Reasons not to Buy Instagram Followers (Fake Users)

Reasons not to buy Instagram followers

Stop looking for paid ways to increase your followers Because it can be your worst experience… How? We will describe to you some reasons not to buy Instagram followers and also its consequences in this article so let’s start.

As a newbie to Instagram, you are always tempted to increase more Instagram followers to increase your business. But before buying Instagram followers, ask yourself some questions.

a) Is buying Instagram followers worth it to grow your business?

b) Is buying followers harmless?

c) Does it involve some risks?

To get all sorts of answers you can also experiment in buying Instagram followers even in 2021.

Let’s discuss what are the consequences of buying Instagram Paid followers.

Side Effects of buying Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram paid followers means you are actually increasing fake followers to grow your Instagram account. So let’s talk about Reasons not to buy Instagram followers.

1. You might fall in Phishing Attacks

There are many fake followers suppliers who come with an amazing business plan and they can make you trust them. The black market of buying Instagram followers is increasing day by day.

There is a chance of getting caught through the fishing attack as you give all your personal details in that account. The information can be stolen and you can fall for the scam as well.

Apart from that using bots on the Instagram account you may end up in a phishing attack too.

2. Fake followers will unfollow you quickly

Suppose you might be successful in buying so many followers and start building your brand by making amazing posts. But the audiences who see your post may or may not be interested in your posts or brands as you don’t know their tastes. Right!. So people might unfollow you and as a result, you will lose all your followers in a month.

It is because different people have different tastes and you don’t know their behavior. To grow organically with some amazing tactics so that the people will follow you. And then you can build a beautiful relationship with your followers.

3. Fake followers can create hatred comments

Though you have to filter over comments and you have full access to mention the comments, still there is a chance of getting so much hatred from the fake followers. And eventually, you will lose the spirit of increasing many followers and your business as well.

Costs of buying Instagram followers

It does not cost much to buy Instagram followers. The average money you can spend on buying 1000 followers is around $15.

You can find lots of Instagram followers and suppliers on the internet. Maybe the cost is low but when it comes to reputation and legitimacy you will not get that much value that you thought of initially.

Does Buying Paid Instagram followers work?

Technically yes, you can show off to your friends that you have so many followers. And buying so many followers in 2021 results in a flood of notifications on your phone. And of course, initially, you have the boosting analytics too.

But if we slightly change the question that is: does buying followers to establish a business really work? The answer is pretty simple. A big ‘No’. Because fake followers are bad for your analytics and reputation.

Reasons not to buy Instagram followers

Using bots and increasing followers will end up your Instagram account in an unethical way and you are actually violating the terms and conditions of Instagram. As a result, Instagram can suspend your account or temporarily disable it for some time as well.

If you increase irrelevant followers then you will lose all your engagements as people will turn off notifications from your post as well.

Even the brands will not work with you if they know you have flooded your account with fake followers too.

Do the following things instead of buying fake Instagram followers

There are plenty of ways to increase your Instagram followers organically.


a) Post consistently and you can post daily 4 to 5 posts per day

b) Follow people who have the same interests as you. This means the niche selection of your account and the people interested in that niche should be the same. Daily follow 10-15 people who have the same interests as you.

c) Follow the strategies of other Instagram accounts like you

d) Post funny and interesting posts.

E) Always write good captions that connect emotionally

F) Use 9-12 unique and trending hashtags.

G) Post amazing photos. You can take the help of the Canva app too.

H) Use Instagram reel pretty effectively

I) Always announce big news on stories

j) Arrange competitions and go live

K) Always keep an eye on Instagram analytics

L) Ask your audience about their taste regarding your products

K) Arrange question polls

L) Use IGTV series effectively

M)optimize your bio and profile

N) Add websites to your bio

O) Work with already established brands

P) Collaborate with influencers. Actually, this is the paid way to increase followers as people have great trust in influencers. You can actually pay the influencers to grow your Instagram account.

Q) Use relevant emojis

R) write a blog and add the information regarding your insta account. You can add many engaging posts to your Instagram account in your blog too. As a result, people will search for you after reading your blog.

S) Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms as well.

So those are the strategies you can go for.


Is of course the competition is tough in 2021 for having many followers. But you have to be proactive in each and every aspect of your Instagram account.

Always look for your Instagram analytics and be consistent in posting amazing posts.

Talking about buying followers is not an effective way to build your brand or business. Rather give some time to yourself to improve as much as possible. Learn more and more about how to create better ads for your business so that you can actually post good content on your Instagram account.


Q. How to get fake followers on Instagram?

A: You can find so many Instagram followers suppliers on the internet. Better stay away from those things. If you are still interested then you can experiment but do not give all your personal details.

Q. How to get more followers on Instagram to cheat?

A: So, do you really want to cheat by getting so many followers? Literally, you will not get any results in the future. Hope you understand.

Q. How to get more followers through paid ways?

A: You can work with influencers for the promotion of your Instagram account and in return, you can pay money to them. This is one of the legitimate ways of increasing followers but remember your content matters most.

Q. Is growing organically on Instagram the best?

A: Undoubtedly, yes. Because you can get more business out of it.

Q. How to find Instagram followers?

A: We will not tell you that as it is not a legitimate way. Better you search on the internet.

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