Picture Editing Software for Instagram Post

Picture Editing Software for Instagram

Are you looking for picture editing software for Instagram posts?

Maybe you use your Instagram for your business purpose or maybe you are a celebrity, you always tempting of to create amazing photos for your posts. Right!. Because stunning photos can give you more visibility which attracts the Audience the most.

A gorgeous image can be the best strategy that Instagram needs should go for in order to build their more presence across social media.

Though Instagram provides the best filters to create amazing photos, still there are various photo editing software by which you can edit your photos whenever you want.

The Instagram photo editing software has the capacity to give you more stunning photos in a much brighter way.

However, we have provided a list of various picture editing software for an Instagram post that you can use in 2022.

So, let’s start…

Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

By the two methods you can edit your photos which you want to use in Instagram, one is through 1) online and other is 2) via app.

So here we have provided the two best methods which you can go for

Photo editing through App (Through smartphone)

Whether you are using Android or smartphone you can use the following photo editing Apps for your mobile.

1. Snapseed

Picture Editing Software for Instagram Post

This is pretty useful and user-friendly as it is developed by Google itself. This app is the best photo editing app which is available both in the play store (Android) and App Store ( iPhone/iPad).

This app has 26 built-in tools which include HDR Scape, Lens blur, Vintage filters, etc. By using this app you can remove people’s faces from selfies too. 

This app further allows you to isolate any objects from the photos. Apart from this, this app is quite useful for serious photographers which always need spectacular results.

Available for iOS and Android

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Best Pictures Editing Software for Instagram Post

Adobe has created a great place when it comes to photo editing. Over the years it has provided a great solution to the photographer.

This app can get you the best possible benefits which you can use even without having expertise over it. This app is free for both iOS and Android. However, for advanced features, you can go for the paid plan as well.

The tool can be used to crop, straighten and rotate the photos very smoothly. You can get amazing unique results from this app. 

Available for both iOS and Android


VSCO Best Photo Editing software and apps

If you want all your photos in a simple form then this app is quite handy. This app can be used as a camera app and Picture Editing Software for Instagram as well.

This means you can get refined results over instantly taken photos. This app is Avery good app as it is very simple. The user-friendly behavior of this app can adjust sharpness, saturation, lighting, vignetting, etc. 

This app comes with so many basic tools and filters that you can use too.

Available for iOS and Android

4. Pixlr

Pictures Editing Software and apps for Instagram Post

This web-based app offers online photo editing for free. The users which do not want to go for the paid plan can use it online.

The Pixlr app allows you to edit the photos gorgeously on your mobile phone too. You can do various things in this editor app.

You can do blur, sharpen, or can resize photos as per your need with so many options it has, it also has video tutorials online for support.

Available for both iOS and Android

5. Face tune

Facetune - Best Picture Editing Software

This is an epic invention when it comes to the photo-editing. Though this app is controversial, still it has managed to keep its place among its users.

These apps cost $3.99 to download. But after purchasing it. it is completely free to use that you don’t need to spend any money for a lifetime.

By using this app you can adjust your face makeup or you can reduce wrinkles or you can do eyelashes as well. You can also edit your nose, eyes too. For selfies, this app is very suitable.

Available for iOS and Android

Instagram Photo Editor Online

If you want to use a PC for photo editing then the following photo editing tool can be fruitful for you.

1. Canva

Canva photo editing software

Canva is the most loved photo editing tool all across the globe. Be it photographers, bloggers, digital marketers they all use Canva very effectively.

By using Canva you can choose social graphics 800×800 which are the most preferred templates for Instagram photos.

By using Canva you can add texts, filters, various filters, and many more things. For those who create memes and write quotes then this Canva is very useful for creating amazing images.

2. Wondershare Pix studio

Wondershare Studio

This is a powerful online graphic designer which is mostly loved by people all across the globe too. This tool has various templates for logos, posters, YouTube thumbnails, etc. 

You can create gorgeous images by simply using the drag and drop method. The platform allows you to use free templates. You just need to download the edited photos and you can share them through various social media platforms as well.

This tool also has the capability to remove the background from an image too. You can do those things very quickly. For this, you need to pay just $7.99 per month to use all features.

3. Fotor

Fotor - Best Editing Software

This is a free tool that can be used for Instagram photo editing. The tool comes with amazing functions which allow you to share all across social media.

This tool has its own filters even Instagram does not have such filters as well. This tool also has very good templates.

This software actually works in layers, which is a great advantage to adding more things to your pictures. This means you can edit the various parts of the images too.

Like Canva, this tool comes with paid options but the services it provides in the free form are huge. So you may not need to invest money in it.

4. Pixlr Editor


Like the Pixlr app, this tool can be used online too. This tool is free to use. It can also be used in layers too. This is a pro photo editing site that can give you powerful picture software which is best for your Instagram content as well.

5. PiZap

Picture Editing Software for Instagram Post

Those who love the simpler and less vibrant photos can consider this tool. 

This tool allows you to share all the edited photos to Facebook and other social media too. This tool can also import images from Google Photos or Facebook whenever you want.

Apart from that, this tool can be used on mobile devices as well. Though it is free still for advanced features, you must go for the paid plan as well.

6. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post

This is for the genius photographer who needs more accuracy and perfect colors in their photos. 

This tool also has filters, layers and you can add anything to the photo as well. Though it’s free, you can pay money to get all the advanced options. The plan costs $10 per month.


The above tools are the best picks for the picture editing software for the Instagram post in 2022. You can go for whatever software you want. However, from the editor’s point of view, the best editor picks are Canva, Adobe Photoshop Express, and Snapseed which you can go for. Hope you like the best photo editing software for Instagram.


Q. What are the best photo editing apps for Instagram?

A: Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Express, and Canva are the best photo editing app for Instagram.

Q. Which is the best Instagram photo editor?

A: Canva, Adobe Photoshop Express is the best Instagram photo editor.

Q. Which is the best photo editing software free?

A: Canva is free to use. However, it also includes a paid plan.

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