Ultimate Guide to Instagram marketing: Instagram is a visual-based platform that has set an amazing record number of users to date. As far as the social media platforms are concerned Instagram is one of the second-best platforms after Facebook in terms of the number of users.

Talking about the stats, Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users. Apart from that, there are more than 500 million Instagram story views each day. From the above stats, one can easily predict how much potential this platform has.

As mentioned above, as it is a visual platform you can find almost everything on this platform. Be it any brand or business, creators, pets, or people hanging with their loved ones, all you can find on this platform.

When it comes to online marketing Instagram can not be ignored as it has a massive number of users. Due to the worst COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram sees unprecedented growth. The shopping feature of Instagram really enables people to buy more stuff from Instagram, especially in lockdown.

Apart from that brands and small businesses have also given lots of stress to this platform as it can skyrocket businesses in a small period of time. Due to the massive number of users, the brands and small business owners have tried their best to keep their audience more engaged.

But keeping the audience more engaged with a brand is much more difficult as it needs more strategy. Moreover, well-tailored content is much more necessary in order to keep your audience more engaged. However, in this ultimate guide to Instagram Marketing, we will completely give you an in-depth analysis of Instagram marketing to stay ahead of the competition.

But before that let’s understand the advantages of using Instagram for marketing purposes.

  • Visual in nature. You can directly show your products to the customers.
  • You can able to show the content in a variety of ways meaning you have all sorts of flavors to meet the taste of your audience.
  • Instagram reels are just awesome.
  • You can create beautiful Instagram stories as well.
  • Building a brand on this platform is really very enthusiastic.

Now let’s discuss how to get going with Instagram marketing….

Know your Goals

While getting started with Instagram, it is more important to know your goals perfectly. And if you don’t know how to set the goals then take a pen and paper and start asking yourself or your teammates why you want to take your business onto Instagram.

Then whatever the points come to your mind or from your teammates start writing them. Maybe you want to sell your products or maybe you want to increase your brand awareness or maybe you want to show your portfolio regarding your services etc.

The reason could be anything so before jumping into the action of using Instagram, make sure why to start an Instagram journey that is what is your purpose. After writing all the things on paper now filter out what you don’t want and stick to a single purpose for using Instagram. Although later you can use Instagram for various goals as well but initially start with just a single goal.

If your goal is to create amazing content regarding your brand then stick to that and if you want to get more followers then stick to your plan etc.

Apart from that, get a thorough analysis of your competitors, that is the brand or business that has the same niche which you have, and then analyze their audience and research those audiences that why they are interested in that niche.

Make your Instagram Account Professional

Make your Instagram account professional

To create a professional account on Instagram you need to switch your Instagram account from a personal to a business account. Business accounts have various benefits and it is one of the most important steps when it comes to Instagram marketing.

The business account has an amazing advantage over the personal account which allows you to access amazing features. Some of the amazing features include access to Instagram stories and also you can create shoppable posts as well.

So now the question is how to set up an Instagram business account? Actually, it is pretty simple. For an Instagram business account, you must have a Facebook business page, and make sure you attach that Facebook business page to your Instagram account. To add the URL of a Facebook business page on Instagram you simply go to the “create” tab and then select the “page” option. Then add the Facebook page URL.

After that go to the account settings of Instagram and switch to the business account. Apart from that make sure your account is set to the public otherwise your brand or business will not be visible to anyone.

Update your Profile Professionally

Update your Profile Professionally

When it comes to impressing somebody, an Instagram profile plays a key role. Having an impressive profile can get you more benefits and optimize the profile in such a way that you can not take your eyes off of it. Actually, this is important because an impressive profile can get you the most customers.

To make your profile professional, carefully choose a name that reflects your brand or business. After that write a catchy bio that can grab the attention of your audience. Because a bio is something that truly speaks the true nature of your brand. However, to write a perfect bio click here how to write a perfect Instagram bio for your business.

Then after that, you must add your website URL in your profile as most of the audience who are more interested in your account literally tries to visit your e-commerce site as well. So add the website URL. If you don’t have a website then create it to leverage more customers.

Now it’s time to add a profile photo. A profile photo must reflect your brand aesthetic as well as it must be high quality as well. Because a high-quality photo has the ability to catch the attention of your audience. That’s it you are done with your profile.

Apart from that before creating any content you must have a ready color palette because a constant color palette on a post can make you more recognizable as far as the audience psychology is concerned. Apart from that, there are many third-party apps that can get you ready templates to create posts as well. For creating amazing posts Click here on the guide to Instagram templates.

Whilst creating a post you may need the best software editing software. It is because picture editing software can make your post cool and professional in a much brighter way. However, here are some of the best picture editing software for Instagram posts.

Apart from that Instagram also provides amazing features to create your Instagram post as well. So use that too.

It’s time to post content smartly

Before posting any content (photo or video), make a thorough analysis of your competitor’s profile. See what is working and what is not working for them. So try to apply that in your content too. Apart from that, you can do a lot more interesting experiments with your content too.

The most important thing about content posting is to know the best time to post on Instagram. If you are able to know the best time to post, especially when most of your audience is active; then that can create an amazing opportunity for your high engagement. Know how to get more engagements on Instagram.

Apart from all that, there are plenty of third-party tools available that you can use to know the best time to post as well. After knowing the best time to post, it is important to post the content at a particular time that may be hectic for you. That’s where the scheduling app comes in, the scheduling apps can make your work pretty easy in scheduling your post ahead of your time as well. To know the best scheduling tools click on the 7 best Instagram scheduling apps for 2022. Apart from that, you can also read a guide to scheduling Instagram posts as well.

To drive more engagements you must constantly improve your followers base too. Your followers are the primary property when it comes to proper Instagram marketing. However, to get more followers to click here to read how to get more followers on Instagram.

Apart from that, you can increase your followers in a quick time as well. Because there are plenty of third-party tools out there which can get you amazing followers. To know the best apps to gain more followers click here on the top 8 Instagram bots for gaining Instagram followers. However, increasing followers by using bots has its own benefits as well as disadvantages too.

How to Create Instagram Posts that can drive Massive Engagements

How to Create Instagram Posts that can drive Massive Engagements

Create content that involves more funny things inside it. It is because people like more funny things. Apart from that, you can tailor your content with a few humoristic ideas into it.

Always use high-quality images or videos to post on Instagram. When it comes to an image, your image must contain your brand logo inside it. That is every time you want to post on Instagram that must reflect your brand strongly.

Apart from that, you can not always advertise your products on the image. It is because people will eventually get fed up with lots of marketing. So try to balance genuine posts as well as your marketing post as well. Motivational content also has its own perk as well. So try to use that smartly too.

When we talk about genuine posts you can post positive social impact information too. But while posting any content on social issues make sure that will not impact your brand as well. Try to be good in all respects and maintain your strong presence throughout the Instagram journey.

Apart from that, you can also post behind the scenes as well. Because people love to connect more than the professional point of view. If you can able to understand the emotion of your audience toward your brand then that can allow you to craft amazing content in a more beautiful way.

Sometimes there is also the possibility that your post may get viral. So people love to see that post more often as well. So if you have that kind of post months ago then you can repost that as well.

If you want to post texts on your post then your font size should be a particular size as well. Apart from that, you can be constant with particular color schemes as well.

Whilst posting content you must have to design a perfect caption for your Instagram post as well. A perfect caption can sometimes be more contagious than the post itself as well. So experiment with writing good captions or get the insight from your competitor’s account too.

Apart from captions, hashtags also play a huge role in getting more engagements as well. Though you can write as many hashtags as you want but ideally speaking 10-15 hashtags could be very effective. Try to be a little creative while writing hashtags; try to mix trendy and certain cool hashtags and mix those and create a beautiful one. However, if you are struggling with creating amazing hashtags you can also visit new Instagram hashtags tools as well.

You can also post trending news as well on your post too. Sometimes it has been seen that trendy topics drive two times more engagements than the normal and genuine posts.

You can also post real-life events happening in your surroundings as well. But while posting that content, make sure that it will not hamper your brand or business. The events can be captured through DSLR or mobile phone as well. Yes, you heard the right. You can take amazing pictures on mobile phones as well.

To take good shots on mobile, focus on a single subject and always use natural light. If you find an issue in getting good pictures you can take the advantage of some third-party tools too. To process your photo you can take the help of Canva too. However, for videos, you can click here for the best mobile video editing apps in 2022 as well.

There are also awesome filters that are generally provided by Instagram. You can use this on Instagram posts as well. Instagram filters can make the post more fresh and amazing.

Though Instagram provides some of the cool filters still you have the option to go for more cool filters too. To get more filters other than Instagram filters you can go for some third-party tools as well. To get the best filter click here on the most popular Instagram filters in 2022.

IGTV and Instagram reels are just awesome to watch out for these days. Try to be creative and more importantly create some emotional ads that smoothly reflect your brand and business as well.

Apart from that, to create amazing content you must have to play with Instagram stories as well. As mentioned above in the introduction, Instagram has an unprecedented view of Instagram stories you must have to look after it.

Instagram Stories

Creating fun content on Instagram can make your audience stay in touch with you for longer times. Instagram also provides the best story templates which are highly engaging too.

Though stories can be visible for only 24 hours still it makes a huge impact on building aesthetics as well. So now the question is how to make stories more engaging? For that, you need to promote a giveaway contest. Because everybody likes contests. Right! So you must run contests on current events that are on trends as well.

Apart from that, you must ask some questions regarding your post or you can ask about their opinion regarding content as well. As a whole, you have to create an ecosystem that truly makes a connection between your brand and audience as well.

In addition to this, you can set a timer for a particular product too with special discounts to it. This can lead to generating more audience or more sales in a quick time. You can go for quizzes and polls as well.

Moreover, try to spark your audience with your amazing storytelling ability, especially in stories. However, if you are more curious then know how to create Instagram stories.

Advertise more products on Instagram also allow you to activate Instagram shopping features too. To know about the Instagram advertisement, click here on the complete guide to the Instagram advertisement article.

Analyze your Account Periodically

Analyze your Account Periodically

To stay ahead in the competition you have to analyze your account periodically too. Analyze your post-performance over the period of time that is which posts are getting high engagements and which posts rank you down. The same can be observed by looking at Instagram analytics. Yeah, you heard the right! Instagram analytics can give you an in-depth analysis of the performance of your content.

Apart from that, you must have to keep an eye on your competitors’ content as well. To do so you must have some cool third-party tools. Those third-party tools not only analyze your competitor’s post but also can give you a more in-depth analysis of your post-performance as well. To get the best third-party tools, click here on the top Instagram analytics tools in 2022.

Apart from that, try to take some calculative risk on posting your content but somehow try to build your business more accessible to the audience easily.

Promote your Business on Instagram

Promote your Business on Instagram

After posting so much content and building a decent fan base, it’s time to promote your business on Instagram. One of the best ways to promote your business of course is the Instagram story which we have discussed.

Apart from that, you can go for some live launches too. The live launches always create a thrill among the audience. So try that too. Apart from that, you must have to collaborate with top influencers as well. Influencers have the ability to drive more attention from the audience because people love their influencers. Also, know who are the top 20 best influencers on Instagram.

In addition to that, you also have to promote the business other than Instagram as well. Cross promoting your business on other social media platforms and letting your Instagram followers visit other social media can get you to create an amazing ecosystem for your business too.

Build a Consistent Brand on Instagram

Build a Consistent Brand on Instagram

Random content can disturb your audience and you may struggle in evolving as a brand. And of course, random posts can lead to you getting fewer followers.

So before marketing on Instagram do perfect research on what suits your brand. More specifically build the best brand personality as far as possible. To build a classic personality among your audience you must have to define your brand more specifically.

Try to remain authentic and loyal to your audience and post content that not only can soothe the mood of your audience rather they will crave for you always.

Whatever the product you are promoting, make sure that it is productive to your customer and try to improve that product as well. You can ask about the product improvement to your audience as well.

Whilst creating content constantly make a signature of your brand wherever it is possible. Moreover, a simple logo can create a huge impact on audience behavior too.

Apart from that, always maintain consistency because that is important. Yeah, you may feel sometimes you are losing but actually, you are improving. It is because hard times can teach the best strategy so the same goes for Instagram marketing too.

So try to learn from your mistakes and constantly improve your content in whichever way is possible. In the end, content is the king. So try to construct more creative content for your audience.


The above article briefly describes Instagram marketing tips that you can follow to move your brand in the Instagram journey. However, each highlight which you find in this article can get you more detailed insights. So try to read that as well.

Apart from building a strong business aesthetic on Instagram, one should research their audience base. It is because age groups and gender also play a key role in order to grab more attention. It has been seen people from a younger age are more interested in Instagram shopping than other age groups. So research diligently on that.

At the end from the expert point of view, the most important thing is to maintain consistency along with amazing content. And that is the key. We hope you find this article helpful.

Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best strategy for Instagram marketing?

A: The key is consistency. If you are able to maintain consistency with your content then you can make a perfect signature of your business. Apart from that, for a more detailed strategy read this article.

Q. How do you do Instagram marketing step by step?

A: Set your perfect goal, then switch to a business account then create amazing content. The content could be in image or video format and then use the Instagram stories effectively. Apart from that while creating contents create better captions and smartly put trendy hashtags to all your content and finally analyze yourself periodically.

Q. How do you market on Instagram?

A: Create good content and grab the attention of your audience.

Q. Which marketing strategy is most effective?

A: Social media marketing is the most effective strategy that one can go for. The best social media marketing strategy which you can apply to the platforms includes FB, youtube, Instagram, etc.

Q. How do I start Instagram marketing?

A: Switch to a business account and then select a particular niche and make good content over that niche and slowly increase your followers and create an e-commerce website and attach it to the Instagram.