[Best 80+] Merry Christmas Captions for Instagram

merry Christmas captions for Instagram

Christmas captions for Instagram! Hey peeps! Christmas has come or it’s almost here, what-so-ever it is, Christmas has always been the most exciting festival of the year! Right? So, let’s share our excitement with our friends and family by sharing these cool merry Christmas captions for Instagram.

Christmas is undoubtedly the best time of year. It signifies the festival of happiness and peace all around us. People not only in Catholic countries but all over the world celebrate this day with immense happiness and excitement. We all love to wear new clothes and party all day on Christmas. On this day, people all around the world decorate their house with jingle bells and the most important part of Christmas, without which there is no identity of Christmas, that is, a well-decorated pine or fir tree! This tree has become the identity of Christmas, whether a house is decorated or not but this X-mas tree is specially decorated on this day.

As we celebrate this day with all our near and dear ones, it is equally important to wish them love and happiness, Merry Christmas quotes /Merry Christmas greetings/ Merry Christmas wishes text or merry Christmas messages, which shows how much you love them. Also, it is kind of mandatory to click photos and selfies on Christmas but don’t worry guys, we have even compiled for you some Merry Christmas status or Christmas selfie captions for Instagram story, Whatsapp status or Facebook status whichever is your favorite!

So, let’s dive into it…

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Merry Christmas Captions for Instagram

Merry Christmas Captions for Instagram are very much in trend, everyone loves to attach their Christmas pictures with these Christmas captions and greetings. So here are some of the best Christmas Instagram captions for you guys…

  • “No Need Captions this year.”
  • “Stay tuned for my next Selfie on Christmas.”
  • “Snow comes with Christmas.”
  • “All is calm. All are white.”
  • “Hey, its winter!”
  • “Christmas is all about trees and gifts.”
  • “Sleigh all the Day.”
  • “All I want is you and one selfie with you this Christmas.”
  • “December is the best month for hot chocolate.”
Christmas captions for Instagram
  • “Fairy lights on Christmas Night.”
  • “Christmas is the day that holds all the happiness together and spread it all over the world.”
  • “Jingle bells jingle bells.”
  • “Dear Santa, I love you soo much but why don’t you put any gift in my socks?”
  • “Laughing all day and jingle all the way.”
  • “Christmas is family, friends, happiness, joy, and fun.”

Christmas Cute Selfie Captions for Instagram

Everyone does look cute and pretty on Christmas as we all are dressed up in winter clothes or try to be cute like our Santa Claus… Haha! So, for all you cuties out there, we have gathered some Christmas Cute Selfie Captions for your Merry Christmas HD images 😉

  • “Christmas is happiness.”
  • “All I want is a Cute selfie with you.”
  • “My cute smile is enough for you to make your Christmas Awesome.”
  • “Cuteness Overloaded.”
  • “Every year I make this snowman on the eve of Christmas.”
  • “Family like you make my day bright.”
  • “Soo much fun in this Christmas Selfie.”
  • “I already have my gift for this Christmas- is YOU.”
  • “Santa give me an iPhone or give me a loan.” HAHAHAHA… 😉
  • “Oh dear”
  • “Believe in you.”
  • “Every Sleep… In December Skiing.”
Merry Christmas Quotes and greeting
  • “On the night of 25th December, the whole world is shining with Christmas lights.”
  • “Peace on earth will always remain when we celebrate Christmas Everyday.”
  • “Best Christmas Selfie Ever.”
  • “Christmas is incomplete until I click too many selfies.”
  • “Christmas is Here.”
  • “Winter is Coming.”
  • “My favorite tree is a Christmas tree.”
  • “This cake is only for Santa, and this year I am the Santa.”

Merry Christmas Wishes Greeting Text Messages

Wishes, Wishes all around! Yes, Christmas wishes greetings are received by everyone literally in a bulk and all of these Merry Christmas greetings and text messages are just lovely! Right? So, why do you stand behind in sending Christmas wishes greetings to everyone when we are here to help you!

We have brought for you some top-class Merry Christmas Wishing Messages that will actually brighten up your dear one’s day!

  • “I wish you a Merry Christmas with soo many blessings.”
  • “Make this season bright with joy, peace, and love. Merry Christmas.”
  • “Wishing all of you with great wishes of Christmas.”
Merry Christmas message text for Instagram
  • “May God bless with all the happiness and success on this Christmas. Merry Christmas.”
  • “Keep Calm its Christmas. Merry Christmas.”
  • “Decorate your trees again to celebrate Christmas.”
  • “Cold Weather and Christmas are perfect together.”
  • “When I see the snow I started making an igloo.”
  • Merry Christmas from our family to yours.”
  • “A lovely thing about Christmas is that its compulsory.”
  • “No matter how many lights we place on the Christmas tree, your smile is enough to brighten this Christmas Night.”

Funny Merry Christmas Captions for Instagram

Ho-Ho-Ho! Do you know who laughs like this- Our dear Santa Claus! Do you also want to laugh or your friends to laugh like this? For that, you will need to send or attach Funny Merry Christmas Captions For Instagram with your Christmas pictures or selfies!

These funny merry Christmas Captions are really going to make you laugh! Just have a look!

  • “Let me take a Selfie, first.”
  • “Dear Santa, I love you.”
  • “Why don’t you cut your beard its too long now.?”
  • “Green Tree, white snow, Red Santa- colorful combination.”
  • “Fizz the Night with Appy Fizz.”
  • “People who don’t celebrate Christmas are not actually people, they are aliens.”
  • “Christmas isn’t just a day its a frame of mind.”
  • “Celebrate every day like a Christmas.”
  • “Christmas tree is soo beautiful, I never put off the lights from the Christmas tree.”
  • “I Have O.C.D – Outstanding Christmas Day.”
Merry Christmas funny captions for Instagram
  • “Please put something big in my tiny socks.”
  • “A perfect dress can make a girl beautiful and a perfect tree can make the whole Christmas Perfect.”
  • “Lovely, fatty old man come with soo many presents.”
  • “I always wonder why Santa only put gifts in the smelly socks.”
  • “Some people receive presents and some only hope.”

Christmas captions for photos & Pictures

Clicking Christmas photos and selfies? I think this must not be questioned because it is a tradition to click merry Christmas HD Images with everyone so that we could add a section to our Instagram profile named Christmas Day!

Now, are you thinking of what caption to write with these Christmas photos then calm down and stop thinking because we have brought for you all a few but the best Christmas captions for photos & pictures…Just dive into it fast…

  • “Merry Christmas to me.”
  • “Love the way I Smile.”
  • “Loving you is a special feeling to me.”
  • “You & I, perfect together in this picture.”
Christmas captions for photos
  • “Sleigh Sleigh Sleigh… Christmas on the way.”
  • “Santa Claus fooling me since I was a baby.”
  • “Take a ride and Santa is mine.”
  • “There are soo many gifts in the Christmas tree but, I only want you.”
  • “Don’t ever call me on Christmas because I am busy with Santa.”
  • “Make this 25th December always remember.”
  • “Winter is coming with Christmas.”
  • “Snowman never talks.”
  • “Feast mode on.”
  • “Cheat meal begins.”
  • “Today, No one can stop me to eat this big cake.”
  • “Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way.”
  • “I Can’t wait to exchange all my presents.”
  • “Christmas in the air.”
  • “Some people only celebrate Christmas for Cake.”
  • “Let me take a selfie, first.”

So, here we have come to the end of Best Merry Christmas Captions For Instagram. I hope you liked these Christmas Instagram Captions. Do share them with your friends and family and lighten up their Christmas Day too!

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