100 Thanksgiving Quotes & Captions for Instagram

Thanksgiving Quotes & Captions

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we all know it is the most celebrated festival after Christmas and New Year! Our Instagram and other social media feeds are flooded with posts especially on Thanksgiving. All of us share our thoughts and pictures with amazing captions on these social media with the Best Thanksgiving quotes and captions 2020.

On that day, we all have a small gathering, in which we invite our closed ones to sit and chill. Before starting the party, it is policy to thank the person whoever we want to for our achievement or anything! This is the best moment one experiences, especially most of toasts are for you 😉 But most of us who are not able to arrange these gatherings, pay their honor by sharing their feelings on Instagram.

Now, what would be the worse thing if you want to share your feelings, but don’t have the exact words to express? Don’t worry guys, we have got you covered! This article is a complete collection of all variety from Thanksgiving quotes, that is, from Thanksgiving quotes and captions for Gods to Thanksgiving Instagram captions for friends, family, kids, teachers, and many more! (In short a full package of Thanksgiving Quotes and captions for Instagram)

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So, just get through this article, I am sure you will get the best Thanksgiving quotes and Instagram captions for your type of occasion. Do you know what is the best part of this article? That these are totally unique and self-made, which means you won’t clash any of the Instagram captions for Thanksgiving with any of your friend’s posts.

So, now without further ado, let’s dive into the best captions or quotes for Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Quotes

It is true, that most of us on this festival love to not only spend time with their near and dear ones but also love to acknowledge people who made us through all the difficult times! So overall, Thanksgiving is more than just a festival for many of us.

That is why people also post Instagram stories regarding how their day went, what they wore, and how was the whole part through perfect Thanksgiving photos. But for that, you will be needing perfect Thanksgiving Instagram captions for your pictures, right? So, here you are flooded with the best quotes and captions for the Thanksgiving festival!

  • “Thank the people who bring happiness in our life.”
  • “There is always something to be thankful for.”
  • “There is always a way to say thanks to others.”
  • “The more you happy with your life, the happier you are.”
  • “Always praise those who are really important in your life.”
  • “God is the only one who has the power of changing our life so find some time and say thanks to the god for what you have in your life.”
  • “Great things never come for no reason.”
  • “Whenever you count your blessings count god thrice.”
  • “Feel the world with your closed eyes… It will always look amazing.”
  • “Never regret your life… because there is always happiness in every moment.”
  • “First thank your parents… then god then thanks to yourself for the walk to the whole journey.”
  • “Thanksgiving is not a friend’s things I know but still I wanna thank you for what you did for me.”
  • “Always humble with the things you have.”
  • “Apologies if you did something wrong to someone.”
  • “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.”

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Thanks giving Quotes
  • “Be humble, be kind, be generous but most of the above be Thankful.”
  • “Save some time of your own to be thankful.”
  • “Be thankful when someone did something to you.”
  • “Happy people are not thankful, Thankful people are happy.”
  • “Thanksgiving is the sign of togetherness.”
  • “Thank you, God, for this and the rest which are coming
  • “There is aways time for Thanksgiving.”
  • “Thankful Grateful Blessed!.”
  • “Be thankful for what you have instead of regretting what you don’t.”
  • “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a little emotional scarring.”
  • “A Thankful nature brings great things.”
  • “If something is not fit to you then make that thing fit.”
  • “What if, we were grateful for everything.” – Charlie Brown
  • “Attitude and gratitude all together with thanksgiving.”
  • “Start finding happiness in little and find yourself happy a lot.”

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Thanksgiving Quotes for Friends

Friends are like soulmates! Without them everything would have been just tasteless! Isn’t it? I feel one day for thanking our friends is not enough at all. So, most of the time I thank my best friend to exist in this world and make my life much easier!! (Best Friends Captions) Check it out!

I love my best friend, and so do you wold. So, this time if you want thank your friend for anything, then these Thanksgiving quotes for friends would be the perfect options for you! I am sure, your friend will get watery eyes after reading it 😉

  • “It is so blessing to have such humble kind of friends in our life.”
  • “Those who have such a great friend are very lucky like me.”
  • “You should be thankful to have me.”
  • “Gratitude is the Best Attitude.”
  • “Friends play a very important role in everyone’s life.”
Thanksgiving quotes for friends
  • “There is nothing more precious than our friendship.”
  • “Our friendship is not just a friendship… It is beyond we think.”
  • “The great thing will never happen until your friend is with you.”
  • “If I wanted to be someone else which I couldn’t then my friend helps me to do this.”
  • “The more time spends, the more it becomes stronger.”
  • “Once you feel it, then you do it, then you quit.”
  • “No one dies without having friends.”
  • “There is always been a person who helps you in any situation and that’s called a friend.”
  • “A friendship will never betray. if it does then it was never been a friendship.”
  • “A person only needs one true friend to whom he can share anything.”

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Thanksgiving Quotes for Gods

God is the real creator of everything. So, it is important to always thank our gods for everything they provide us with. With our God, we could not have faith in any work or action we do! So, through the below list of Thanksgiving quotes for Gods, do thank him for your well-being!

These Thanksgiving captions for Gods Bible will truly be loved by him!

  • “I must say thank you to who has made us all and giving me this precious life.”
  • “If you believe in god then thank him for what you have… If you don’t then thanks to your mother because she has given you your life.”
  • “I want to praise God with songs of thanksgiving.”
Thanks giving captions for gods
  • “Always trust on god and follows the path he wants to show.”
  • “We all miss god when we are in trouble but we never praise god in bad times… So Today, I wanna Thank You for whatever you have done to me.”
  • “Feel free and said just thanks to him.”
  • “Sometimes, it is okay to say Thank you and it really feels relaxing.”
  • “You’ve blessed me more than I deserve So, thank you!.”
  • “It’s really nice to wake up in the morning and realizing that God has given one more day to spend.
  • “I know you here and seeing everything I am not saying thanks to you but I really appreciate what you have given me.”
  • “The thing is there is NOTHING… Everything is you.”
  • “If you’re having problems in your life so don’t blame God for it instead of fight it. He is just checking, are you that deserve or not for what he is planning to give you.”
  • “Troubles are not permanent it is just a hurdle you have to cross to achieve something.”
  • “God could be your best friend if you believe him.”
  • “If you want to thanks to god then there is no better way to become helping hand for someone who needy.”

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Thanksgiving Captions

Thanksgiving has also been a life-changing day for many of us. We get to know not only other’s value but also our value through people thanking us. We feel proud of ourselves. So, on this day, we must share our day with everyone especially with our social media friends.

So, post your Thanksgiving selfie photos on Instagram with these perfect Thanksgiving Instagram captions

  • “Happy Thanksgiving!.”
  • “Eat, Rest, Repeat.”
  • “Eat drink wear stretchy pants.”
  • “Stuffed with stuffing.”
  • “#Beast Mode On.”
  • “I am full now, wait it’s dessert time.”
  • “Whats about the gravy.”
  • “Food lover.”
  • “I love #Hashtag coz it looks like a waffle.”
  • “Turkey.”
  • “Be thankful today Now every day.”
  • “May God bless us with so much pie.”
  • “Roll your roll like turkey ball.”
  • “Wait a minute where is my pie?.”
  • “There is always something to be thankful for the Drinks, for the pie, and for the more drinks.”

Thanksgiving captions
  • “The more you thankful the more you will be happier.”
  • “Eat like a monster.”
  • “#Feast”
  • “Why some people eat so much food..? have you ever think? because they are a foodie.” LOL
  • “Gourd Times.”
  • “Happy Thanksgiving, It is always a good day to have my stretchy pants ON.”
  • “Shaffle… Shaffle… Only Waffle.”
  • “Everything is thankful.”
  • “A Good heart has high class.”
  • “Family, turkey, and good food on the dining table.”

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Funny Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Thanksgiving is full of laughter and food. We all chill, laugh, and eat on this day right? So, let’s celebrate this day with more laughter by posting pictures with Funny Thanksgiving Instagram captions. These captions will brighten the day for those too who were not able to celebrate this festival with their loved ones!

This section actually my best section, because I love to spread happiness around people!! So, even if you love the same thing, then check out these funny Thanksgiving captions for Instagram

  • “Different language on a dining table.”
  • “Take waffles before it shuffles.”
  • “Why don’t you just say goodbye to food.”
  • “Put your loose pants ON.”
  • “It’s Thanksgiving and we celebrate it with a lot of food.”
  • “Hit me gravy one more time.”
  • “You can’t spend your full day with an empty stomach.”
  • “Thanksgiving.”
funny Instagram captions for thanksgiving
  • “A Thanksgiving heart is always a happy heart.”
  • “Fill your tummy with lots of wine.”
  • “I think its time to be thankful for everything.”
  • “Don’t laugh just pass my wine.”
  • “You don’t have to be the one who eats only eats… and only eats…”
  • “I cam here like a crab.”
  • # Its turkey time.”
  • “Food, wine, Rest and Be Thankful.”

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So, now that we have ended the list of Best Thanksgiving Quotes and Captions. It is time to thank all my viewers and readers for the love you always give us through the comment sections and mails! I love reading them, thank you all! Keep loving us and we assure you with quality content every time!

Hope you all got your best suitable Thanksgiving Quotes and Captions for Instagram or any other social media! For any more suggestions, then do let us know through the comment section below.

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