do you want?
  • Buildings develop day by day, the population is increasing day by day, deforestation is changing our climate day by day. Do you know what is decreasing?? chances of life on Earth!
  • All the plans are useless until people will follow them.
World Environment Day Status for Instagram
  • You can’t save the Environment alone, you have to gather people and educate them about the Environment. This small step of yours can bring a big difference in everyone’s life
  • To damage the Environment is equals to damaging your children’s future.
  • We have to speak for the trees because trees have no tongue.
  • We don’t see global warming because we sleep in the Aircondition today! 
  • Earth is the only planet which has beautiful Environment, but people do not vaue it, that is why they don’t take care of such beauty.

World Environment Day Slogan

  • One step for nature today is one step for better tomorrow.
  • Say no to Plastic.
  • The way we treat nature, we won’t survive tomorrow.
  • Keep calm and protect the lungs of the Earth.
  • Stop burn woods otherwise you have to carry oxygen cylinder with you.
  • Respect the nature… Money is just a piece of paper.
  • Without Nature you can’t survive a single day.
  • First we should respect our Earth and its resouces rather than searching new home for mankind. If you couldn’t respect your only planet you won’t respect the second one.

You can use these World Environment Day Slogan not only on Instagram but also on Whatsapp, Facebook, and share the above pictures and World Environment Day Quotes, Captions wishes slogan to people so that people can wake up and start respecting Nature.

Also, do share as an Instagram status to make your family realize, mates, and all the relatives that the Environment is such a beautiful thing in our lives and tell them not to ruin the Environment through these quotes.

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