Best Happy Weekend Captions For Instagram: Omg! Finally, the weekend has arrived! There is nobody who does not wait for the weekend. Literally, it takes a whole week for the weekend to arrive in our lives!! And quite a long time for long weekends in 2022!

Now, what’s the plan? Going out for a date or for a night out? Or traveling somewhere near to your place? Whatever it is, one thing is for sure you will need the best weekend captions because everyone just wants to chill and post their weekend selfies on Instagram.

So, don’t you worry about the weekend captions and quotes, leaves this work to us, after all, you can’t waste your precious weekend on making up lines for your cute selfies, right?

If you are searching for “weekend captions” then you have landed on the perfect article. Here in this article, we have compiled more than 100-weekend captions for your Instagram selfies. From cheerful and happy weekend captions to short and long weekend captions. You are definitely going to find every type of weekend selfie caption in this article.

You simply just have to copy and paste any of the below weekend captions with your selfies on Instagram and you are good to go! We are sure with these captions you are definitely going to roll in a lot of likes and followers to your account.

Now, without wasting any more weekend time, let’s begin with the latest and the best weekend captions of 2022

Cheerful Weekend Captions 2022

The weekend itself gives us those cheerful and positive vibes. There might not be a single who just doesn’t have any kind of weekend in their life. The weekend is not only fun but necessary too.

So, click the best cheerful selfies and attach them with the below captions and quotes…

  • Feel free to enjoy your weekend.
  • The weekend is the new beginning of the week.
  • Have a blessed and wonderful weekend.
  • And, now it’s ME time.
  • Saturday night party all night.
  • I choose to be happy.
  • NO Working Vibes.
  • Happiness begins with Friday Night.
  • #WeekendNight!
  • Have you heard? The week is over.
  • Weekend please Stay.
  • Life is better when the weekend is here.
  • Good Food, Amazing Night, Incredible friends.

and more weekend captions on your way…

  • Now is the time to enjoy this evening.
  • When in doubt, chill out!
  • WEEKEND’s Here!
  • Hey! get me some booze. I’ll have a party tonight.
  • Whatever you’ve planned! Make sure all this is worth it.
  • Take a pause guy, It’s Saturday.
  • All I need is a relaxing weekend.

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Long Happy Weekend Captions

Long weekend ahead? Then plan out your weekend and pre-save these long and happy weekend captions for selfies. Because obviously you can’t just scroll down and read all the captions on weekends…

  • Find the place you can live.
  • Saturday makes me feel nice.
  • Keep smiling and enjoy this weekend!
  • I can finally go to bed.
  • Saturday means ‘NO WORK TODAY’.
  • The week is boring but the weekend is amazing.
  • It’s ME time.
Today is the day to be happy
  • Today is the day to be happy.
  • Not Working today.
  • Saturday Yay!
  • Weekend Mode On!
  • Don’t bother me unless it’s an emergency.
  • Weekends are for workers.
  • I can have fun whenever I want.
  • Keep chasing your dreams, weekends can wait.

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Weekend Selfie Captions for Instagram

Check out the best weekend selfie captions for Instagram in 2022…

  • Dear Weekend you are my favorite.
  • Back to work, it’s Monday.
  • Feeling exhausted? The weekend is almost here.
  • Happy Lazy Weekend!
  • I’m out of this town for this weekend.
  • Saturday needs selfies!
  • It’s selfie time!
  • Every employee deserves a week off!
  • Saturday is the best day to think about the whole week.
  • Have a nice weekend!
  • Memories to think about.
  • A happy peaceful day.
  • A quite good place to spend this weekend.
  • Hello Weekend!
  • Moving to this weekend.
  • Love this weekend.
  • Happiness is the Weekend!
  • Life is better on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as well.
  • Sunday is the rest day for all the working days.
  • The weekend is coming!

And more weekend selfie captions…

  • Weekend Instagram Captions!
  • Say ‘Hi’ to Saturday.
  • A laptop is ready, popcorn is done. Netflix is all set for the Night.
  • No alarms for today.
  • Happiness is sleeping all Day and Night.
  • Now! We need to say goodbye this weekend to welcome another one.
  • Keep smiling because it’s the weekend.
  • When it comes to selfies. I’m the first.
  • Friday evening is to 7 to plan for SATURDAY PARTY and Sunday is for the REST.

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Funny and Witty Weekend Captions

Every moment we spend with our friends on family on weekend is funny, isn’t it? Love to just spend those precious times. This weekend actually plays the role of fresh air for our minds and body –

Now, let’s check out some funny and witty weekend captions –

  • After all this work we should have a weekend.
  • The weekend is an energy-saving mode.
  • Let’s have a drunk weekend.
  • Beast mode on!
  • This weekend is only for chilling.
  • Go where you can find your comfort.
  • No one is leaving till it’s Monday.
  • I have better plans for this weekend.
  • Saturday is the day to think, about what’s going on?
  • Laughing and Relaxing at the same time, is called the weekend.

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Short Weekend Instagram Captions

Have a short weekend? It’s okay, you can still enjoy your weekend to the fullest by just being lazy and chilling on your bed! Click a selfie of that cute lazy face and caption it with these short weekend Instagram captions…

  • It’s a chilling time.
  • Shopping till drop.
  • Enjoy the whole week like it’s a weekend.
  • Life is better on Weekends!
  • Yeah! It’s Saturday night.
  • Hello Weekend! You are my fav. friend.
  • Long Weekend Love.
  • Smile because it’s the weekend.
Weekend Instagram Captions
  • Dear Weekend, please stay more, we’ll have fun.
  • After this long week, that’s my gift.
  • Spending time with my own company.
  • All set to Netflix and some pizzas for tonight!
  • Hey You! Saturday! Why you are so beautiful?
  • No bath, No Work, only bedtime.
  • Wake me up when this weekend is over.
  • Monday is more fun after this awesome weekend!
  • When your heart speaks aloud, it’s weekend here.
  • It feels more alive when it’s Saturday!
  • Time to relax.
  • Things seem pretty nice when it’s the weekend.

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Weekend Instagram Captions and Quotes

Still did not find the weekend captions of your choice? Then there are some more weekend Instagram captions and quotes for you…

  • Every weekend comes with lots of love.
  • The weekend is the beginning of the ending.
  • Love the morning with no work.
  • Wake up today without an alarm!
  • Good morning! Weekend!
  • Dress like it’s the weekend.
  • The happiest selfie this weekend.
  • Weekend Vibes!
  • Wear Pyjamas. It’s Saturday!
  • Don’t make me forget it’s the weekend.
  • Drunken Weekend!

And more weekend captions and quotes for Instagram

  • Stay strong the weekend is about to come.
  • Bedtime is on for the rest of this week.
  • Weekends are too short to spend.
  • Sleeping time is about to start.
  • Relax and recharge.
  • The weekend is a therapy to must take.

Want more weekend captions?

Best Weekend Captions For Instagram

  • Feeling about this weekend is awesome!
  • No need to set an alarm for tomorrow.

Read more weekend captions for Instagram

Weekends are the best. Those are the best days and most happy Saturdays and Sundays of the week! So, if you are having a long weekend ahead or even a short one, you are definitely going to love these captions and quotes for weekend selfies.

Don’t waste your weekend. Do something productive which makes you happy and your mind fresh. Reset your body on the weekend for your next working weekdays! We all don’t love those Mondays after the weekend. Certainly, Mondays are the worst days for every one of us.

But as everyone says, after every good time a bad time has to come. But after every bad time, a good time will definitely flow into your lives, just like getting weekends every week! So, prepare yourself for the next weekend and save the best weekend captions for your Instagram posts beforehand!

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