never fail Instagram post ideas

Most brands come to the Instagram blog to win a great number of sales. Accordingly, they enter social media with a bunch of selling posts. It seems wise, but it doesn’t really work. So, what are those never fail Instagram post ideas that get all the engagement we want?

In social networks, we work with a cold audience, so before selling, you need to attract them and form a desire to buy. And these tasks cannot be fulfilled by selling publications alone.

The main target of a business Instagram account is to keep the user’s attention. And what never fail Instagram post ideas can do this, read below. 

Never Fail Instagram Post ideas every business can publish

Instagram posts can be divided into three main types:

– engaging that helps to bring a new audience and increase outreach;

– warming that makes users more loyal and gradually forms a desire to buy;

– directly selling.

Each of them leads the user to a new level of the sales funnel and, as a result, helps to boost sales in the account. And now let’s take a closer look at some amazing and unique Instagram post ideas which will never fail and be successful.

1. Subscription contest

A follow contest is a standard mechanic for attracting an audience, especially if you’re new to Instagram. You just advertise this contest to your target audience and get the first subscribers with whom you can work in the future to get sales. The mechanics of Instagram giveaways may include the need to write a comment, mark friends, or repost Stories.

At the same time, the prize in the competition must be related to the business that you are promoting. Let’s say if you sell jewelry, then let the gift be a pendant or a coupon for a certain amount.

2. Memes

Memes usually have an impact on the audience, especially when they cry out for something. Humanize and amuse your brand; this is the hottest Instagram trend right now. Communicating on an emotional level with your audience can help you look more genuine.

The only thing is to keep memes funny, timely, and industry relatable. This Instagram post idea is a sure shot if you are able to hold on to the perfect audience.

#3. Lifehacks

Show your expertise and help your audience make life easier by solving their everyday problems.

Life hacks should be selected from the company’s field of activity. For example, if you sell shoes, tell people how to clean white soles.

#4. Dispel industry myths

There is a lot of data on the web these days, both true and fake. With a post that clears things out, you may help dispel some common beliefs that your subscribers may have.

For example, cosmetic brands may try to dispel the myth about the composition of creams or the way cosmetics are applied.

#5. Commodity in life

Show how your product actually behaves in real life. For example, if you are selling sofas, show how they fit into the interior and whether they are comfortable in layout.

By the way, user reviews fall great under this category. This will close the audience’s objections and prove the quality of your products or services.

#6. Influencer experience

An influencer engagement is another form of content you may publish to your audience. This Instagram post idea will surely never fail. These kinds of collaborations may attract new audiences to your company while also demonstrating that a reputable person is advocating your product.

Just make sure the influencer is a good fit in terms of your values.

#7. Direct questions

Ask a question in one of your Instagram posts if you want followers to connect with your material and even communicate with one another.

For example, the BetterHelp brand once asked users, “What tip would you never forget?” The question generated a heated discussion under the post and many interactions.

Questions like these can also be used to find out what your audience wants to see. This is also a great format for Instagram Stories and again one of the most popular never fail Instagram post ideas for business blogs.

#8. UGC

UGC is content created by a brand’s audience. And the competition itself is aimed at getting the greatest possible return from users, involving them in communication with the brand. It is worth launching when the audience is already active.

In this way, you can collect, for example, reviews if there are few or simply none, or use more complex engagement mechanics with the creation of photos, drawings, generation of ideas, and other things – let your imagination run wild.

#9. Interactive content

These are one-time games that allow you to quickly get a lot of comments. Engagement should start with them, accustoming users to write comments and communicate with each other.

Well, lucky you, there are lots of interactive options. Ask your audience to describe the brand with emoji, solve a riddle, or a puzzle, spot the difference in a photo, and much more.

Promotion on Instagram and tips to follow

Over the past few years, the field of Instagram blog promotion has almost turned upside down. Entrepreneurs have begun to master Instagram en masse. And this, of course, is justified.

The days when you could promote your profile on Instagram for free are long gone. Now it is difficult to do this, it will take a lot of time, and the results will be small. Now you need to invest the advertising budget and promote the channel constantly, and not one-time. Only then will the audience grow and profits grow.

  • Move away from static to dynamic. Video content is king today for many reasons. In addition, Instagram has to compete with TikTok. That is the reason to create video content, short, capacious, entertaining, and expert, it doesn’t matter – the main thing is dynamic. And don’t ignore the power of Instagram Reels.
  • Run ads only after the complete registration of the profile. The subscriber should see the finished page, not the outline. Otherwise, advertising will be expensive and ineffective.
  • Communicate with the audience. Try not to fall into the trap of perfectionism. It would be wiser to communicate with the audience, and not create professional profile photos. Understand what the audience likes, what are the needs, wishes, “Wishlist”.
  • Create a content plan. A business account cannot go far on posting chaotically. You need a plan – a content plan. It should contain posts of different types: engaging, selling, useful, interactive, etc. You can peep topics for different types of posts at most followed businesses.
  • Care about visuals. Design posts so that they look beautiful in the feed, and it is immediately clear what will be discussed. Images can be edited on Instagram or in the online editor.
  • Increase your reach by posting to different social media. Share information about your services not only on Instagram but also on other platforms and encourage subscribers to do so.
  • Order advertising from bloggers with whom your target audience intersects, who are read and commented on by your potential customers.
  • Engage subscribers by organizing challenges, marathons, master classes, and live broadcasts with answers to questions in the comments.

Final thoughts

Instagram is one of the leading social networks for brands today. In Instagram marketing, use different types of visual content to attract the attention of a cold audience, tell them about the company, generate demand for goods or services, and only then sell. If you keep in mind all of these popular and the best Instagram post ideas then you will never fail and will succeed to get all the engagements and followers. Good luck!