BEST [120+] Valentines Day Quotes and Wishes

Valentines Day Quotes

Looking for Valentines day quotes 2021? You have landed on the best page for love and romantic quotes!

Valentines day is surely a day that doesn’t need any explanation or anything, even a kid knows what and why Valentines day is celebrated. It is the day for the people who have truly understood the importance of love in our lives.

Love is not only between your life partners but those ones too whom you love and get love in return. Valentines day 2021 quotes are actually the best way to express your love for everyone who loves you!

So, now thinking of how to wish them? Then don’t worry, this Valentine’s day you won’t be blank while sending love messages, as we have brought the best 120+ Valentine’s day wishes, quotes, and Captions. They are the most relatable and romantic Valentines day captions you would have ever come across.

The whole week is celebrated as valentine’s week. So, here we have written a few Valentines day quotes to send them on each day of Valentines week. Now, let us deep dive into the quotes filled with love!

Also, these Valentines day, wishes, quotes, and captions are not at all cooked. This list will help you to express your love to your life partner in very short words. So let’s dive into it…

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Rose Day wishes & Quotes

Rose Day Wishes & Quotes. Rose Day is the first day of Valentine’s week. Naturally, rose is always the first move towards expressing your love. So, that’s why the rose day is celebrated as the first valentine’s day.

Now, give your love a rose with one of the below rose day wishes quotes and captions 2021…

  • Your Face is like a freshly bloomed rose!
  • I am ready to face every thorn if, in the end, you’ll be my soulmate.
  • No thorn is more painful than you leaving my side. So, stay with me always!
  • You are my rose and I am your love!
  • Just like a rose cannot live without sunshine, I cannot live without you.
  • You are the rose to my garden.
  • You are like the perfume of a rose which I want to smell every day.
  • There is only one rose in my life and that is YOU!
  • If you are with me, I can achieve anything!
  • A rose a day, keeps the fights away!!

Propose Day wishes & Quotes

Once you’ve given your rose on the rose day. It is time to propose your love with the cheesiest propose lines. Don’t worry guys, if you want it to look the natural, then choose one of the below Valentines Day Wishes and Propose day quotes.

I bet your love would not be able to stop himself or herself to say YES to you!!

  • Will you be my valentine, not just for this valentine’s day but for every valentine of my life?
  • You came with lots of happiness into my life and now, I can’t live without the biggest happiness of my life!
  • You have always held my hand in every situation, so will you once again hold my hand and enter into my life permanently?
  • I LOVE YOU and want to hold your hand forever. This is all I can say without any reason, without any fake lines!
  • “Propose is like just a formality in my dreams you will always be mine.”
  • “I will never forget the way, we proposed each other. This was always been my most amazing memory of us.”
  • “In love, you have to think in the same direction.”
Complete me by saying YES to me.
  • “Complete me by saying YES to me.”
  • “You are that important person of my life without whom I can’t imagine my life, so will you marry me?”
  • “Till now every moment with you was just magical, but the best is yet to come.”
  • “Never Say Never.”
  • “Your EYES, Your CUTENESS, Your SMILE, is the reason for my existence.”
  • “Not even you can break my feeling for you.”
  • “You will always have a special place in my heart because the heart remembers everything forever!”
  • “Hold my hand and I will be yours for life.”

Chocolate Day Wishes & Quotes

Who doesn’t love chocolates? So, do give your love the chocolate they love this Valentine’s Day and attach a chocolaty message to it. I am sure they will melt like chocolate as soon as they’ll read it!

Here are the chocolatiest chocolate day wishes quotes and captions

  • “You are as sweet as chocolate!.”
  • “You are the choco-chip of my chocolaty life.”
  • “I want to lick you like chocolate.”
  • “I would like to call you before doing any important work rather than eating sweet chocolate.”
  • “I am never late for my choco-late!! Haha.”
  • “I love chocolates but not more than you.”
  • “Can you get me chocolate? oh sorry! You are my chocolate.”
  • “A day without you is like sugar-less chocolate!.”
  • “I know the person who is sweet more than any chocolate.”
  • “The way you look in my eyes I fall in love with again and again and again… .”
  • “Chocolate is the perfect way to show affection!.”
  • “My heart has melted for you just like this melted chocolate.”
  • “Even chocolates are bitter until the sugar is mixed in it.”
  • “You are the best boyfriend anyone could ever have, so here I am rating you “Five Star.”
  • “A friend with chocolate is the friend indeed.”

Teddy Day Wishes & Quotes

Teddy is the most cutest and huggable thing made in this world. So, give your love a teddy and a card with valentines day quotes are written on it, so that they could hug him whenever they miss you 😉

Also, don’t forget to attach a cute teddy day Wishes, quote, or captions with it! It will do the wonders…

  • I want to cuddle with you like a teddy!
  • You are my cutest teddy!
  • Even a teddy would not look cuter than you.
  • I know you love teddies, that’s why God sent a permanent teddy for you 😉
  • Never do any dieting or else I will lose my teddy!
  • I think the teddies are inspired by you!
  • You are as soft and cuddly as a teddy bear.
  • “I want to hug you and sleep with you like a teddy.”
  • “I can’t share my teddy bear with anyone.”
  • “You are more than my teddy bear.”

Promise Day Wishes & Quotes

Promising your love has always been a ritual. So, obviously promising in Valentines week is a must.

So, promise your love from the most relatable promise day WIshes, captions, and quotes mentioned below…

  • “I promise whatever shit happens between us, we would roll back to each other!.”
  • “This valentine’s day, I promise not to leave your hand anywhere and anytime.”
Valentine day Quotes
  • “A promise from my side is a promise forever.”
  • “Promises are meant to be broken but a true promise is done unconsciously.”
  • “Promise me that you’ll stay with me willingly and not forcefully.”
  • “No matter what happens next, I will always be there when you need me.”
  • “Forgive me if I broke your heart.”
  • “Promise always has the power of making things right till you stay by it!.”
  • “I know we fight most of the times but we will still be together forever.”
  • “I promise that I would adjust myself according to you and never argue.”
  • “Promising to be loyal is a choice, not an option.”
  • “True love is meant to stay together.”
  • “When someone never gives up on you then appreciate them for it.”
  • “I can’t promise that you’ll not face any problem with me, but I promise that you’ll never face it alone.”
  • “I promise to you on this Promise day that I will never try to change you and I will accept the way you are.”
  • “I promise to give my all in making our relationship last forever.”

Hug Day Wishes & Quotes

If you have care for your love, the most immediate action toward expressing it is hugging them. It has also been scientifically proven that hug reduces stress levels.

So, hug your love this hug day, and say some beautiful hug day message or quotes in their ears while hugging them. Below are some of the best hug day Wishes & captions

  • “A hug a day keeps the fights away.”
  • “Hugging is the cutest way to say I LOVE YOU.”
  • “Hug is the healthiest thing in the world because it has no side-effects.”
  • “Romance without a hug is nothing.”
  • “A Hug can be the answer to any question.”
  • “Hugging you is my stress-burster.”
  • “I love you from the innermost part of my heart.”
  • “You can’t cuddle someone without a sweet hug.”
  • “Do one thing for me, hug me while I am sleeping.”
  • “I never get afraid until I am in your arms.”
  • “Find a way to hug me tight and give me a shower of kisses.”

Kiss Day Wishes & Quotes

Love to kiss your love? Then kiss your love in the most passionate way, this kiss day and send them lovely kiss day wishes & captions too!

  • “Kissing is the sweetest dish after food!.”
  • “Kissing you is the best thing I ever did.”
  • “Your lips can bring me back to normal from any disease.”
  • “Kiss me like there is No Tomorrow.”
  • “Wanted to tell her that she is soo pretty… and I wanted to kiss you.”
  • “Before anything else Kiss me.”
  • “Let’s celebrate the kiss day by kissing each other.”
  • “Kiss me when I am sad. Kiss me when I am happy. Kiss me when I cry. Kiss me when I laugh. Just Kiss me till I die.”
  • “Your lips are sweeter than any chocolate in this world.”
  • “When my lips get dry I miss your lips.”
  • “I can kiss you anywhere anytime.”
  • “Don’t blame yourself for addiction of kissing me.”
  • “Your lips are my drug which I want to intake every second every hour.”
  • “I feel relaxed when my lips touch yours.”
  • “Now I want to kiss you in front of our parents and officially say I DO to each other.”

Valentines Day Wishes & Quotes

Finally, the most awaited day has come. VALENTINES DAY WISHES & QUOTES. The day of love, the day of care, the day of expressing every emotion of yours.

Now, what are you waiting for? go wish your love Happy valentine’s day with the most romantic and sweetest valentines day quotes and captions ever. Express your feelings in filmy way…

  • “Thank you for being you… to share all your ups and downs with me. I LOVE YOU.!.”
  • “When I met you first I didn’t know that we will become this much important to each other.”
  • “Write your feeling on that paper and give it to me. I will take care of this paper for the rest of my life.”
  • “Your eyes have so many untold words, but I am able to understand each one of your words.”
  • “Your smile can change the saddest moment into the happiest one.”
  • “I love the way you love me.”
  • “Be my valentine and I will be your husband.”
  • “Love has no reason, it just happens and if there is a reason… then there is NO love.”
  • “Love is a very powerful and valuable word. So don’t ruin its value by saying it to anybody.”
  • “Everyone says love is blind, but my love is deaf too!.”
  • “I was yours I’m yours and I always will be yours.”
  • “I love you, I love you, I can say this 1000 times to you.”
  • “Now and for-ever I’m only yours.”
  • “Will you be my valentine for today and the rest of my life?.”
  • “Love is the sweetest dreams one gets to watch in his life.”
  • “When someone asks me about you I tell them #Nothing# because there is NOTHING to tell. It’s our memories, not them.”
  • “I can see in your eyes the love for me and I can feel in your actions how much you love me.”
  • “If kissing is the only way to prove my love for you, then let’s do it 24*7.”
  • “True love is experienced by the lucky ones only. ThankGod I am Lucky!.”
  • “This Valentine’s day, I won’t say I love you, I won’t give you any gifts. Instead, I would just pick you up and keep you by myself forever!.”
  • “I fall in love with you, daily.”
  • “Every love story is different and has its own spices in it… Let’s make our story spicier than others.”
  • “Your eye is like magic, I would love to get lost and never come back!.”
  • “Your eyes are like stars, your voice is like music, your smile is as beautiful as rainbow and your face is like the whole nature to me.”
  • “My whole world resides in you.”

Valentine’s day is the most favorite day for anyone on this earth. The sky is colored red, the love is in the air and the phones is filled with Valentine’s Day Wishes & Quotes, and Images. So, now go and celebrate your Valentines day with the people you love the most and don’t forget to wish them some cheesy lovely lines.

I hope you found Valentines day 2021 quotes and captions which relate to you the most!

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