Interesting hidden facts about Instagram hacks, tips, and features

Interesting hidden facts about Instagram Hacks Tips and Features

Curiosity makes everyone curious always, that’s why we are here with the hacks and Interesting hidden facts about Instagram that can make you amaze. Keep reading…

Instagram is the favorite destination for all when it comes to photo and video sharing. As it has high popularity, it opens a wide range of opportunities for marketers. 

Talking about its facts, almost 80% of Instagram users purchase on Instagram when they first get their desired products. 

Another fact suggests that 60% of the users visit Instagram on a daily basis. But what about those folks who are new to Instagram and just Know the basics of Instagram? Instagram has some Interesting hidden facts about Instagram which everyone must know in order to use in a smoother way. Literally, you should know that.

That’s why in this article we have gathered all kinds of Interesting hidden facts about Instagram, hacks, and features which can be found below.

If you are a marketer and want to showcase your business ethics, then you must be aware of the hidden facts and tips that Instagram has. 

So, let’s start…

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Some Interesting Hidden facts about Instagram Hacks

1. Know the notification of your favorite people (when they post)

Interesting hidden facts about Instagram hacks, tips, and features

To get all the post notifications from your favorite influencer you must turn on their notifications. This will help you to create amazing content at a later stage. 

Turning in the notification is a very easy process. So you need to turn the notifications from your favorite influencer by simply turning their notifications individually.

To do this

  • Visit Instagram profile
  • Go to the three dots on the upper right corner of the post
  • Click on the notification from the menu
  • Then by simply tapping you can turn on the notification.

And to turn off the notification follow the above steps then simply tap on the notification button to turn off all the notifications from your favorite people.

To turn on the notification on iPhone

  • Go to settings of your phone
  • Go to notification
  • Choose Instagram
  • Then allow the notification by simple tapping

To turn on the notification on Android

  • Go to settings
  • Choose apps
  • Then go to Instagram
  • Select the notification

2. Bio can be catchy by adding characters

Interesting hidden facts about Instagram

You can customize your bio whenever you need it with special characters. This leads to the distinguishing of your brands from the other brands. There are some special characters that you can not find on your phone which include Christian symbols, trademark symbols, etc. 

How to add special characters from mobile in Instagram

  • Install the Character Pad App which comes with almost every symbol which you can use on your profile bio
  • Then simply open the app
  • Search the character you need for your bio
  • Then simply double tap on the choose picture and paste it to the clipboard
  • Then from the clipboard you can use that to choose character to your bio

How to add special characters from PC

  • Go to the Microsoft word
  • Go to the advanced symbols
  • Then select your desired symbol
  • Copy that symbol to the clipboard
  • Then go to edit profile on Instagram
  • Then simply add the the desired symbol to your bio

3. You can search the instagram users without an account

You can even search the Instagram users, favorite brands, Instagram marketers without logging into your account. This can be done by two methods.

By entering username

Actually, you can find a user’s account by simply entering their username at the end of the Instagram URL. For example, GO HERE. As a result, you will get the desired Instagram profile with just a single click.

You can find the desired user from Instagram site search without having an account

  • Go to Google
  • Then follow – “site:[username]

Then you will get your desired account

4. You can know all the posts that you liked in the past

Instagram hacks and features

Do you want to see which kinds of posts you liked in the past? For this, simply 

  • Go to the settings
  • Then click on the account
  • Then scroll down to see the “posts you have liked”
  • Simply tap on the posts you have liked”

If you want to dislike the post then simply follow the above process then unlike the posts by simply tapping on the photos.

5. You can manage many accounts from the same device

As many influencers or many marketers work with different niches, they must need different Instagram accounts for their marketing purposes. Suppose a marketer has both a health and a pet care niche, then he/she must have 2 Instagram accounts to handle their marketing.

To manage multiple accounts from the same mobile device (follow the steps)

  • Go to 3 for lines found on the upper right corner
  • Scroll down to “add account”
  • Then add your other account’s username and password

For switching between accounts, you can simply go to the settings and then choose the type of account you want to work with.

6. You can schedule posts on advance

To avoid the routine work on Instagram you can schedule all your posts at a perfect time. For this, you must use some of the third-party services. There are many third-party services like Hubspot, Hootsuite, etc. which provide all the scheduling services which you can go for. To know the best scheduling app or services click here.

7. You can create a collection of saved photos

In order to view all the posts that you liked in the past, Instagram provides a bookmark option to bookmark or collect the saved photos.

For that

  • Simply visit your profile
  • Go to settings
  • Go to “Saved”
  • Then you will get all your saved items
  • Then click on the ‘+’ button then give a name to your collection
  • Select ‘Next’ then select the desired images from the saved photos
  • Then you can bookmark any photos to your saved collection

8. You can use “Type mode” to grow your instagram stories

Hidden Facts about Instagram

Instagram stories only allow the photos to show only for 24 hours. Since the photos can stand for 24 hours, you can make your stories very creative and interactive in order to attract more customers. So for that interaction, you can take the help of “Type mode” which has the power to caption your stories and can make them funny and interesting. To do this

  • Open the instagram stories
  • Then the camera will open
  • Then take a photo or video
  • Then click on the ‘Aa’ icon found on the top right corner
  • Then the ‘Aa’ icon will open to the “Type mode” which includes Neon, Typewriter, strong, classic and modern. Then you can simply choose that to write your instagram stories

9. You can show stories for longer than 24 hours by creating story highlights

As we all know Instagram stories only stand for 24 hours. You can also highlight your favorite stories. There is a feature on Instagram in which Instagram can save stories altogether on your profile

So to make stories highlights

  • Tap on the “New” option
  • Select the number of stories you want to highlight
  • Give it a cover photo and name it and showcase it on your profile

10. You can post contents from others to your instagram stories

Though you can write your own Instagram stories in a much more creative way still you have the option to post the content of others to your Instagram stories.

To do this,

  • Find the post you want to add on your Instagram stories
  • Then click on the paper airplane icon which can be found below the post
  • Then this icon will allow you to post that content in to your specific followers or your instagram stories

The option is called “Add post to your story”, which you can use in order to show the content on your Instagram stories. Then simply tap on that button and that’s it. You will find that content in your stories.

11. You can upload and browse videos on IGTV

Instagram Hacks and facts

IGTV is one of the most popular features that Instagram has ever produced. IGTV or Instagram TV are meant for video content. The main benefit of this feature is you can upload videos that are more than 60 seconds long and you can even create a channel as well.

Go to IGTV then you will see a number of videos as per your interests. As per your interests, there are a variety of videos which you can look for as well. To create an IGTV channel

  • Go to IGTV
  • Go to ‘+’ icon found in the top right corner
  • After the channel is created you can upload videos from your mobile phone.

12. You can hide, delete or disable comments on your posts

Moderation of comments is really beneficial for Instagram marketers for the smooth operation of their Instagram marketing. There are some people who use abusive language in the comment section where you can hide or disable their comments straightway.

You can filter comments by keywords

  • Go to options
  • Select ‘comments’
  • You can toggle the inappropriate comments by entering some keywords too.

You can delete comments

  • Tap the speech bubble icon below the comment
  • Then swipe to the left by keeping finger on that texts
  • Then select the delete icon to delete the post

You can also delete your own comments too.

You can disable comments permanently

Actually, you can turn off the comments from the entire profile. To disable the comment over a post, go to the advanced settings (when you are about to add your caption), this will allow you to turn off the comments.

13. You can clear your Instagram search history

To do this

  • Go to settings
  • Scroll down to “security”
  • Select “clear search history”
  • Confirm by clicking the blue link

14. You can use Instagram as a photo editor tool

You can use Instagram as Photo Editor Tool

Instagram has many filters to edit the photos in order to get bold images. Actually, you can use Instagram as a photo editor tool without pasting the photos.

To do that, publish a picture while keeping your phone on airplane mode (Before doing that make sure you turned on the “have same original ” option). Then follow the normal steps to post that photo.

  • Then upload it, edit it and click on share
  • Then an error will appear
  • Then you will find that edited picture in your phone’s photo gallery

15. You can hide photos that you have tagged-in

When someone tags you then that tagged content appears under your profile like “Photos of you”. To hide those kinds of photos

  • Go to the profile
  • Click the person icon below
  • Then click on the individual post
  • Then click on the edit option found on the top right position
  • Then click “manually approve tags”
  • Then select the photos that you want to remove
  • Then tap on the “hide photos” at bottom

Though this will not remove their posts from Instagram those things will be removed from your profile which nobody can access.

16. Sell products from instagram using shoppable posts

You can Instagram Shop to grow your Marketing

Though you can tag posts and photos you can also tag the products as well. So that a user can find all those products when he/she will visit your profile

  • First you have to turn your personal account to the business account
  • Then go to settings
  • Selects “products”
  • Tap “continue” 
  • Add “product catalog” that’s it.

17. You can pin your Instagram posts to the Pinterest

  • Tap on a post to view it in full
  • Tap on the 3 dot lines found on the top right corner
  • Select “copy share URL” to attach that URL link to the “clipboard”
  • Open the Pinterest app
  • Go to the profile page and select the ‘+’ icon on the top right to add a new pin. Then a menu will appear and you can add that copied link to the pin or board

18. You can hide unnecessary Ads

  • Tap on the three dots of the posts which are labeled as “sponsored content”
  • Then choose the “Hide this” option then it will ask you why you want to hide this. For that you can choose the relevant option. That’s it.

19. You can send photos to your friends privately

  • First upload the photo then go for its editing
  • Then you will be prompted to “share page” then simply tap in that then tap on the ‘new post’s and then click select “direct message”.
  • Then you can send the photos whomever you want

Bottom line

As Instagram is more fun and appealing to youngsters, a user must know the above features for the smoother operation of Instagram. With these Interesting hidden facts about Instagram hacks your Instagram account will be more interesting than before.

The aforementioned features can help you to grow your business in a much more convenient way. So use those features and make your Instagram marketing smooth.

Hope you loved the above Interesting hidden facts about Instagram hacks and features mentioned above in this article.


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