70+ Thrilling New year Resolution Ideas and Quotes

70+ Thrilling New year Resolutions Ideas and Quotes

New Year Resolution Ideas are here for all of you…

New Year is the beginning where everything can be started from the beginning from something which we failed into something always wanted to achieve. New Year is the day that brings an immense amount of hope, excitement, curiosity, expectations in us. It is the day on which none of us can be sad and send happy new year quotes and wishes to everyone! Truly the Happiest Day of the Year for the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD! Don’t you agree?

Now, as New Year comes with hope and expectations, so certainly we make a promise to ourselves to complete something in the whole year. We set a target that we call a new year resolution. I personally love keeping new year resolutions as it does make us achieve something, if not everything! [Not achieved single thing yet :'( ]. Anyways, I am creative enough to at least give you all some interesting new year resolution ideas!

The whole list is waiting for you…Let us dive into it!

Common New Year Resolutions

Nowadays new year resolutions have become so common, that there may not be a single person who doesn’t give himself a target to complete! Due to this, every third or fourth person might be having the same new year’s resolution.

So, still, I have brought to you all some of the most common new year resolution ideas. Have a look at it (you may then remember some of your past failed new year resolutions 😉 hahaha )

  • “Quit Smoking & Drinking as well.”
  • “Get a new bicycle and ride it daily.”
  • “Build my own business.”
  • “Eat healthy”
  • “Travel at least one country this year.”
  • “Dieting”
  • “Say no to debt.”
  • “Plant at least 20 plants.”
  • “Complete my homework on time.”
  • “Propose someone.”
  • “Help someone.”
  • “Join the Gym.”
  • “Go for trekking. (This is my dream).”
  • “Do some adventurous things.”
  • “Think before spending money.”

Funny New Year Resolutions Ideas

So, after going through some common new year resolution ideas, here are some funny new year resolution ideas, which are easy and you will have fun doing it! And I am quite sure, you may want to try some of these!!

Let’s check it out…

  • “Climb the mountain and shout my lover’s name.”
  • “Prank on someone.”
  • “Slap on my best friend’s face.” hahaha…!!!!
  • “Eat lots of ice cream.”
  • “Bring a whole chicken and grill it.”
  • “Give my contact number to soo many girls and tell them #I HATE YOU.# “
  • “Say Aunty to girls on there face.”
  • “Collect 1 rupee from 1 lakh people and buy an iPhone.” hahaha… 😀 😀 🙂
  • “Go to a car showroom, take a test drive and come back home.”
  • “Doing some crazy things.”

Inspirational new year resolution ideas

Weren’t the above ones funniest new year resolution quotes? Haha…Let’s move on to our next category – Inspirational new year resolution ideas. So, here comes some serious and meant-to-be-completed new year resolution ideas! I personally feel resolutions must be at least tries by every one of us, not saying just for the sake of some trend or something but we must try new things in life. Life becomes interesting when we experience new things.

So, we must give ourselves some new things to do, not only in the new year but otherwise too! Anyways, not getting too emotional :D, let’s have a look at some cool inspirational quotes for new year’s resolutions ideas.

  • “Say NO to fast food.”
  • “Go for a walk daily so that you can stay away from diseases.”
  • “Spend more time with my family.”
inspirational new year resolution ideas
  • “Buy a New Car with my own money.”
  • “Give time to yourself.”
  • “Get a Dog.”
  • “Work hard until your success come to you.”
  • “Make your own decisions.”
  • “Great people born with great things.”
  • “Interact with more people to improve communication skills.”

Cool new year resolution ideas

Got inspired enough to keep a new year’s resolution? Haha. Now, hold on, let us check out some cool new year resolution ideas. If you want light or not too stressful new year resolution ideas, then you can go ahead with the give below new year resolutions. You will definitely like these…

  • “Grow a large beard.”
  • “Learn how to cook.”
  • “Jump through a helicopter with a parachute.”
  • “Climb Mount Everest.”
  • “Call all my enemies and ask them to do friendship.”
  • “Give precious hours to my family.”
  • “Whenever I see my ex on the streets, say her *F##k OFF*… “
  • “Get a tattoo on my biceps.”
cool ideas for new year resolutions
  • “Spend money on worthy things.”
  • “Stay away from negative people.”
  • “Start a diary and write down all the things in it.”
  • “Stop being an idiot this year.”
  • “Invest my money in Ambani’s business.” 😉 😉 😉
  • “Taking my girlfriend on a trip and propose her to marry me.”
  • “Keep being nice to everyone.”
  • “Aware people to plant trees and save water.”
  • “Spend one day at the orphanage.”
  • “Learn guitar and start some music.”
  • “Exchange my old phone with an iPhone.”
  • “Start blogging on something.”

Challenging New Year Resolutions Ideas

Who all loves challenges here?? Me too!! Challenges are the best thing to get your task done and it is the most interesting thing when you compete with yourself. But what to challenge? Don’t worry, we have brought some amazing and challenging new year resolution ideas.

TIP: Complete a challenging New Year Resolution and give yourself one gift which you always wanted to buy or experience. (Can be anything) Keeping this thing in mind might boost you up to complete your resolution! Haha… Now let’s choose one of them…

  • “Learn at least two foreign languages.”
  • “Take a ride on the scariest roller coaster.”
challenging new year resolution ideas
  • “Spend every weekend without my phone.”
  • “Learn from your mistakes.”
  • “Take negative things in a positive way.”
  • “Try to keep calm in high situations.”
  • “Stop overthinking.”
  • “Quit hookah.”
  • “Say NO to plastic.”
  • “Spend one night at a horror place.”
  • “Losing Weight.”
  • “Appreciate people on their good things.”
  • “Forget your ex.”
  • “Forgive people.”
  • “Get a shredded body.”
  • “Wearing one shirt for 2 weeks.”

So, here we come to an end to these cool, amazing, interesting new year resolution ideas. I hope you found them interesting too and chose the perfect resolution that perfectly fits your routine!

Also, if you have any more great suggestions for new year resolutions or if you have already decided on your new year resolution, then do tell us in the comment section below!

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