Sad Captions for Instagram about Love

Sad Captions for Instagram

Are you sad? Then you must be finding sad captions for Instagram posts? Each one of us does face problems at some point in our life. Whether it’s related to love, career, personality, family, health, or anything. We become sad and stressed about the situation.

Some of us share our problems with our close ones and some share their feelings by posting statuses on Whatsapp or posting Instagram posts with sad captions. So, if you are one who wants to share their feelings through posting sad captions on Instagram, then you have landed in the perfect place. Here you will get sad captions for every type of situation from love to life.

Now, without further ado, let start with the first list of Sad Captions For Instagram…

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Sad Captions for Instagram

  • Sometimes its okay to stay silent.
  • Keel Calm, be Silent.
  • Your pain will be your biggest gain.
  • Do not take people for granted cozz if they can stay silent… they can even be the worst dream of yours.
  • I want that person who makes me smile.
  • Tears always comes from heart, not from brain.
  • Your mind will be your worst enemy… So Stay calm bro!
  • Loneliness is better than being ignored by others.
  • If I could have a eraser, I will remove some people from my life.
  • World is full of monsters.
  • Why people are so mean…
  • Different people, different faces.
  • Everything doesn’t matter everytime.
  • Sad people are very interesting coz they live two lives one is outside and the other one is inside.
  • No one knows what the real pain is.

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Sad Instagram Captions about Love

Most of us are sad due to love issues! Love is one such thing that either brings happiness into our lives or bring sadness. But one thing is also true that love contains mixed emotions. So, if you are in a state of heartbreak or sadness due to a fight with your partner then you can choose any of the below sad captions about love…

  • Why I can’t ignore you like you ignoring me.
  • Some people came to your life just to teach you some lessons.
  • Just go with the flow and let the god do his job.
  • I still remember the day we met and promised each other to stay together… And now, we again strangers.
  • A Kiss has no value if it does not have feeling.
  • People are here to gone.
  • You can’t hate someone if you can’t love someone.
  • I wish I could have a delete button… I will delete you, first.
  • You are nothing to me but it still hurts.
  • I can’t imagine my life without him but he is living the one.
  • People often says be positive but they are the ones who don’t follow it.
  • Expect less because you won’t get much.
  • Love often hurts innocent people.
  • One sided love always best… you can do anything with it.
  • If you could understand my silence you would have with me right now.
  • The one who talk about the love should go and learn something about it.
Sad Instagram Captions about Love
  • Let you broke my heart doesn’t mean I am weak… I just still love you.
  • Respect the feeling of love.
  • My silence is just another word for my pain.
  • You have already replace me with other…
  • You can understand my pain if it can transfer into you just for a moment.
  • You will realise your mistake one day but that day is too late.
  • Alone and Ignored.
  • I am not sad, it’s just my life.
  • The face you know and the face you don’t.
  • Keep ignoring me now I’m used to it.
  • The wrong people always tell you the right lesson.
  • I’m so possessive about the people in my life. I think that’s why I am alone.
  • Still waiting for someone…
  • The fact is No one cares.

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Sad Captions for Boys & Girls

Today’s generation has one good thing that they openly share their feelings with the world by posting captions on their social media. So all the youngsters out there, check out some more sad captions for boys and girls…

  • I call it my friend, you call it silence.
  • This is my kind of life, I think you shouldn’t have any problem with that.
  • Things change on fine day.
  • Why can’t I forget all these memories?
  • Sad is okay but hurt is not okay.
Sad Captions for Boys & Girls
  • Sometimes you just have to sit down and watch what people do to you.
  • Don’t worry, god has eyes on you.
  • Being ignored.
  • Alone but happy.
  • Lonliness makes you strong, you don’t need people anymore.
  • Do things for you by you.
  • Strangers with same memories.
  • The more I miss you, the more I realise that I’m far away from you.
  • Keeping things for a long time in you is a skill.
  • Behind every smile is a sadness.

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Sad Captions for Instagram in English

  • The way you treat me reflects your personality.
  • Being alone is better than getting hurt by others.
  • Don’t depends on others to be happy.
  • I am not sad I’m just not okay.
  • Life is never the same without you.
  • Quitting was not the option but now it’s important.
  • A promise is just a mirage.
  • How to keep distance from the fake people.?
  • I am happy with myself.
  • A lone wolf is better than a lion with fake friends.
  • The tank of my tears is very safe in my heart.
  • I keep my sadness you keep your disloyalty.
  • I love rain because it can hide my tears easily.
  • Focus on what you want to do.
  • Little things always matter.
  • Our parents are the only one who cares for us selflessly.

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Sad Captions about Life

Life has many ups and downs and when there is a downfall, we tend to be sad the whole day. We just don’t feel like doing anything. So, if you are in such a state and want to share your emotions, then pick any of the sad captions about life from the below list…

  • To have great life lessons, you have to get hurt first.
  • Sadness is everyone is mean.
  • Fake people with fake smile.
  • People are just pretending that they are happy but the truth is right behind their smile.
  • Let the tear comes out.
  • Expectations are the real reason behind every disappoinment.
  • Feel free be happy.
  • It’s better to cry out loud and forget about the pain.
  • Life is all about happiness and sadness.
  • Why does life keeps teaching me the lessons that I have not desired of.
  • Tears says nothing but has deep meaning.
  • Sometimes life gives us lessons which neither can be accepted nor ignored.
  • Don’t forget the karma is real… The one you give, the one you get.
  • Crying is better than fake smile.
  • It’s okay to be sad today because tomorrow is all yours.

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Heartbreaking Sad Captions for Instagram

Heartbreaks not only breaks your heart, rather it breaks you completely. It is the most difficult situation of our life. Here are some heartbreaking sad captions you can choose from –

  • One day, You will miss me as I am missing you.
  • Don’t do things to others if you can’t have it on your own.
  • You broke my heart.
  • Whether its glass or a heart it’s meant to be broken.
  • In the 21st century we can block someone on our phones but how to do it with our heart.
  • You can’t feel this pain.
  • I wish we could exchange our life… You live mine and I live yours.
  • I can do anything for you, but you won’t do the same.
  • You can’t imagine what I’m going through.
  • I have achieved everything in my life but still there is something missing and that is YOU.
  • I love you soo much but it’s not enough to bring you back.
  • Everyone has a story but I have a bad one.
  • Bring me back.
  • The process is might be slow but it’s healing day by day.
  • No I don’t love him anymore, just go away.
  • Love is not about being physical… rather its about the respect for each other which I did not get from you.

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Sad Captions for Instagram Post & Pictures

  • Having you with me… is my dream nowadays.
  • I am totally okay but my face is not agree with me.
  • Broken heart often hide behind the smile.
  • I wish you were here.
  • Sadness overloaded.
  • I have forget my happy face.
  • Sorry is just a word but has value only when you mean it.
  • I am the one who has just forgotten.
  • To smile, we have to pay our life loans.
  • Everyone is leaving me like I am no one.
  • Please stop it before my heart stops.
  • We can live only when we know how to handle pain.

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Short Sad Captions for Whatsapp

  • Sometimes you should understand the silence.
  • Not okay but it’s okay.
  • Trust is all I want, right now.
  • I have a heart but not place for love.
  • People are here to hurt you.
  • Every smile have a mystery behind.
  • Now I have a new friend and I call it loneliness.
  • Love the way you lied.
  • Expectations are my first mistake.
  • What the F Hope is?
  • Why we are hoping so much.
  • Expectations are the only enemy for every sad person in this world.
  • Secondary always comes first in bad times.
  • Strange but meaningful.
  • Be the one who make others happy cozz they can’t do it better than you.
  • Mental health is our priority.
  • There is no difference between dead men or stressed men.

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Sad One Word Captions for Instagram

  • Lonely.
  • Afraid to lose.
  • Scared to fall in love.
  • It’s Okay.
  • Alone.
  • Why so sad.
  • Be positive.
  • Take a breathe.
  • Fear to loose one.
  • Break my heart.
  • Broken.
  • Deep feelings.
  • You can’t understand.
  • Unexpected.
  • Emptiness.

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Even if you are sad, tend to be positive in every situation of your life because no state of emotion is permanent. If today you are sad, tomorrow you will be definitely happy about some of the other things. So, it is good that you are sharing your feelings through the above sad captions for Instagram.

I am sure you will feel light after sharing them. I hope you loved and found your suitable sad Instagram captions. Do let us know which one you loved the most!

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