Best Saying Quotes on Life by great personalities

Best Sayings Life Quotes by Great Personalities: We all know life is just unpredictable! Sometimes it gives us happiness and sometimes sadness, stress, and whatnot. I think that’s what life is, isn’t it? If you are someone who is dealing with major-minor or big-small life problems, then these inspirational quotes of life will definitely help in some or the other way!

Life teaches us so many things from being a good child to becoming a successful person. The in-between bitter-sweet experiences are what just life is made up of. Life can be tough we all do admit that but what is the point of happiness if we don’t know its value?

We value happiness only when we know what sadness feels like. We value success only when we know what failure looks like. If we get all the good things, all the time, then would you value it?

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Definitely not! That is we need to have a mix of emotions to know and value them. People around us face so many difficulties. It is not necessary that if you are experiencing happiness at a time, the other ones around you would also be happy.

We must try to spread happiness, motivation, inspiration, and joy around us so that one or the other might get happy or motivated through us.

But how can we do that? Of course through these amazing unique quotes on life and best sayings by some famous personalities! Just put any of these Life Quotes Sayings by Great Personalities on your status and anywhere where people can read and get motivated!

We never know what few lines of words can do magic to the people around you who are facing a problem. Even a word can enlighten us and motivate us! We can get the solution to our problem in any way.

So that is why we have compiled these most motivating and inspiring unique quotes and the best saying of life said by some famous personalities!

Inspirational Quotes Of Life

Life can be daunting. We need content feedings in the form of inspiration to lead a life like a pro! Yes, this is true, we need inspirations and motivation to help us keep working towards our goals.

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We all want to achieve success but is it a short-term process? No, not at all. It needs a lot of hard work, patience, and constant motivation to reach where we want to.

So, these inspirational quotes of life will act like petrol to your car, for the car to reach its destination!

  • To live a happy life, attach it to a goal rather than to people or things. – Albert Einstein
  • Staying happy is the only purpose of life. – Dalai Lama
  • A predictable life is not a life. It is without flavor. – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • A life lived with happiness and in the right way, then even one life is enough. – Mae West
  • Life is just about busy making other plans. – John Lennon
  • The secret of great people is having curiosity in all aspects of life. – Leo Burnett
  • Life is all about the reality that is to be experienced. – Soren Kierkegaard
  • Live each and every moment with happiness. – Elton John
  • It depends on you whether to make life sweet or bitter. – Sarah Louise
  • Never have grudges for a long period of time because life is short for all this nonsense. -Elon Musk
  • Live a Happy Life. – Karl Marx
  • Life is too short to worry about silly things. – Karen Salmansohn
  • Live your life to the fullest. – Karen Salmansohn
Best Thoughts on Life Quotes

and more Inspiration quotes of life…

  • Life is short. Be silly. Have fun. Love the people who treat you right. Forget the ones who don’t. Regret nothing – Karen Salmansohn
  • You get only one life. Give your best to impress. – J.R.Rim
  • You are capable of doing everything in life. Just don’t stop. – Kevin Ngo
  • Enjoy even the smallest moment in life because you never know you’ll realize those moments were actually big ones. – Robert Breault
  • Be grateful for every moment you pass because that particular moment won’t come back again. – Zelig Pliskin
  • Positive thoughts lead to a positive life. – Marcus Aurelius
  • Make sure anyone who leaves should be happier. – Mother Teresa
  • Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears. – John Lennon
  • Don’t waste time if you are not liking the path you are walking on. Just pave the way for the second one. – Dolly Parton
  • If you think, say, and do in harmony, then there is just happiness. – Mahatma Gandhi
  • Never hesitate in making someone smile or doing an act of kindness. – Roy T. Bennett
  • Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. – W.P. Kinsella

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Positive Best Saying Quotes on Life by great Personalities

Many people around us say that the way we think is the way we act! So that is why we must always think, speak and act positively in life to positive results in the end.

Positivity is not just a word, it is the vibe that not everyone can remain constant in. But we can always try to be one! Right?

So, these positive quotes on life will certainly help you in being positive when life is giving you negatives!

  • Life has a bundle of lessons that need to be understood every day. – Helen Keller
  • Joy is the best answer to any problem in life. – Deepak Chopra
  • Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. – Lao-Tze
  • Live like you’ll die tomorrow and learn as if you’ll live forever. – Mahatma Gandhi
  • If you are not dreaming, then you are not living your life. – Malcolm Forbes
  • Take the positive things and move forward. – Dr. Seuss
  • You must have two hands – one for helping yourself and another for helping others. – Audrey Hepburn
  • Take your failure as an opportunity to improve yourself and come back stronger. – Tina Fey
  • Our world can only be changed if we change our thinking. – Albert Einstein
  • Never lose faith in humanity. – Mahatma Gandhi
  • We often look at the failure we’ve experienced but we don’t look at the lessons we have learned during failure. – Alexander Graham Bell
  • Sometimes our greatest pains become our biggest strengths. – Drew Barrymore
  • The level of freedom is according to your mind. – Robert M. Drake
  • We make a life by what we give and not by what we get. – Winston Churchill
  • Just live the life as it is. – C. S. Lewis
  • Pains make you stronger. – Kahlil Gibran

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Being positive can change our life at a full 360 degrees. These positive captions will definitely help you in doing it.

Good Quotes About Life

Life is a roller-coaster ride, but who doesn’t like a roller-coaster ride? We all excitingly ride in the amusement parks, right?

Ever thought, if there would be no ups and downs in a ride, there would have been no fun? The same way it is about life, if there are no ups and downs of happiness and sadness, life would become boring.

So, we must always think positively and well about life because life is just gameplay till you make it!

These good quotes about life by famous personalities will definitely change your view of life for you!

  • You can love others only if you love yourself. – Rumi
  • Having a good life is a process, not a final destination. – Carl Rogers
  • If your relationships are strong then no one can stop you to lead a good life. – David Lammy
  • We are here on this planet Earth to make lives possible with freedom – Rosa Parks
  • If you are doing right, then do it without hesitation. – Martin Luthet King Jr.
  • Always work to inspire others. – Rosa Parks
  • Life is filled with small moments. – Joanna Gaines
Good Quotes about life
  • The saddest emotion of life is regret. – Louis E. Boone
  • The hardest part of any journey is its beginning. – Nicole Sobon
  • It is the heart that gets hurt and not your brain. – Leonardo da Vinci
  • There is no joy without sadness. – Nicholas Sparks
  • Where there is love, there is pain. – E.A. Bucchianeri
  • Tears are the unspoken words. – Joshua Wisenbaker
  • Fiction is like a way to hide our pain. – The Lazarus
  • Learn to handle pain and in the future, you will move through your pain. – Byrant McGill

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Quotes That Changed Life

Many of us look for things to change our life, whether it’s a new partner or a new job. We look for inspiration because we are dependent on others to make ourselves happy!

But why is that when we can love ourselves which is called self-love, self-care? These things must be there in each one of us. Self-esteem is one such thing that can not be broken by anyone but only you.

So, if you want to build up your self-esteem and increase self-love, then these unique motivational quotes of life by great personalities will definitely change your life!

  • If you have the will to do something, then don’t let it go. – Wayne Dyer
  • Learn to dance in the rain because you can’t wait for the storm to pass. – Vivian Greene
  • Struggle means you are ready to grow but not ready to let go of your past. – Drew Gerald
  • Each failure makes us stronger, more courageous, and more resilient in nature. – Kate Anderson
  • If something is out of your control, then let it go don’t waste your time on it. – Jackson Kiddard
  • Mistakes do not matter because humans tend to make mistakes. What matters is how you interpret the lesson. – Michelle C. Ustaszeski

and more good quotes that changed life…

  • No past is similar to your future. – Anthony Robbins
  • Don’t just think about the future, live the present moment too. – John Wooden
  • The lessons of life can never end. – James M. Barrie
  • The ending of a beginning gives birth to a new beginning. – Seneca
  • When you’ve gone through all the struggles, you will not be the same person who walked in. – Haruki Murakami
  • The choices you make you. Choose wisely. – Roy T. Bennett
  • Always have the courage to go through every problem. – Maya Angelou
  • You can always start over and make a new ending. – Chico Xavier
  • Maturity is when you realize letting go does not mean you’ve stopped caring. – Mandy Hale

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Motivational Thoughts & Quotes On Life

Everyone needs motivation in life, so if you are someone who is looking for some motivation or wants to motivate any one of your friends, then these life quotes will definitely help you in achieving that goal.

  • Count your age not by numbers but by the moments you’ve actually lived. – Maya Angelou
  • The most beautiful things are felt with your heart. – Helen Keller
  • Make sure everyone who comes to you, leaves happier. – Mother Teresa
  • Make your own path and rule it. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Never give up because you may be just one step close to your success. – Thomas A. Edison
  • Defeat other people in life, not yourself. – Maya Angelou
  • The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. – Tony Robbins
  • We are the ones who make our lives complicated. – Confucius
  • Just enjoy this moment and be happy. – Bobby McFerrin
  • Being happy is good for health. – Voltaire
Motivational Thoughts quotes on life

and more motivational thoughts and quotes on life

  • A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness. – Albert Einstein
  • A smile is the best accessory that can never go out of style. – Lily Pulitzer
  • The best time to be happy is now. Don’t wait for the future to make you happy. – Roy T. Bennett
  • If you are happy by yourself and for yourself, then no one can ever make you sad. – Ellen DeGeneres
  • Happiness comes from your own actions.- Dalai Lama
  • The beauty of life is incomparable. – Marcus Aurelius
  • Fall in love with your life. – Doug Hutchison
  • To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it. –  Osho
  • Having a grateful heart means having a beautiful life. – Roy T. Bennett
  • Treat your life as an adventure and you will make the most out of it. – William Feather

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Best Quotes About Life

  • You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. — Mae West
  • Live your life full size. – Unknown

Read more best quotes about life by great personalities

Life is uncertain and so is the situation around us. Just try to be positive and spread motivation and inspiration around you because you never know who gets the solution to your problem through your amazing motivational and inspirational unique life quotes.

People love to invest time in self-care and self-help when they are dealing with something major in their life.

So, if you are someone who is dealing with some life issues and if some known one around you is going through them, then these unique life quotes will definitely become your friend-in-need!

We hope you loved these 120 inspiring and positive unique quotes about life. Do let us know which quote enlightened you the most!