100+ Wedding Anniversary Captions for Instagram

Wedding Anniversary Captions for Instagram

Is your anniversary around or any one of your loved ones? Then you must be needing some lovey-dovey wedding anniversary Instagram captions isn’t it? By the way, this question should not have been put up because you are here due to any of these reasons only! HAHA…

A wedding anniversary is such a beautiful day, right? It is that day of the year which reminds a couple of all their golden days and how they both survived till now TOGETHER! Kidding ;P. It is a lovely day for sure but what is the point of that wonderful day when you can’t express your feelings for them? Don’t they deserve love from you? They deserve right??

Now, you must be thinking that how should I express my feelings in the right words, right? Then don’t worry my friend, here are the most amazing and the loveliest wedding anniversary Instagram captions for posts, Facebook posts, or even Whatsapp posts.

So, now what are you waiting for, straight away head on to the captions section and shower your love for your bae with these cute wedding anniversary Instagram captions/quotes for married couples…

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Wedding Anniversary Instagram Captions for Post

  • “Come with me best is yet to come.”
  • “The new beginning is about to start.”
  • “One more year is added in your album.”
  • “I will always love you no matter what happens.” Happy Anniversary!
  • “You are the love of my life.”
  • “Being married is the real gift for me.”
  • “Me and My wife.” <3
  • “Our love story is my all favorite book to read again and again.”
  • “Having you as my wife is like dream to me.”
  • “Happy Anniversary to my all-time favorite person.”
  • “Do not worry about the things just sit here with me and forget all the worrying.”
  • “Happy Anniversary to the One I want to annoy for the rest of my life.”
  • “We have created soo many memories of us. Together & Everywhere.”
  • “I have only one heart and that is also beaten only for you.”
  • “The new chapter of my life is about to start by tomorrow.”
  • “After all these ups and downs you always stand with me.”
  • “We two have something special in us, always.”

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Wedding Anniversary Instagram Captions for Di & Jiju

  • “All the way cross together.”
  • “We all my heart I just want to say that I LOVE YOU!.”
  • “Something cute is about to happen in our life.”
  • “It’s been two years of us now and It’s still like the first day we met.”
  • “You are my oxygen which I can’t live without.”
  • “I love to say love you to you.”
  • “No more surprises form now because you are my biggest surprise from the god to me.”
Wedding Anniversary Captions
  • “Marriage is just a license to live with you, to kiss you anytime, to hug you anytime.”
  • “Wishing you a very happy wedding anniversary with all my heart and blessings.”

Wedding Anniversary Instagram Captions for Husband & Wife

  • “I would love to say I love you all the time.”
  • “Loving you is my fav. work to do.”
  • “I just wanted to tell you that whenever I imagine myself happy I’m with you at that time.”
  • “My soul is love you that’s all I need to know.”
  • “I have found the one with whom I want to spend my whole life.”
  • “You are the love of my life.”
  • “With you, I forgot all my problems.”
  • “Your smile taught me how to laugh.”
  • “You & I.”
  • “Our marriage is the day when I officially kiss you.”
  • “This is our first selfie after marriage.”
  • “You’re the only person I want to fall asleep with.
  • “The best feeling is when you catch me looking at you and you are doing it at the same time.”
Anniversary Captions
  • “Only you can give me that feeling.”
  • “The person I want to live and can die for is YOU.”
  • “You are the reason of my smile.”
  • “Love is not a joke, it’s a feeling it’s an emotion.”
  • “Love can win any war.”
  • “Love is above all for me.”
  • “For me, you are the only one.”
  • “There is a bond between two souls and we call that thing LOVE.”
  • “To be you, you have to be me, first.”
  • “Can I book a ticket to take you on our honeymoon?”
  • “Sometimes I look at you and I wonder how much I love you.”

BEST 230+ Loving captions for Instagram

For me, the anniversary has always been the most special day. I used to try my best to make my love feel the most loved and special that day. This way, every year we grew our love and would never stop this in any circumstances. Now obviously this is what you are up for on the special day of yours, then don’t stop continue choosing the best wedding anniversary quotes for your wife/ husband/ GF/ bf!

Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Instagram

  • “Every love story is beautiful but our is my favorite.”
  • “I want to tell our story to everyone.”
  • “Your love is enough for me.”
  • “You are the reason for which I want to live.”
  • “A real friend is who knows all about you.”
  • “Let us always meet each other with our cute smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
  • “You can’t find love in fact Love will find you.”
Love has no limits
  • “Love has no limits.”
  • “Love is not a feeling, It’s something you do.”
  • “Stop threatening me with love, just let’s take a walk with me.”
  • “If your love is my garden, then the happiness is its flower.
  • “With our love, we can save our world.”
  • “Love is not something that you can find, Love is something that finds you.”
  • “You are the answer when someone asked me about what I’m thinking.”
  • “Sometimes I fell to the floor just having visions of you.”
  • “I can’t share you with someone else, I can’t share your lips, I can’t share my love with anyone.”
  • “With you, I forgot about the world, I just want to keep seeing in your eyes.”
  • “Not every love is perfect, Our love is and we will take care of it.”
  • “Do not worry about people, just fall in love with your partner.”
  • “Love is not perfect we have to make it perfect.”

200+ Cute Instagram Captions

Don’t worry we don’t have wedding anniversary Instagram captions just for couples but we have some marriage anniversary wishes as well which can be wished by other loved ones on Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp! So, let’s dive into it…

Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Friends & Parents

  • “Bless love and more happiness to one of our most favorite couple.” Happy Anniversary!
  • “Wishing more joy, more happiness, more laughter to both of you for coming years.”
  • “Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful couple in the world. Love you Both!
  • “The day I met was the second-best day of my life, The day I married you is always the best day of my life. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you my Love.”
  • “You are the sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life.”
Wedding Anniversary Wishes
  • “The day I married you was the day when I fall in love with you again.”
  • “I will make sure that I could fill up all your dreams and desires.”
  • “May God bless us as always and our life will be beautiful as it was.”
  • “It’s been two years since I stole your last name. Happy Anniversary my love.”
  • “I way I started loving you is the way I will love you till my last breath.”

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Didn’t get any anniversary caption till now? Chill, we have some more, check out some cute messages for married couples! You will find your relatable wedding anniversary Instagram caption for sure!

Cute text Messages for Married Couples

  • “Having you is like having a world in my arms.”
  • “Good or Bad I don’t care. If you are good then all good otherwise I will make you good.”
  • “You & I Cute together.”
  • “No more relations left now, our relation is enough for me now.”
  • “With you, I can share my all feelings in just 3 words, I LOVE YOU.”
  • “With you, I don’t remember anything.”
  • “Marriage is not about ages, It’s about the right person.”
  • “Every single day that I spend being your wife, I realize how lucky I am.”
  • “A successful marriage requires true love with the same person too many times.”
  • “Don’t marry with the person you can live with, Marry a girl you can’t live with.”
  • “Never let the people go who holds you anyhow.”
  • “My name sounds cuter when you call it out.”
  • “We can grow old together if you hold my hand.”

100+ Cute Instagram Captions for Girlfriend (GF)

Want some more options? Then here are the last bunch of wedding anniversary Instagram Captions for couples. Have a look…

Anniversary Captions for Couples

  • “This is just a starting, the best is yet to be.”
  • “I feel awesome when you are annoyed by me.”
  • “Tolerance is the key to true love.”
  • “Find love not the person.”
  • “Today we celebrate the best decision of our life.”
  • “Travelled the whole world but can’t find like you.”
  • “The way you looked at me is the way I looked at you.”
  • “Unlimted love, Unlimited Care without any conditions.”
  • “As I get closer to you, I go far away from myself.”
  • “Touch me like the wind touches our face on a beach.”

How many marriage anniversary captions you loved the most? Do tell us in the comments section below. I hope it all! (fingers crossed) Anyways, these wedding anniversary Instagram captions for married couples will definitely make you and your loved one smile.

Also, Happy Wedding Anniversary (In Advance if you’ve started searching before)!

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