Proven ways how to get more Instagram likes

Want to know How to get Instagram likes? well, neither tough nor easy!

With the rapid use of Instagram nowadays everyone turns their eyes to Instagram marketing. Over 700milion active users are frequently using this platform to connect with their near and dear ones. Instagram marketers also know the value of Instagram engagement as they can reach more audiences and can gain more sales.

With that keep in mind, every Instagram business owner or influencer, or creative person is in search of new ideas to interact with their audiences. 

In this article, we will talk about the Instagram likes by which you can grab the attention of your audience by creating amazing content for your posts. You can also find the benefits of Instagram in later sections as well.

Welcome to Instagram 

So, you have already created an Instagram account for getting involved in the interaction with your audiences. Right! Then simply turn your personal account into an Instagram business account. Then start creating unique posts.

Instagram marketers just love their posts for getting high engagements and also love to increase their followers too. They just love the notification flooded with likes and shares. 

Though receiving likes and getting more followers is pretty difficult as the audience wants more value to their lives. But without exception, our certain strategies will let you shape your creative minds in different horizons to create incredible content for your audiences.

So, let’s discuss how to increase likes on Instagram.

Ideas or strategies: How to get more Instagram likes

We all know why Instagram likes are that important. In a simple understanding, we want more engagements. Right!. But people don’t know how? By simply changing a few elements in the post can let you give more likes. 

So, let’s dig deep…

1. Add images

Proven Ways: How to get Instagram likes in 2021

Always try to post amazing photos which are pretty spectacular to watch. Always avoid uploading blurry or dark or distorted images. Go with the crystal clear images. 

If you want to get stunning images you can take the help of photo editing software too. Just don’t try to over-edit the picture after it is processed through photo editing software.

Apart from that while using graphics to your imagery, always use the same font. It is because if you use too many fonts then it will not look good or professional. Here we are not talking about being a professional, but rather keeping everything in a normal way. Just don’t overuse graphics.

Always focus on the content you are trying to post. If you want good-looking images then upgrade your camera or take photos in better lighting conditions. In addition to this, upload the photos that best suit your niche. Be laser-focused and specific.

2. Write captions that grab attention of your audience

Writing a good caption is a bit difficult when it comes to creativity. But if you can read and search for new ideas that can evoke better creativity in you. The right kind of captions with the right kinds of photos can get you more likes and engagement.

Always make funny, value-packed captions that are driven with some kind of humoristic ideas. So that the people will always connect with you. And also ask some questions to your audience about your captions. Their answers are really pretty valuable.

Don’t go for one word or single-sentence captions rather go for the captions that provoke some emotions among your audiences. Always tell a story that should be deeply touched and pretty inspiring to your audience as well.

While writing captions make sure your captions truly reflect a great gesture to society. Create a good combination of images and captions and start uploading them. 

3. Sometimes use call-to-action

After creating good captions with stunning images now it’s time to make your audience actionable. To evoke that action among your audience, write something about your post. You can write “like this post if you agree” or “follow me on bio” etc. 

If you write something like that there are more chances people will take action about your words. 

When writing those kinds of things just don’t overthink. Just do it and see the result. Keep everything simple as much as you can. If these things certainly work, try repeating them. But do it when people will start liking those things.

4. Know your audience behavior

Instagram Likes in 2021 - Observe your Audience

The audience behavior matters a lot when you start building your social presence. The audience behavior can easily be known from Instagram analytics. In Instagram analytics, you will be able to know when is the best time your audience is engaging with or which post is getting more engagements. 

Moreover, you are able to measure the matrices like likes, comments, shares, etc. 

After knowing the best time of your audience from analytics you can post your content in different time periods of a day. 

However, to know the audience’s behavior you have to do lots of research by which you can able to know their taste as well as their pain areas. Try to solve them as quickly as possible. As a result, you will get more likes and followers. 

5. Always add a GEO-location to every post

Adding GEO-location to every post can make a huge difference to your Instagram account as people want to travel to more and more places around the globe. If they find the location that they are interested in then there is a chance that people will give likes to your post and even they start following you right away. 

The location could be anywhere. Suppose you are traveling to a particular place and capture a shot that fits your niche then upload it with the location tag. As a result, people might share Your content too. 

Apart from that if you are able to know the best GEO location that people love to watch more and more then you can start tagging that location too. Yeah, you can tag some locations even if you are not present in those locations. But in this regard, you have to be tricky. The location and photos should match effectively.

6. Always like and comment when you get free time

How to get more Instagram Likes in free

This is a very important step. It is because people always try to interact with brands or creative people. If you can like and comment in their comments. Then people will engage with you more and more.

Try to build genuine and honest opinions while commenting on your audience’s comments. If you start those things at least 15-30 minutes a day, then the Instagram algorithm works very effectively for you and can set you in trend as well. So that you can get more likes and more engagements.

7. Go for right hashtags

Go for right hashtags - How to get Instagram likes

When it comes to the right hashtags you need to add trendy hashtags as well as hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

Though you can use as many as hashtags, 15-20 hashtags are quite good for getting good engagement. Do people always think about how to get likes on hashtags? The mixing between the trendy and unique hashtags can give amazing likes over posts. Because hashtags are just like keywords when you put that in your posts the Instagram algorithm always tries to show those posts on trending. As a result of which you get pretty good free likes.

Though popular hashtags can place your post down when it comes to engagement still you have to be unique in mixing both popular and self-created hashtags.

8. Encourage your audience to tag your friend

When some of your posts get so many likes and shares you can ask the audience to tag their friends. 

As a result, there is a chance the audience will tag their friends by which you can get more likes and shares. You have to be very creative while asking about tagging. Otherwise, your audience will find it boring.

9. Use Instagram stories effectively

Instagram stories are quite amazing. Because it provides amazing features to Instagram marketers. 

You can get more and more things when you start using its swipe-up feature. Because swipe features allow you to link your targeted landing pages.

The stories should be made with amazing photos, videos, etc. In addition to this the stickers, smiles, and GIFs can make your stories very interesting too. Try those kinds of things as well.

10. Host Give away and arrange quiz competition

If you arrange amazing quizzes and contests then people will be more likely to participate. As a result, you can give some amazing stuff to the winners. This way you can get a lot of attention and likes from your audience too.

Apart from that, announce your new products or share your new upcoming ideas so that people will get attracted to you and in return, you could get more likes and followers.

Apart from that, there are also some of the other strategies which are also there which are listed below.

  • Work with influencers
  • Work with brands
  • Tag your post to the relevant accounts.
  • Post consistently
  • Use graphics effectively
  • You can also go for instagram advertising as well
  • Promote your post just like facebook boost post etc…

Instagram Account Benefits

Instagram Account benefits - How to get more Instagram likes
  • You can do maximum business and can leverage more money.
  • If your product is value packed then consumers will join you everyday.
  • You can easily target the audience of your type.
  • You could easily know the demographic information that is people from different places and their tastes
  • You can easily know your audience’s best time when they are really active on Instagram .
  • You are able to know their pain areas and serve it accordingly.
  • You can make yourself very creative to connect with your audience
  • Instagram will let you know about marketing features and how to use it properly.
  • You can really accelerate business without any difficulties that is instagram smoothens your marketing as well

Bottom line

People always want to get more engagements and always search for how to get more likes on Instagram posts. In our opinion, good quality value-driven content can get amazing free likes. 

Apart from that, your storytelling ability in the form of a caption and perfect balance between images and captions will let you get more likes.

Instagram stories, quizzes, and announcements can also help you to engage more with your audience. This can also bring more likes too.

Finally, the one and most important thing are you have to be consistent with your creative ideas and also you have to be very specific and laser-focused on what you are doing.


Q. How do you get more likes on Instagram for free?

A: Start creating unique posts that contain inspirational, funny, and humoristic ideas. Apart from that, you can utilize the aforementioned strategies as well.

Q. How do you get 1k likes on Instagram?

A: First you have to follow the account that is relevant to your niche. Then follow the people who follow the top public figures of the same niche. And as a result, they will follow you back. Then start creating unique posts.

Q. How can I get more likes on Instagram?

A: Be consistent and creative. 

Q. How to get Instagram likes?

A: Well, make good content as much as possible.

Q. How do people get many likes on Instagram?

A: Those people who learn so much and are always in search of new ideas amazingly create unique posts. As a result, they get more likes and followers.

Q. How to upload a photo?

A: It’s very easy to upload as many photos as you want. But be unique and add a little bit of professionalism while adding those kinds of photos. It is because you want to be a brand or make a brand for your products. Right. Do use better photo uploading software too.