[BEST 50+] Republic Day Wishes, Quotes, and Greeting

Republic Day wishes

Finding Republic Day wishes and quotes to send to your friends and family? Then you are in the right place as here you will find not only Republic Day Wishes, Quotes, and Greetings but some Republic Day Wishes images too!

The day which brought the biggest change in our country. The day on which our fundamental rights and duties were officially announced. The day on which we could proudly call ourselves Indians was none other than Republic Day. On the 26th of January, 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect.

Our India had become free from the British rulers on Independence Day that is 15 August 1947. But the real freedom to our country in which everyone knew what to do as an Indian was Republic Day!

So, now let’s celebrate this day by sending some awesome Republic Day quotes and wishes to all our Indians because we believe in Unity, right?

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Republic Day Wishes, Quotes, and Greeting


  • “On this day, let us come together to make our country better!.”
  • “People may come and go, but the love for our nation will never fade away.”
  • “Sacrifice for our Nation should never be a Choice.”
  • “If we do good for our country, in return we will get the same from her.”
  • “Feel proud to be an Indian and be strong like a soldier.” Happy Republic Day!
[BEST 50+] Republic Day Wishes, Quotes, and Greeting
  • “Let the teachers teach, let the students read, let the soldiers save and let our nation grow.” Happy Republic Day!
  • “Freedom is always a wonderful gift from God to us.” Jai Hind!
  • “Unity in our actions and thoughts makes the Nation Unite.”
  • “We are the youth of this country and pride of this Nation.”
  • “INDIAN, Firstly and Lastly.”
  • “Respect the constitution of free India.”
  • “Let us all aim unity and harmony.”
  • “Be brave, be Indian.”
  • We might not be the richest Nation but we do have the richest culture and Heritage. Let’s safeguard it.”
  • “Loving and respecting others is being Indian in true sense.”
  • “Our Nation shall become stronger than today if we understand our responsibility towards it.”
  • “Jai Hind.”
  • “Show the world that our INDIA is the best.”
  • “I can share my things but can’t share my India with anyone.”
  • “Liberty is the foundation of the republic Nation.”
  • “We just want peace in our Nation, if anyone wants to ruin it then be ready to go rest in peace.”
  • “Together we spread the message of love, peace, and harmony.
  • “Being respectful, being caring is the true meaning of being a Republic.”
  • “Feel Proud to be an INDIAN.”
  • “Don’t forget our culture and heritage. As a true Indian we must always remember our culture.”
  • “Let us all remember our freedom fighters today who sacrificed themselves.”
We should always respect our National Flag
  • “We should always respect our National Flag, Tricolour”
  • “Do something for your country and never ask anything in return.”
  • “Let’s salute the flag of our Nation and pray for its glory.”
  • “My Country is my pride.”
  • “I have a problem with the people who take the constitution lightly and Worship literally.”

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  • “Citizenship means to serve our country with responsibility.”
  • “India will become a perfect nation if all citizens do their duty.”
  • “Meri Pehchaan Mera Bharat.”
Happy Republic Day Greeting Wishes
  • “First you have to change yourself to see a good change in India.”
  • “Salute the Soldiers, scientists, doctors and all the rests who do a great job for our Nation.”
  • “An educated Nation is always republic.”
  • “A Republic should be based on equal rights for all.”
  • “No matter if I die for my country, because if my life is useful for my nation then it will be a glorious death for me.”
  • “A Nation’s culture resides in the heart and soul of its people.”
  • “Mera Bharat Mahaan”

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Greeting and Wishes

  • We are proud Indians and we will do anything to protect our Nation.” Jai Hind! Happy Republic Day!
Republic Day Captions Greeting
  • “On this special occasion, let’s promise that we will do everything to protect our rich culture and heritage of our Nation.” Happy Republic Day!
  • “Constitution gives us Liberty, Rights, Equality. So, let’s celebrate the day it was implemented.” Happy Republic day!
  • “Let us remember Dr. B.R.Ambedkar who gave us the biggest gift in the form of Constitution. Thank you, sir. Happy Republic Day.
  • “Salute the Nation on this special occasion.” Happy Republic Day!
  • “Respect the constitution of free India.” Happy Republic Day!
  • “Feel the word INDIA and you will realize that this is the real Happiness.”
  • “Help each other and make our country proud” “As we become stronger our Nation will be stronger.” Happy Republic Day!
  • “On this glorious day, bring a change in yourself and become a real Indian.” Happy Republic Day!

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So by now, you must be feeling patriotic enough for your country, right? Then keep the fire on and do something for this country which will not only benefit you but to all Indians as well!! Think about it and do let us know what change do you want in this country!

Also, do share these Republic Day Wishes and Quotes with your friends and family.

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