10 Instagram Tips For Beginner Travel Influencer/Blogger

Instagram Tips For Beginner Travel Influencer/Blogger

Are you starting your travel Instagram page or a budding travel blogger on Instagram? Then this article is just for you. Scroll down to know the best 10 Instagram tips for beginner travel blogger or influencers.

Instagram is just all over the place. Each and every one of us uses Instagram. No doubt that total users on Instagram are more than 1.386 billion! Now many of us want to become that sensational Instagram blogger or influencer, isn’t it? This field of career has grown so much, that even a doctor has created his/her Instagram business account to make some money out of it.

As there are so many niches to choose to enter this world of Industry, #travel has always been one of the most searched and the most popular hashtags of Instagram. Everyone loves to travel, whether it’s a short or a long trip, travel is very enjoyable.

Now, if you are the one who abnormally loves traveling and wants to share their experience too on Instagram, then you would definitely need some great Instagram tips to become a successful travel blogger or influencer! That’s why we have brought to you 10 amazing Instagram tips for beginner travel blogger or influencers.

These Instagram tips will guide you to grow your travel blogger Instagram page in the correct manner. It will also help you gain more engagements, likes, and followers to your page.

So, without further ado, let’s start with our first Instagram tips for beginner travel blogger or influencers.

Instagram Tips For Travel Blogger

1. Find the Perfect Underserved Niche

Instagram Tips For Travel Blogger

There are more than 1.386 billion users on Instagram! and out of this big number, there are more than 1000 million users on Instagram. Can you just imagine the competition for travel bloggers?

Now if you are starting your travel blog on Instagram and want to tract an audience to your page, then you have to be unique and creative at the same time. So to be different from the crowd, focus on the niche that is more underserved and at the time have quite a good demand as well.

Focusing on a niche that is more direct and specific will also help you gain traction. So research well and work accordingly. Being unique is the key to going viral these days!

2. Always Write Interesting captions

Captions are the lines, quotes, or thoughts you write that match or compel perfectly with your Instagram posts. Writing captions that match the feeling of your image is what connects the followers with you.

We always say “a photo is worth the thousand words”. So writing the perfect caption can add immense value to your photo. If you are just confused about what captions to write with every pic you post, then you can just browse our captions category to match your pic, or specifically, you can have a look at these amazing [Top 75+] Short Travel Captions & Quotes for Instagram.

3. Photo Editing changes the whole game

Photo Editing changes the whole game

Have you ever wondered why famous bloggers are always able to click the perfect photo? How do they have the perfect lighting, perfect position, etc, etc? If you thought that only the picture itself has done this miracle, then you are totally wrong!

They are the edited pictures! Yes most of them are not totally original. They have been perfectly edited and made it seem original. If you ever get a chance to see their original pictures, you will be shook!

So, focus on your photo editing part more. Do not take it lightly. “A personal tip – If you aren’t an expert in photo editing, then do hesitate to outsource this work”. This work would totally change the game!

4. Use Instagram Stories

The Instagram story alone can track a lot of likes, followers, and engagement on your posts. When this feature by Instagram came out first on the platform, the influencers saw an increase in their whole account stats.

Yes, the Instagram story has this much power. To optimize your content and if you have a website too, then link your website with it. Users can easily use the swipe-up feature to go directly to your site.

5. Analytics tool is must

Instagram Tips For Beginner Influencers

Analytics tool helps you figure out which post is getting viral, the timing of your users, and many more such things. It helps you to analyze your user’s behavior on your Instagram account.

By investing in a reasonable analytics tool will help you decide the best time to post on your Instagram for maximum traction and engagement. It will also help you to which posts, hashtags, or keywords are being used by the users. Tools like Hootsuite, SocialFox can become your true friend and guide in this matter!

6. Always Invest High Quality Camera and Camera lens

This is the most important point to increase engagement and followers on your travel Instagram blog. If you capture photos with a low-quality camera or camera/DSLR lens then what is the point of clicking it? First, the picture would not be clear and will be of low quality. Secondly, most of the time you won’t be able to capture the minute things that amp up any picture. And thirdly, If you want a certain thing from a photo and you are not able to express it through that photo then what is the point of wasting time on it?

So, if you really want to build up your travel blog, and are serious about it, then you must really invest in a high-quality DSLR lens. Your 70% work would be done just after capturing that moment.

Now, if you don’t know which are the best high-quality DSLR lenses, then check out this blog – 14 Best All-in-one DSLR lenses

7. Plan according to current events

We must always have a content strategy to post on Instagram. All social media users love content that complements the current event like any festive occasion or season of the year, or any viral topic going on Instagram, etc.

If you post content that complements the current events, then you may never know which post may get viral. These posts are generally called event blogging too. So, research about it and plan your content accordingly.

8. Do not make your account boring

Do not make your account boring

Gaining engagements or followers is easy but maintaining those followers or making those followers stick to you, is a different game altogether. So a basic and one of the most important tips to never lose your engagement, likes or followers is that you must always post different types of photos. Seeing only mountaineering photos or only wildlife photos, can bore your followers at a certain point in time.

So try to post a variety of photos and videos. Also, do keep in mind that the posts must fall under your nice because you not only have to impress your followers but the Instagram algorithm as well!

9. Choose the perfect bio

Your bio is the first thing, any user would read on your Instagram page. Your bio is your identity. If you express it properly, it reveals your personality, your attitude, or your thoughts too.

So, choosing the perfect bio seems simple but for some, it may be a tricky task. Now, if you are wondering what to right in your bio, then you can take help from this blog – [BEST] 350+ Short Status for Instagram Pic & Bio. Either you can take ideas or you can just copy-paste the Instagram bio you loved the most!

10. Your account must be visually appealing

This is again one of the most important tips to follow! Yes, your page must be visually appealing to your users and followers. This thing will not only help gain you more followers but also will never let your followers unfollow you!

As you are a travel blogger do not focus on sticking to a cohesive theme. You can play around with colors, with different backgrounds and stuff. Sticking to one type of theme will also bore you at a point and will leave you blank as you won’t get new content for your page.

As the competition is rising day by day, Instagram tips from professional travel bloggers are a must these days. So, now that you’ve got your dose to become that sensational travel blogger on Instagram, hurry and start working accordingly!

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