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prom captions for instagram

Got a prom night soon in your school/college? Then these prom captions for Instagram are a must to be posted! Because we all know how much eager you are to post Instagram stories regarding your prom special night!

Prom night have always been the most awaited night in our High school/college life. It sounds so fascinating that each every person dreams of it and do get some sort of butterflies in their stomach too! Isn’t it? Don’t know about your case, but I really used to have mixed feelings for prom night.

So, when the night came in my life, I was not only excited for the event but to post and show off my partner as well! But at that time I needed some perfect and the best Prom captions for Instagram with friends and some prom night quotes as well, to caption them with my photos and videos. But I didn’t find anyone at that time.

So, today I am posting this article om Prom Instagram captions & Quotes because I know how much important is to post your special pictures with funny & Cool captions & quotes on Prom Night.

Now, without further ado, let’s start with the unique list of Prom Night Instagram Captions…

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Prom Night Instagram Captions

  • “Dance like it’s last night.”
  • “Feel every step on prom night.”
  • “Never miss a chance to dance with me.”
  • “I wish this prom night last forever so we don’t have to say bye to each other.”
  • “Don’t let this night go.”
  • “We will stay together just like tonight.”
  • “If you can’t be my prom queen then be at least my dancing queen.”
  • “Dance Dance Dance.”
  • “Party All night.”
  • “This night is for us so that we can make it better together.”
  • “I think you forgot your crown home.”
  • “Let me pull your throne to sit.”
  • “We are not just prom partners, we are life partners.”
  • “You & I Perfect together.”
  • “May this night will never end.”
  • “Let me hold your hand for you, my princess.”
  • “We are not strangers, this party is strange and we are looking awesome.”
  • “Let the real party begins.”
  • “I want you to be my first and the last person.”
  • “Who needs the days, I’m enjoying this Night.”

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special Prom Night Captions
  • “Put your heels on and break this whole floor.”
  • “In the red gown, you’re looking like a princess.”
  • “Forget all the worries tonight and dance like a Michal Jackson.”
  • “Prom Night is not just a night it’s an Amazing Night with a stranger person.”
  • “I didn’t choose the prom night, the prom night chooses me.”
  • “People not give value to the moments until it becomes memories.”
  • “Dance first, kiss later.”
  • “Will you be my prom queen.”
  • “It’s an amazing thing to happen to me.”
  • “Moments with you are such amazing memories.”
  • “Baby I’m a rockstar.”
  • “When you have no one to dance, dance with yourself.”
  • “Your clothes don’t matter but make sure you are wearing your smile, daily.”
  • “The dancing floor is on fire.”
  • “Hope you know how much I love you…”
  • “I’m okay to be my own partner for this tonight.”
  • “Enjoying yourself is the only motive for the prom night.”
  • “It’s not about what you wearing it’s about how your wearing.”
  • “Sometime’s you just have to forget all the worries and enjoying yourself.”
  • “Love is a very beautiful thing you just have to see it.”
  • “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”
  • “Nobody give’s damn about how you are dancing… So stand up and dance.”
  • “Prom is a good way to bond up with your girl.”
  • “Few friends.”
  • “Cool and classy… be sassy.”
  • “Party tonight don’t think about tomorrow.”
  • “If you are planning for tomorrow… there will be no Tomorrow.”
  • “Be like a diamond “SO RARE” not like a “Rock” found everywhere.”
  • “I don’t care whose watching… I just wanna dance with you the whole night.”
  • “Turn up the volume DJ, I wanna dance.”
  • “50% Savage, 50% Classy.”
  • “Being classy is the only sassy.”
  • “Need someone who thinks that I’m important for him not just for tonight but for the rest of his life.”
  • “Your priorities decide your reaction.”
  • “If I were you, I would like to kiss me for the whole day.”
  • “Didn’t they tell you anything about me.”
  • “Life goes on with you or without you so don’t miss a chance to dance with me.”
  • “NASA’s people looking for you coz you are the rarest star on the Earth.”
  • “I’m not a bad person I just sometimes said what I had to.”
  • “Wearing an invisible Crown.”
  • “It takes courage to be who you really are.”
  • “If Nights are like this then who need days.”
  • “My red dress clashes to your red tuxedo.”
  • “I prefer being myself, whatever you say.”
  • “The Night is so romantic I wish this night just stops forever.”
  • “Dancing like a rockstar.”
  • “Everyone should have to know their worth.”
  • “Let people amaze with your actions, not your words.”
  • “Take the prettiest girl in school to the prom night.”
  • “Heart should be beautiful… otherwise the witches are also beautiful.”
  • “Prom Kind & Queen.”
  • “Made for each other.”
  • “Sexy Couple with the sexy crown.”
  • “YOU & I.”
  • “Strange night with strange people.”
  • “I’m not hot… I’m cool like ice.”
  • “If I were you I would wanna be me.”
  • “You so strong… you put your heels whole night ON.”
  • “Living moments with you is my favorite thing to do.”
  • “A single picture holds soo many memories in it.”
  • “It would be nice to dance with you.”
  • “High school gives change to each student to dance in the prom night.”
  • “Don’t miss a chance to dance with your girl.”
  • “Love the life you live… or live the life you love.”
  • “The most beautiful girl.”

  • “Hold the hand of your partner and start moving in the circle.”
  • “Who organized the prom night isn’t really matters. Who dancing in the prom matters actually.”
  • “Great Things do not happen for no reason… You have come into my life for a reason for sure.”
  • “Party All Night.”
  • “That’s where the prom actually begins.”
  • “The thing is I love you and I wanna say that again and again.”
  • “Don’t mess up your night with your silly moves.”
  • ‘This night was phenomenal.”
  • “Crazy things make the best memories.”
  • “Strange people will become very important to us at some point in life.”
  • “Life is too short enjoy every moment like this prom.”
  • “Being yourself isn’t a bad thing…and not actually a hard thing to do.”
  • “I don’t listen to songs much but I enjoying it while dancing with you on it.”
  • “Dark Night with a bright prom.”
  • “You don’t have to wear a sexy dress coz you have already wear your sexy smile and that’s enough for me.”

Whether our prom has been successful or normal, it remains and becomes a memory in our life forever. This is the moment we share with our children and grand children as well. So, would you like to show your children posts with perfect prom night Instagram captions & Quotes which will just enlighten your post or normally show an ordinary picture with no funny captions or Quotes?

Obviously, you will choose a post with a perfect & Cool Instagram caption on prom night. So for that select, any of the above prom night Instagram captions quotes with friends and save the rest for later!

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