How to use & add a Swipe-up feature in your Instagram Story?

How to use Swipe-up feature in your Instagram Stories in 2021

Getting an Instagram swipe-up feature in Instagram stories can enable the audience to land on your targeted landing page. Adding multiple landing pages or website links to the bio section is not possible or changing links of landing pages is not the easy way to grab traffic. So Instagram allows you to add a swipe-up feature into the Instagram stories section. But the question is now to get an Instagram swipe-up feature in stories without 10K Followers.

There are few criteria that you have to follow to add a swipe-up feature in your Instagram stories.

In this article, we will let you know about how to get an Instagram swipe-up feature in your stories as well as its benefits.

What is Instagram swipe-up feature?

Many marketing experts always try to bring as much traffic to their landing page. It is because they want more sales. Right! But in the bio section of Instagram, you can try to add a single website at a time. Maybe you are planning to add many links in different time periods in the Bio-section. But this process is very tedious and is not very effective.

On the other hand, if your Instagram account meets the appropriate criteria, then you can add various swipe-up links to your Instagram stories. 

So that your audience simply taps on the arrow found on the bottom of the stories by which they will be able to land on your pages.

Why swipe-up feature is much important?

This Instagram swipe-up feature is really incredible as it allows to promote many businesses to a greater extent. Not only can you promote your products but also you can drive maximum traffic to your blog posts as well. 

If you have a product that is really valuable to your followers or audience then the swipe-up feature instantly delivers the values which you want to share with your audience.

How to get the Instagram swipe-up feature?

As we have already said your account should meet the appropriate criteria by which you can get the Instagram swipe-up feature button. 

This swipe-up feature is quite exclusive for certain influencers, marketers, etc. Instagram has certain restrictions that they won’t give an Instagram swipe-up feature so easily. But you can grab that.

The following are the criteria to get a swipe-up feature in your Instagram stories. Those are 

  • Your account should be a business account/professional account.
  • You must have 10,000+ followers.

Or, your account must have a verified account.

Verified account means suppose you are a celebrity or public figure then you don’t have to reach 10,000 followers. Without reaching 10,000 followers you can get the swipe-up feature. This is only for public figures or celebrities etc.

How to add swipe-up feature in your Instagram stories?

Once you meet certain criteria, the link icon will flash on the top of your stories editor. When you tap on that link icon then you can add your website link or landing page link in that section. 

Apart from that if you have sponsored content of any kind of brand you can also add their information to your stories as well. Instagram also allows tagging of certain brands in your stories with labels. but it is very limited. On the web link section, you can add the URL of any landing page then tap done. You can add or remove any kind of URL by simply tapping on the link icon again.

Ways: How to make swipe-up stories interactive?

So, you already know how to activate the Instagram swipe-up feature and add the URLs of your landing pages. 

Now let’s dig deep into the various ways by which you can use the swipe-up feature effectively with smarter ways and getting more engagement.

1. Promotion of blog posts: –

Do you really want to promote blog posts and want more traffic? The best way to make your stories so interactive is by creating amazing graphics which can attract your audiences. Before creating any graphics for your Instagram stories make sure you are creating the graphics in the Instagram story dimension.

It is obvious that all the mobile phones are not in the same dimension. So you have to follow certain guidelines while making or creating graphics.

Always add relevant visuals to your graphics and add some relevant images. Always use exact fonts and colors for your brand. As a result of which people can automatically know you in the blink of an eye.

2. Promotion of products: –

Adding promotional products to your Instagram stories is another perk of the swipe-up feature. As you all know Instagram is a visual platform so you have to create amazing or professional photos of product pages.

Add some creative photos/ videos of any product and add a swipe-up link so that people can shop in right away, for getting more sales you can also set a countdown timer on your stories as well.

3. Promotion of events: –

Always go for online events. Announce and organize the events and let your followers know about your product ethics or values you want to add to your audience. 

Arranging webinars can certainly boost your brand value. Always go for personal branding as well. For getting more audience on your webinar add a signup link on the Instagram stories, so that you can get a maximum number of audience.

4. Promotion of landing pages: –

To catch the attention of your audience or get more sales you have to use the landing pages effectively. These landing pages allow a customer to buy a product.

Moreover, it is a transactional page by which a customer pays the money and gets the product instantly.

5. Promotion of videos: –

If you recently posted new videos regarding your products on any kind of platform including Youtube, Facebook, you can also add links to those videos with certain graphics into your Instagram stories as well. Though IGTV is there, still you can drive maximum traffic through your videos as well. What you have to do is simply create some graphics with appropriate dimensions, upload them and add the link to that particular video.

6. Promotion of lead magnets: –

Do you want to grow your email list? Promoting email list signup is another perk of getting more lead magnets on Instagram swipe-up features too.


How to get more traffic from Instagram Stories through Swipe up feature

There are some important tips and tricks by which you can get traffic. Always use a call action in your story. Maybe you have created amazing videos and graphics, you can use that call to action in the swipe-up link on the bottom of your Instagram story. Add some stickers which include arrows and GIFs which have maximum potential to draw the attention of your audience.

You can also add any kind of arrow to the relevant links on your Instagram stories so that people will click on them and can access their stuff.

Always use interactive stories which are funny or emotional stories because those things can grab the amazing attention of your audience.

How to add Instagram swipe up feature without 10k followers?

Though there is a certain condition for adding Instagram swipe-up features without 10K followers in your stories. You can also grab that if you are a public figure or celebrity. Instagram allows only public figures to use swipe up from the very start of using their Instagram account.

However, for other persons or brands, you have to reach 10k followers in order to get the swipe-up feature.

Let’s discuss ways to get the first 10k followers in a very quick time.

  • Experiment on your post to get more engagements
  • Stay on trend and emerge as a brand
  • Always be proactive
  • Don’t do follow for follow
  • Maintain real and honest interaction
  • Don’t talk unnecessary about your products or services
  • Post content time to time
  • Interact with influencers and they will do the things for you
  • Always keep an Hawk-eye on your Instagram
  • Cross promote your account with the other Instagram channels

Benefits of Swipe up feature

This feature can certainly give you a world of possibilities and open a new way to connect with your audiences. This is certainly proven as a game-changer when it comes to Instagram marketing.

The following are the benefits of the swipe-up feature.

  • Enable your audience to access your targeted links
  • Though people do not always go to bio section to access the link, the clicks on the link of swipe up feature will increase
  • More clicks can give you more traffic
  • You can evoke the response among audiences to buy the products right away from the direct link
  • If you want to tell your brand story then you can direct them to your blog too

Bottom line

Frankly speaking, the swipe-up feature is the key to promote the business as it instantly delivers more selling and leverages quick money.

You have to be consistent on your post quality as well as on your stories section. So that you will be able to find yourself as a successful Instagram marketer. Do all things simultaneously and more importantly be creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get the swipe-up feature on the Instagram stories?

A: First increase your followers by adding value through your content. Once you cross the 10,000 followers you will be able to use the swipe up feature.

Q. Can you use swipe up on Instagram stories?

A: Yes, you can use that.

Q. Why can’t I add a swipe uplink to my Instagram story?

A: You have not crossed 10,000 followers. So you are unable to use the swipe-up feature.

Q. How do I put links on my Instagram stories?

A: First activate your swipe-up feature by crossing 10k followers. Then the link icon will automatically flash on the upper right corner of your Instagram stories. Then on that link icon, you can provide your URL.

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