How to grow your business on Instagram

How to grow your business on Instagram? Not so tough! We will explain how! Just keep scrolling.

The evolution of digital marketing involves a significant contribution in boosting any kind of business nowadays. With the number of significant social media, you can actually reach your customers. But reaching out to customers is never an easy option in this competitive era. It is because so many brands out there have been using these social media with ultimate strategies and they have already shown their potential presence in almost every platform available on the internet.

Here, in this article, we will not only tell you about the potential of Instagram but also provide in-depth strategies to grow your business on Instagram.

Potential of Instagram

Initially, Instagram has been used for the uploading of casual photos or videos which involves food photography, travel photography, etc. people loved to connect with the different cultures found all around the globe. If you are interested in lenses then I have the best site for it – (click here)

But due to the more popularity of this platform people use their own talent to showcase with more people. This gives an additional benefit to monetize almost everything on Instagram. Later on, Instagram also launched its “business account” option for individuals, small business owners, and E-commerce stores to build up their own brands. So, nowadays almost every industry can be found on Instagram. This is because on Instagram you can find more potential customers with their own areas of interest.

Just don’t believe us! Look at the stats of Instagram you will be astonished how this platform grows rapidly. The number of daily users on this platform is over 700 million.

And from research, it has been seen that almost 72% of Instagram users purchase the product when they actually see it in the Instagram feeds or stories.

As more stories are added daily on Instagram the brands have more chances to sell their own products. Sometimes due to overcrowding of stories, your stories could be missing or lose their engagement in long-run competition, especially with the high brands.

So you have to target a specific audience with their areas of your and their interest. It is obvious that content is the king of any product to sell. But you have to experiment with several strategies to get more engagement. Before going to strategy, let’s know how to make a business account and its uses.

How to make a business account:

A business account is way far better than a personal account as it adds more professionalism to your account. Actually, in a few simple clicks, you can turn your personal account into an Instagram business account.

Steps to open an Instagram business account: 

  1. Download the Application.
  2. Open the app and signup using an E-mail address or Facebook account.
  3. Complete the profile.
  4. Tap the Menu button found on the top right corner.
  5. Go to your Settings and click on the Account.
  6. Then go to “switch to Professional account”.
  7. Select the “Business account”; and don’t go for the creator account.
  8. Select your type of business.
  9. Then select next and connect to your Facebook account.
  10. Then complete your profile with more professionalism.

If you need to know more on how to make a business account; Then “Click here”.

Strategies how to grow your business on Instagram

Typically to grow any kind of business, whether it is small or big business, it needs appropriate time and specific attention. Let’s discover some of the already proven strategies and new strategies to enhance your business to the next level.

1. Create a unique Bio

A ‘Bio’ says a lot about your business. A short description and a clickable website is the meaningful way to write a better bio. Apart from that, you can also use hashtags in your bio as well. So add a short description and add a website name to your bio.

For a better bio, you can also use the unique Emojis as well, as Emojis come with more expressions. It can add special emotions to your bio as well.

Or you can also add unique captions for your bio or a short quote to make your profile interesting. Interesting captions for bio.

2. Post engaging content

When we talk about the content, content should be great, unique, and moreover reflects a story inside it; if you can add small stories along with relevant pictures then that will get more likes and followers. Apart from that emotions also play a crucial role in getting more attention. As a result, people are more likely to visit your Instagram profile as well. As a marketer, you have to post some unique content. The performance of your content can also be visualized by Instagram analytics. In Instagram analytics, you can actually measure some of the metrics which include like, comment, share etc.

3. Post timing

First, post 10-20 posts per day and keep an eye on Instagram analytics. Posting on different time periods will let you know about the behavior of your audience.

After you know some of the best times to post and the behavior of your audience you can actually schedule your post using some of the third-party apps as well.

In general, go for a 15 days trial basis posting of your content and then look at the Instagram analytics and publish your content depending on the performance of your analytics.

4. Go Instagram live and play with the stories

Instagram live and Instagram stories can make your business into a real business. Because people will connect more if you go live. People always like to interact with their favorite brands so at least on weekends go live on Instagram as well.

On the other hand, stories generally disappear in 24 hours. So don’t worry Instagram also offers some of the tools by which you can organize your stories on your bio.

5. Go for trending Hashtags

Hashtags also play a huge role in getting more engagement. Try to use trending Hashtags. Along with the trending Hashtags you can also use some of the self-created unique Hashtags. So mix both the trending and self-created unique Hashtags. So that you will get a better Hashtag; At least use 9-12 Hashtags in every content you post on Instagram.

You can also add Hashtags to the Instagram stories as well. Apart from that, you should also use your branded hashtags as well.

6. Analytics tracking

As I have already mentioned keep an eye on Instagram analytics and see how your post is performing. From the analytics, you can easily know the taste of the audience so that you always have room for improvements as well.

7. Host Quiz competition

Apart from posting unique content, you can also go for trivia quizzes. Hosting competitions can give you more audience to participate; if your audience wins a competition give some give-away because people are attracted to the more free stuff. This way you can also increase your followers.

8. Special strategy

Sometimes offer free stuff and mention these are only for “our followers”. As a result, the non-followers will also be attracted to your account as well.

9. Be attentive

Sometimes give replies to your audience in the comment section as well, because you can easily grab the trust of your audience as well. In general, try to establish a good relationship with your followers.


Don’t buy followers

Sometimes influencers or small business owners buy followers in order to get more engagement. As a result, the people who have nothing to do with your brand will automatically unfollow you.

So always maintain honesty with the specific or targeted audience. The targeted audiences are the audiences who have more interest in your products.

Maybe you can get more followers in a quick time by spending money, but eventually gaining more fake followers will lose the value of your products and brands as well.

So those are some of the proven strategies to grow the Instagram followers which eventually help the small business and E-commerce stores.

Bottom line

To make things easier, you can also go for paid services as well; as paid services can help to boost your Instagram business account as well. Apart from that, if you want to grow organically then that would be great for gaining lots of marketing skills as well.


Q: How do I grow a small business on Instagram?

A: Apply the above strategies to grow your business on Instagram. Always going for over-deliver means, if your customer needs a little bit then give outstanding values to your customer; as a result in a small period of time, your business will become a brand.

Q: How do I get my business noticed on Instagram?

A: Always add clickable links on your Instagram and post great and unique content.

Q: How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

A: Go to the other Instagram pages which have the same products as you have. Then look for the post which is getting more engagement and on the sidewise post the great contents as well. As a result, the people you followed are more likely to follow you back as their topic of interest is the same. [Pro-idea]

Q: How does a business gain Instagram followers?

A: It completely depends upon the content and trending products as well.

Q: How do I make Instagram business more interesting?

A: Though it’s a trial and error method you have to post content, the content is much more fun, because nowadays people are more likely to watch funny videos and photos as well. The Instagram reel has a very good feature. You can also use that as well.

Q: Is Instagram good for business?

A: Undoubtedly as it has an outstanding number of followers.

Q: What are the benefits of Instagram business?

A: The people will get more clarity about your products. Apart from that Instagram can reach millions of customers.

Q: How to grow an online business on Instagram?

A: Post unique content, get more followers, and drive traffic to your website by mentioning the website in the bio section.