Instagram Statistics you need to know

Here we are come up with 10 Instagram Statistics you need to know. Whether you are on a vacation or on a beach or on a holiday trip you always want to capture those moments and want to share them with your audience. Right!. You are always tempted to share photos and videos that connect to your niche. It is because you can get more audience on Instagram.

Instagram has provided a broad horizon for Instagram marketers as it has gained more popularity around the globe. This photo and video sharing app not only allows you to share your holiday photos but also allows influencers and brands to advertise their products.

So, can we say that using Instagram and building a large audience base is quite helpful for Instagram marketers? The answer may slightly disappoint you. It is because the Instagram algorithm works in such a way that you have to be trendy every day. So that you can really target your audience and can get more engagements.

To stay in trend, it is difficult as you have to post valuable content with your audience. Apart from that, you have to give them the best services and products too.

On the contrary, if you do not understand the Instagram analytics or the behavior of your audience then your audience will be scrolling away from you. So as a marketer you have to be very active while making quality strategies.

If you are a newbie or want to join Instagram then here are some of the Instagram statistics you need to know for your Instagram marketing in 2021.

So, let’s get started.

10 Instagram Statistics you need to know

1. Number of Instagram users

Instagram Marketing tips

Instagram has more than billions of users, more particularly 1.074 (2020) users as of 2021. So, you can understand how Instagram has achieved this milestone.

Initially, experts thought that Instagram will cross one billion users in 2024. But in 2020, it crossed the one billion user mark because of its friendlier user interface.

Apart from that the coronavirus pandemic also enables people more and more to sign up for Instagram.

Instagram is continuously growing and is loved by youth to almost all age groups. This photo and video sharing platform is now becoming one of the most popular social media platforms which suggests that it has a great future in upcoming years. 

If you are thinking about turning your ideas into a business and want to reach more people in a quick time then Instagram is really an amazing platform that can give you worry-free marketing.

2. Usage of Instagram hashtags

Usage of hashtags

The hashtags were all invented in the year 2007 by Twitter. As of now, you can see the billion or trillion number of hashtags that have been used on Instagram.

From small business owners or influencers to high-quality brands they all use Instagram hashtags. The Instagram hashtags are just working as a keyword in Instagram. And, you really need to know this Instagram Statistics because hashtag plays a very big role in Instagram.

The latest Instagram statistics show that each post on Instagram has about 10-11 hashtags. So if you are thinking about adding more and more hashtags to your posts it is certain you will lose all your engagements. It is because of the Instagram algorithm. Before you add some hashtags you need to have better content prepared along with 7-8 hashtags that will be surely helpful for getting the highest engagement.

Apart from that if you use the most used hashtags such as #love then you might fall nowhere in the engagements as there are billions of hashtags of #love. So while making well strategic hashtags you have to use mixed hashtags. When we talk about mixed hashtags you have to use both trending and self-created hashtags. For example, #fashion is the most common and if you want to use it more strategically then you should go for #fashion vibes, #fashion summer cools, etc.

3. There is a love affair between youth and Instagram

According to Statista, in 2019 more than 70% of the (in billions) users (monthly) are under the age of 35. More particularly the highest number of users are falling between 25 to 34 followed by 18-24 age groups.

So if you are already using your Instagram for marketing purposes you can easily question yourself: do the above age groups are your audience?

Because understanding the audience behavior and demographic information means a lot to the marketers as the marketers are able to create appropriate content for the different age groups. This information can make the marketer’s life super easy. So if your target audience is young adults then Instagram is the best platform to reach them. So target them with good quality content followed by amazing captions and hashtags.

4. Average time spending by the people on a daily basis

average time to spending on Instagram

People use more time on Instagram rather than Facebook as Facebook is embedded with irrelevant links and many more advertisements. That’s why people prefer to hang out with Instagram wherein they get amazing photos and videos.

A report in 2018 suggested that the average people uses Instagram for an average of 53 minutes. But in 2021 and also due to the pandemic there is a possibility that the average time of using Instagram might increase.

This average time is very important. It is because the audience will see more advertisements which is a game-changing option for Instagram marketers.

Apart from that due to the introduction of Instagram stories the average time spent has also increased a lot and also it is increasing every year too.

As an Instagram marketer, you should also have to know when your audience is becoming active especially on weekdays and weekends. If you could able to know that then it will surely benefit your business.

5. Many businesses love Instagram platform

It has been estimated that 71% of the businesses in the United States of America are using Instagram on a daily basis (A 2018 reports). This study also claims that many high-quality brands use 7 to 10 hashtags for every post.

Apart from that 80% of businesses mostly rely on Instagram engagement metrics. Though Instagram engagement is one of the main key factors to get more business, measuring Instagram engagement is quite difficult.

As Instagram is evolving rapidly it is almost difficult to know about updates and quantifying Instagram engagement is not so easy. That’s why we talking about these Instagram Statistics that you must need to know.

However, businesses have a great option of using this social media platform without spending more money on it. Because businesses are brands. Right! So if they can produce simple good quality content then they can leverage more money.

On the other hand for small business owners or influencers, need a well-driven strategy to grow their audience and more engagements.

6. The growth of the Instagram sponsored content

Publishing of sponsored content is now becoming more trendy as Instagram is growing rapidly and it will not stop its rhythm in upcoming years.

A report suggests that from Feb 2018 to Feb 2019, the sponsored content used by the influencers reached 133%. For that, the influencers use #Ad hashtags.

Actually, at the very beginning of 2019, nearly 25,000 Instagram accounts published the content with #Ad hashtags.

As influencers have more influence on their audience you can expect more views and can get more reach. So influencers are using the sponsored content more frequently.

7. Usage of Instagram stories

In the year 2016 more particularly in the month of August, Instagram came with Instagram stories. This is proven as the game-changing feature which allows a marketer or an influencer to use them by adding amazing photos, videos, links, etc.

As the story disappears every 24 hours the brands and Instagram marketers use this feature in a more lucrative way. What they simply do is attach some products with a countdown timer and also add a buying link to it. As a result, more audiences get attracted to it as they see less price as compared to market value and they also know that those offers will end in 24 hours. So the audience can shop more on story links. 

A 2018 report suggested that nearly 500 million Instagram accounts use stories more frequently. It has been also seen that ⅓ rd of Instagram stories are frequently used by business owners.

Before the launch of Instagram stories, people were only able to share their holiday pics or memories with their audience. But when stories came to the market, they gained immense popularity as the audience is looking for them on a daily basis. As a result, businesses are increasingly more with better brand visibility.

8. Brands are most being followed

Another 2018 report suggested that around 50% of Instagram users at least follow a top-notch business brand which suggests that brands have a great chance to double their income.

You may be a small business owner or an influencer then you always have the full potential to increase your brand awareness on Instagram.

If you turn your personal account into a business account then the business account has the great advantage of adding contact buttons to the Instagram profile. As a result, people will inquire about the products.

If you have a good business profile and know the audience’s demographic information very well then you can build your content accordingly. Whatever the niche you have you always have a wide number of possibilities.

9. Do Instagram Engagements Matter?

Yes, of course. From 2017 to May 2018, engagements have reached 29%. So the reports suggested that you can get four times more interaction than Facebook.

Instagram engagement depends a lot more on the type of content, demographic information, the products you own, and other metrics which include likes, comments, shares, etc.

Apart from the photos and videos which can draw maximum engagements, the IGTV and Reel videos also contribute to the Instagram engagement. 

Instagram engagements more importantly depend on the content creation. So add some trendy, historic, fun-loving, emotional, infographic content on Instagram.

10. Instagram brings more buyers

As the impact of Instagram is pretty high, about 80% of shopping are coming from Instagram. You can imagine how much potential Instagram has.

As Instagram is a visual platform it can easily catch the trust of the audience so the chances of buying any products from Instagram increases. 

Apart from that influencers also play a huge role in bringing more buyers as they clearly make people understand the value of their products. 

In addition to this, creative storytelling, arranging events, and quiz competitions can also bring more audience too.

Bottom line

From the day, Instagram has been launched, it has been serving marketers incredibly. The unprecedented growth of Instagram has created many more brands and also has given lost more brand visibility.

Hopefully, the above 10 Instagram statistics you need to know to understand Instagram marketing in 2021 might be helpful for your Instagram journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some statistics about Instagram?

A: There are a number of statistics you should have to look at before getting into Instagram. Some of the Instagram statistics include popularity, usability, time spent on Instagram, engagements, etc. However, you can also go through this article where we have mentioned almost everything about the statistics of Instagram.

Q. How do you check your statistics on Instagram?

A: You can get it from Instagram analytics.

Q. Do you know facts about Instagram?

A: Read this article. You will be able to know every fact and statistic.

Q. How many people use Instagram 2021?

A: Over one billion users as of 2021 and daily users are over 500 million.

Q. How many posts on Instagram per day?

A: 3 to 5 quality contents are enough.

Q. How many Instagram monthly active users?

A: Nearly one billion monthly active users.