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Quotes & Status for Missing Someone

Missing Someone badly? Want him/her to know that you are missing? Then, write a caption from the following missing someone Quotes, Captions & status. These missing someone Captions are for all those people with love, who are missing someone special captions or status for missing someone you love.

Missing someone you love is a very natural feeling if your love is true. We really can’t stay without him/her. Even when our mother/father goes out of the station, we tend to miss him/her badly!

We all have friends and whenever we post a picture with friends, we caption it with Friendship quotes. But, sometimes we really miss our friends, so at that time do you post Instagram captions for missing a friend or missing status for friends? So, write to them now from the below status for missing someone. I am sure you will get the perfect miss you status for your love.

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Let’s get started with missing someone Quotes & Captions

Missing Someone Quotes & Status

Missing someone you love or missing someone special already? I really can connect to your feelings, we really do miss our love whenever our love is not with us.

So, these are some of the best missing someone quotes & status…

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  • “Miss you Today, Miss you Yesterday, Miss you Tomorrow!”
  • “I can’t even imagine my life without you.”
  • “Don’t take someone granted, it might be your biggest mistake.”
  • “Let the girl go if she loves you she will definitely come back.”
  • “Sometimes missing is better than a meeting.”
  • “No one in this world can live without his love.”
  • “I really miss those memories of us when we were together.”
  • “Loneliness is the only thing which was with me when you were NOT.”
  • “Missing you is the best job, I want to do.”
  • “I will never be able to understand.”
  • “Don’t think too much, I will never miss you.”
  • “Love is soo mean.”
  • “Soo many people but I choose you.”

Missing Captions for Bf & Husband

  • “I’ve changed because your behavior has changed for me.”
  • “No one can change this world.”
  • “Life is all about LOVE.”
  • “I lost myself when I saw you.”
  • “I can’t let my eyes away from my phone… Don’t know when you call me & I didn’t receive.”
  • “You are not missing someone special coz you don’t have a heart.”
  • LOVE – Nobody can understand what is the actual meaning of this word.”
  • “I’m really missing that day when you used to see me and do smile for no reason.”
  • “Why did you come to me when you had to leave!
  • “Your smile… Your hair… Your cute eyes… Your cute cheeks… I miss all of you.”
missing someone quotes
  • All I miss is your presence in my life.”
  • “Girls will never change, they all are heartless.”
  • “You will only get what exactly you do to me.”
  • “Now I have very few chances left for you… Don’t worry your time is near.”
  • “You have to trust me or you’ll have to miss me.”
  • Relationships: Takes time to build trust and take a second to break.”
  • “No one loves me as you did…!!! Please come to me I really miss you.”
  • “Your memories never let me sleep. At least tell me the solution to this disease.”
  • “Every time my phone rings I think that’s you.”
  • “Missing someone and you can’t even see her is the worst feeling.”
  • “If you want to move on then “MOVE ON”, missing someone is not a part of it.”

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Missing Captions for Love, friend & Sister

  • “Break up is not for those who can’t stop missing .”
  • “I love the way you miss me when I am not near.”
  • ” Now I am not only I, but I has also become We.”
  • “You used to tell me that you will never miss me if I’ll go somewhere… Now you will realize your actual loss.”
  • “People can only give you hope but they will never understand your inner pain.”
  • “You are not actually missing someone, you just think, are they missing you or not?”
  • “No one is special in this world, you make them special by missing them.”
  • “It’s is better to say NO than break someone’s heart.”
  • “Missing you is not a new thing for me.”
  • “If someone tries to keep you away then, it’s better to stay away.”
  • “Don’t force anyone to be in love with you.”
  • “Even after all this mess I can’t forget you and miss you Every second of the Day.”
  • “I miss you 86400 seconds in a day.”
Missing someone captions
  • “Forgiving someone is better than missing someone.”
  • “People become special in your life and you don’t even know about it.”
  • “Missing someone status is the best way to express this feeling to the one you love.”

Best Friends Captions For Instagram

Miss you Captions for Instagram

Friends are the most precious beings a person gets in his whole lifetime. We cherish our friendship memories whether, they are childhood friends, school friends, college friends or even our work friends, friends are friends and memories with them are the most special part of friendship.

So, if you are missing your friends then these miss you boyfriend/girlfriend captions for Instagram are perfect for you…

  • “I can never forget the memories of our school time.”
  • “Friends are like stars, they are always there either you can see or not.”
  • “I will never get a friend like you… I miss you soo much.”
  • “When you are missing your friend that means you love him a lot.”
  • “I don’t have to miss you, you are on the Facebook I can call you, text you whenever I want.”
  • “Friends play an evil role in your life but still you love them.”
  • “Miss you a lot.”
  • “If I have to choose between you and my Gf then I will choose you because you are the only one who can set me up with another girl.” 😉 😀
  • “I don’t know you miss me or not but, I can definitely say that you miss our friendship.”
  • “I wish that time will never come to me when I will have to miss you in my thoughts.

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Status for Missing someone badly you love

Are you in a situation when your love is not near you, and you really miss him/her? Missing someone captions for Instagram you love is kind of a special feeling also because it somehow increases your love for the partner. You tend to be very eager to meet him or her.

So, for such special feelings and for the one who wants Instagram captions or Whatsapp status which are not relationship quotes, then here are some captions & Quotes for missing someone badly you love.

  • “I miss you when I Breathe.”
  • “You have no idea how much I missed you these days.”
  • “When you are sad, I miss your smile.”
  • “I can do anything just to keep you happy & joyful.”
  • “True love only needs one reason to hold you back again.”
  • “You need not react to every situation that is going around you.”
  • “I am doing what I love the most that are missing you badly.”
  • “Let them know if you are missing them badly.”
  • “I love you and that should be enough.”
Status for missing someone | Miss you Status
  • “I miss you more than the night misses the sunlight.”
  • “If you are really missing someone badly then get up and send him a text.”
  • “There is always a way to come back again.”
  • “Missing my love status describes my true feeling for you.”
  • “When I don’t text you then it means I am waiting for your message.”
  • Inner me: I can’t live like that, I want you in my life again.”
  • “I love you more the farmer loves rain.”
  • After Breakup: Missing someone badly? Why? Who the hell is he? He should be nothing for you now.”

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  • “I used to tell myself that you will never leave me alone but see… I was wrong and I am missing you right now.”
  • “Keep calm! I am missing my love.”
  • “Don’t be afraid of losing someone special if they really love you then, they will find a way to come back to you.”
  • “It’s not about you, it’s about us.”
  • “You don’t have the power to stop me from missing you.”

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So, these were some miss you captions, Quotes & missing someone captions for Instagram special. I hope you found your perfect captions for missing someone and now you stop you express your love to your partner with these miss you status by posting them as Instagram captions, Whatsapp status, or Facebook stories.

Also, if you loved our status and quotes for missing someone you love, then do let us know by contacting us in the Contact Us section. We will be honored for your comments!

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