BEST Vaccine Selfie Captions for Instagram

Vaccine Selfie Captions for Instagram

Have got your first vaccine dose? Then show it to your friends and relatives that you are now VACCINATED! But just saying vaccinated would be very boring, isn’t it? So, for all those who want to express their feelings of getting vaccinated in a different way, here are some best vaccine selfie captions for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat users.

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We used to get all our vaccination when we were kids, so obviously, we do not remember that experience. But because of COVID, we are able to experience the importance of vaccination in our full awareness. So, let’s make this more memorable by clicking a perfect vaccine selfie and posting it on our social media handles with some witty, cute, funny COVID vaccine selfie Instagram captions.

Now, whether it is your first dose of vaccination or second dose of vaccination, also whether you are age group of 18-44 or 45 above, never hesitate to express your excitement your true feelings to the world. So, these vaccine Instagram captions are not only for the young-age group but for every age group. So, just choose the best and keep the rest for your next vaccine dose experience!

Now, without further ado, let’s begin with this list of amazing vaccine captions….

  • This was the best shot of my life.
  • Why not just give it a shot.
  • Get a Vaccination so that I can go on a Vacation.
  • Got my first shot.
  • I’m ready for some hugs.
  • This injection is kissing my arms.
  • Some drops are giving life.
  • Fully Vaccinated.
  • On Wednesdays, we get vaccinated.
  • Tired of video calls please get vaccinated.
  • Corona Free World.
Vaccine Instagram Captions
  • One step closer to get back to normal life.
  • Not to worry about it just get it.
  • Got your Shot.? I got mine.!
  • So grateful to everyone who made it happened.
  • Tired of being sick, Now it’s our turn.
  • Waiting for the day when we don’t need to wear masks.
  • This is my fav. day since the pandemic started.
  • No captions needed my smile is enough for the day.
  • V.A.C.C.I.N.A.T.E.D.
  • Now, no more cough fever is allowed.
  • This is what we call the perfect shot.
  • Kiss me, I’m vaccinated.
  • So grateful to have people in this world who made it possible.
  • Now I can smile without wearing a mask.
  • Installing some Antibodies.
  • Vaccine shot > Vodka Shot.
  • #MaskDownForever.
Vaccine Selfie Captions for Instagram
  • Antibodies are loading inside my body.
  • I got the Fauci ouchie.
  • Today is officially a special day.
  • Life is better with vaccines.
  • A shot with lots of antibodies.
  • Now, just waiting for the second shot.

Now, that you’ve got your perfect vaccine selfie Instagram caption just like how you got your perfect vaccine shot, so share it without wasting any more time!

I hope you loved these vaccine selfie captions. Also, let us know which one was the best and how was your vaccine experience? Do tell us through our contact us page.

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