[Best 165+] Wedding Captions for Instagram

Wedding Captions

Wedding Captions for Instagram

Looking for Instagram Captions for wedding? So, Here you are on the right place. Wedding on the cards? Hurray! First of all, congrats on your happy wedding life! You must be very excited to do all the arrangements, parties and all! Posting your pre-wedding pictures with wedding Instagram Captions and enjoying your precious moments. 😉

A wedding is truly a blessing for all of us. It is the best feeling one experiences in their lifetime. You click pictures in different poses, styles, etc to flaunt your love in front of the world.

But what is the point of clicking those pictures, if you don’t share them with these lovely wedding Instagram captions for romantic couples!

You all have used relationship quotes many times, now it is the time to flaunt your bond with a wedding ring in your hand!

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Cute Wedding Captions for Instagram

Nowadays wedding anniversary Instagram captions with your perfect couple photos are a must. This is surely the best way to express your love and excitement for your marriage. So, let’s read some best couples wedding photo captions for Instagram…

225+ Cute Flirty Instagram Captions & Quotes for Him/her

  • Now you’re mine forever.
  • Waiting for that day for ages.
  • Our dream comes true today!
  • Today is our relationship promotion.
  • Finally, getting married.
  • Born to be yours.
  • New beginning!
  • Made for each other!
  • First selfie after marriage.
  • Promise me, never leave me alone!
  • Before anything else.
  • You are the key to my success.
  • Without you, I’m nothing.
  • I just want to be yours as soon as possible.
Wedding Captions for Instagram
  • Trust and Understanding are the two main pillars of every marriage.
  • I started believing in Angels after seeing you.
  • I’m ready to start my new journey with you.
  • Love has no secrets.
  • If you hide something from your partner that means you don’t love him/her.
  • I don’t drink alcohol, for me, you are enough.
  • You are the heartbeat of my life.
  • Our love is so pure like mineral water.
  • For me, it’s like a romantic movie.
  • I want to travel the whole world with you.
  • No third person is allowed between us.
  • I’m here for you.
  • You + Me = Fantastic Life

  • We will make our own world together.
  • I want your hand in my hand forever.
  • You are the reason for my success.
  • How many times are you going to kill me?
  • I promise I will entertain you for life.
  • I will never ask you to change.
  • When I meet you, I totally forget who I am.
  • Best thing happened to me.
  • Stop thinking too much just hold my hand and don’t worry.
  • Hangover of my life.
  • I love you, you love me then why are we here? Let’s get married.

We all know that a girl’s dream is to have a big fat wedding, also everyone happy with the marriage and of course marrying the love of your life!

So, Now is the time to showcase your love in front of everyone, and each one out there jealous of your love and happiness [in a good way 😉 ].

Go ahead and use these romantic and lovely captions for couples!

BEST [125+] Uplifting Quotes and Captions

  • Hey guys! Wanna see my Strength? She’s here!
  • It’s you, who stole my heart.
  • The first time I saw you, it was like I saw an angel on Earth.
  • I can spend my whole life watching you. <3 <3
  • Whenever I see you, it reminds me of our first date.
  • I don’t want you to be my valentine. Actually, I want you to be my wife.
  • Marriage is like an adventurous sport, in which only two players can play.
  • She is soo beautiful and I tell her every day.
  • When you smile, my world stops.
  • She is the mother of my future babies.
  • You complete me!
  • Just got Engaged with him.
  • If you will get bored! Don’t worry I will dance for you.
  • I will never let you feel my home as your second home.
  • Now we can hang out forever.
  • Two people fell in love.

100 BEST Sexy Love Quotes | Dirty Quotes

  • We have our own license to rule each other.
  • I just got my new home after marriage.
  • From now we are going to share a home, share a room, and many other things.
  • When you kiss on my forehead, it feels amazing.
  • We did it together.
  • All because we want to live in the same home.
  • I have no sympathy for you because you are not a stranger.
  • Marriage is like a book, each and every day is like a new chapter.
  • Family is the one which holds everyone together. 
  • Your smile is my drug.
Wedding Captions for romantic couples
  • There is no change in our relationship even after so long time.
  • I did a thing I love.
  • Take a sip of champaign, it’s my marriage today.
  • A new home, new room, new parents, sounds good!
  • Finally, it’s done.

One word Captions for Wedding (Marriage)

Sharing an album full of wedding anniversary pictures? Then, here are some marriage & wedding Instagram captions for Lovely romantic couples. It is better to use one-word captions or small phrases as they will just add a little sparkle to your amazing picture…

Post Some Images and add some wedding captions for Instagram and tag him\her and make her/him feel better or cozzy.

1000+ One Word Captions for Instagram

  • First Love!
  • Happy Couple!
  • Soulmates
  • Love at first sight
  • Stunning!
  • Officially together.
  • Joy of my life.
  • Most awaited moment.
  • She’s mine.
  • Bride with a cute smile.
  • You are amazing
  • Pretty Bride.
  • Couple Selfie!
  • Anything for you.
  • Honeymoon in Paris!
  • Titanic pose with hubby.
  • Happily ever After.
  • Lovely life.
  • New journey begins
  • My wife My life.
  • Sharing home.
  • Will get to eat food made by you.
  • You are my cutest teddy.
  • World tour only with you.
  • Nothing seems boring with you.
  • This is our magical time.
  • Endless love!

The man who loves you will always be with you no matter what happens. He will always be honest, loyal and never let tears come out of your eyes.

At the same time, a girl who genuinely loves you will always stay by your side, standing strong like a rock. It will be your perfect support system in every situation of your life.

So, never ever leave each other’s side!

  • Never leave your side.
  • Everything is yours from today.
  • Always impatient to see you
  • Uncontrollable heart.
  • Our unique love.
  • You have the remote to my life.
  • Dedicated love!
  • Always you on my mind.
  • A bag of memories.
  • Meeting you everywhere.
  • Foody couple.
  • Holding hands forever!
  • Permanently yours.
  • Lost my mind.
  • Indescribable love.
  • Getting Hitched.
  • Love you to the core.
  • Like me better with you.
  • Best Mood.
  • My only priority.
  • You are my destination.
  • Heart belongs to you.
  • With you every second.

Cute Wedding Captions for Instagram Pictures

This is not all! We have also gathered some more marriage & wedding album captions for you…Check out

200+ BEST Songs Lyrics Captions for Instagram

  • I found my soulmate in you.
  • Be my wife.
  • I would die for you baby.
  • Look at this pose of our marriage photo.
  • You are the salt of my life. Without you, I’m tasteless!
  • Marriage is just a stamp, all people need this.
  • I want to get old with you and die.
  • After getting married you can’t say “NO” to your wife.
  • I think I wanna marry you since I was a child.
  • Keep calm it’s our marriage photo.
  • I love to see our wedding photo album.
  • I love my husband more than my iPhone. 😉 😀
  • You are always my first priority.
  • I will never forget that day when I came to your home with my sister and the first time we talked like strangers and then we started chatting on Facebook.

  • Photos are like capturing moments in a single click.
  • Memories are the only thing we can keep with us everywhere.
  • I promise I will never let your tears out.
  • We will cross all life hurdles together.
  • I never thought that our journey would be long and interesting.
  • I’m yours, not only for this birth but, also for my all next births.
  • Leave yourself in my arms, I will hold you for life.
  • A successful marriage requires loyal couples.
  • Our love will last forever.
  • True love never ends.
  • You are the one on whom I have all the rights.
  • Very happy to have you as my life partner.
  • I want to drown into your eyes in slow motion.
  • I will never leave your hand.
  • Our marriage was our dream and we made this come true.
  • We had married each other a long time back but today it is our family getting married!

You are very lucky to have a love so strong and true in your life. Always feel special because har kisi ko nahi milta yaha pyaar zindagi mein! Hahaha…

So, never give up on each other and always keep flaunting your love in front of everyone because these small things do make the other one feel special 😉

Don’t forget to use these wedding Instagram Captions!!

  • You are the life of my life.
  • Your voice is like music to my ears.
  • My life is empty without you just like food without salt.
  • We don’t need any plans to get married.
  • Get married and get Drunk.
  • Our marriage day is the best day of my life… I Love You! <3
  • There is no one who will make me laugh as you can.
  • We look perfect in our marriage.
  • I have no reason to love you 😉
captions for Wedding
  • Did you remember the first time we met?
  • Together we can do anything.
  • Hurdles are nothing if we are together.
  • I know you are with me, but this time I want to prove myself.
  • You don’t need to tell me that you are mine.
  • Unforgettable moments of with you.
  • Let’s make soo many sweet memories of us.
  • Life is all about getting married, make babies and die.
  • Do marriage and regret or vice versa.
  • Life becomes awesome after marriage.
  • Our children will be soo happy when they see our wedding photo album.

So, these were some best wedding anniversary & marriage captions for Instagram. I hope you found your perfect caption just as your perfect partner! Now, show off your love in your social groups and don’t forget to tag us too! ( If you liked it )

Also, don’t hesitate to share these captions with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, etc, even if they are going to marry the love of their life soon!

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