Most popular social media platforms in 2021

Most popular social media platforms

Most popular social media platforms are increasing their more presence throughout the world every day. With the growing technology, these platforms come with amazing features as per the taste of audiences.

Every year you can see the stats of increasing more social media users by which people from all across the globe connect with a variety of people, cultures, places, and many more. 

As there are more users using social media platforms curiously, marketers nowadays shift all their strategies to social media marketing as well. As a result, they are getting more revenue in a quick time.

The shift of increasing more number of users is quite helpful for savvy digital marketers. But one question arises if you are marketers which social media platform you should target? However, the stats can help you to arrive at a certain conclusion.

So to increase your brand value and more customer reach and also to establish a long-term business strategy, here in this article you will find glimpses of social media platforms that why you must have used those platforms.

Top 5 Social Media Platforms Sites and Apps

Here we use the “number of active users” as a metric to determine the rankings of social media.

The number of active users also mostly depends on the total number of unique visitors who are currently using this platform.

This metric is the key indicator which many tech industries use the services more analytically. Apart from that the tech industry also focuses on engagements, growth, and popularity mostly found on the top growing social media platform as well.

So, let’s discuss the top most popular social media platforms in 2021.

1. Facebook

The unprecedented growth of Facebook placed it in the number 1 position among all social media platforms. 

This social media juggernaut has taken the internet to the next level around the globe. In shorts, this platform literally changes the way of interaction among people all over the world.

Though initially the company saw lots of trouble and faced many epic controversies still it is not stopping itself to be loved by people all across the globe.

The amazing feature and the way of interaction with Facebook allowed it to reach one million subscribers within 10 months from arrival. The popularity was so high that it reached a billion users in 8 years. Till now it has over 2.74 billion active users. Apart from that each day Facebook sees 500,000 new users a day which means 6 new users every second.

Though it has immense popularity, Facebook lacks more visitors as compared to YouTube. The monthly visits are around 25.5 billion on Facebook whereas YouTube has 34.6 billion monthly visits which further takes over by Google which is about 92.5 billion.

Compared to the other social media platforms, this platform is widely popular between the age groups 12-34.

The Infinite dial reports suggest that in 2015, 58% of people in the above age groups said that Facebook is their most favorite social media which was declined almost to 32% in 2020. It is due to Instagram, the photo and video sharing platform occupy the popularity 15% to 27% in that same year that is in 2015.

Some facts regarding Facebook

  • Most active users

India – 290 million

US – 190 million

Indonesia – 140 million

  • 73% of users serves as online on daily basis, weekly 93% log-in and monthly 98% login.
  • Though Facebook faces lots of controversies, 36% of US citizens regularly use this platform.
  • The average time a user uses this platform is 38minutes/day.

2. YouTube

It is the second-best social media platform which has 2.29 billion active users.

Although anyone who enjoys video content on YouTube must be a registered user, this figure might not be accurate to represent this platform as per popularity. So why is it the second best social media platform, we must go to its further stats.

YouTube was first launched in the year 2005, initially, this platform is exclusively designed for providing dating services. But the result was not so responsive which further opens up to go for further improvements. Later this platform allowed you to upload a video of any kind. This decision by YouTube comes as a blessing that enabled creators to become multi-millionaires.

Though the company faced a number of technical and legal problems still it is considered the world’s topmost video-sharing platform.

YouTube is the only social media that is watched by almost all age groups. A 2020 research suggests the following viewing habits of children below the age of 11.

  • 80% parents admit that their children mostly love videos from YouTube
  • 19% parents claimed that the cheque children won’t see YouTube videos
  • Half of the parents said that their children must visit YouTube at least once a day. 

We have already mentioned that YouTube is being widely watched by almost all age groups. Though youngsters use it more effectively than adults still adults also watch YouTube which is nearly about 74% of the US population.

In the US, as per the social media platform concerned, 74% of the adult population watch YouTube, 68% Facebook, 40% use Instagram.

When it comes to the different or demographic level, YouTube is being used by 16.4% by the US, 9.2% by India, 48% by Japan.

3. WhatsApp

It was first founded in the year 2009 by ex-Yahoo employees. WhatsApp’s initial goal was to give instant chat support. WhatsApp allows a user to instantly send a message within a fraction of seconds without giving you any unnecessary worry. 

The accidental evolution of WhatsApp served as a boon to the marketers which helped the creators to become millionaires. WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users which it reached in 2020.

The growth of this app is really very interesting and astonishing. The first one billion was achieved in 6 years and the next one billion was achieved in just 4 years. 

WhatsApp comes with a traditional advertising model or platform which does not offer the deepest market penetration. Still, this app is mostly used by almost every marketer as well.

WhatsApp really serves as a quick messaging solution for business owners to reach their customers effectively as it is one of the fastest communication tools.

4. Facebook messenger

Though Facebook is the top social media platform and where you can send messages to your loved ones. However, Facebook messenger allows the fastest messaging without depending on Facebook as well. As it is pretty fast like WhatsApp so it is placed in the number 4 position.

Though WhatsApp dramatically outclassed messenger despite it having 1.3 billion active users.

As most of the selling-buying or business can be done through Facebook, so Facebook messenger is quite helpful for those who largely focus their business on Facebook.

Facebook claims that around 40 million active business owners use messenger for the smooth operation of their business.

Statista report suggests that in the US, for business purposes the percentage of business owners who use messenger is 56.8% as compared to the 12.1% of WhatsApp.

In the US following are the stats of Facebook messenger

  • The percentage of usage of Facebook messenger are under the 13-17 age groups.
  • 18-24 age groups uses messenger which is nearly 14.7% of the population
  • 25-34 age groups – 27.3%
  • 35-44 age groups – 21%
  • 45-51 age groups – 14.7%

5. Instagram 

It is one of the widely used photos and video sharing platforms that is continuously increasing day by day. This app is pretty impressive when it comes to features and user interface.

This user-friendly photo and video sharing platform placed itself in the number 5 position with 1.221 billion active users from all around the globe.

Instagram not only helps you to connect with your loved ones but also allows strong and in-depth marketing which is pretty best for any kind of business.

Initially, Instagram was started in 2009 but gained its movement in 2016. In 2012, FB owned Instagram with a worth of $1 dollar where in that year Instagram reached 35 million users.

Coming back to its momentum it gained momentum in June 2016 with 500 million active users. 

71% of the population that uses this platform are under the age of 35.

Instagram can get you more engagements and more business as most of their users are mostly youngsters.

Talking about the most popular, according to the country it has 140 million active users alone from India and the US. At second position is Brazil which has 88 million active users, then Indonesia – 88milion active users, and then Russia which has nearly 56 million users, etc.

Apart from the above social media Platforms, there are also a few platforms that have gained a lot more popularity as well. Those are…

  1. We chat – 1.213 billion active users
  2. Tiktok – 689 million active users
  3. QQ – 617 million active users
  4. Douyin – 600 million active users
  5. Sina Weibo – 511 million active users
  6. Telegram – 500 million active users
  7. Snapchat – 498 million active users
  8. Kuaishou – 481 million active users
  9. Pinterest – 442 million active users
  10. Reddit – 430 million active users

Bottom line

Above are the top most social media platforms which can be used for different purposes. Any k8nd of business or skills you have you can monetize on the internet. If you want more social media presence then YouTube, Facebook, Instagram are the top growing social media platforms that you can rely on for maximum business growth.

Depending upon your skills on these social media platforms you can go for. Hopefully, this article can help you to choose the best social media platform for your marketing purposes.


Q. What is the most popular social media platforms in 2021?

A: Fb, YouTube, and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms in 2021.

Q. What is the next big social media platform?

A: May Instagram or YouTube.

Q. Which social media platform is most popular?

A: Facebook is widely popular as it has more users.

Q. Which are the most popular social media platforms in 2021 in India?

A: YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms in India.

Q. Which is the fastest growing social media platform in 2021?

A: It’s a tie between Instagram and YouTube. Probably Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform.

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