50 Instagram Marketing tips you need to know

Instagram Marketing tips you need to know

Instagram is the best place when it comes to marketing as it has the potential to bring you more customers. This is one of the popular social media networks which has over one billion users worldwide. Users always love the general interface of Instagram as it is more aesthetic. These 50 Instagram Marketing Tips will help you to grow your marketing strategies. You will grow your business with these Instagram marketing Tips…

The key to success in Instagram largely depends on the more engagements you get. As you create amazing content with more visual insights you can catch the attention of your audience very quickly.

If you are a small business owner then finding the best Instagram marketing tips is quite a daunting task. So you have landed on the right place where we have got you 50 Instagram marketing tips which you need to know in order to get maximum reach and engagements.

So without wasting time let’s discuss the 50 Instagram marketing tips for 2021.

So, let’s start…

Best 50 Instagram Marketing Tips & Strategies

1. Always go for a business account

If you have a personal account you must switch to a business account. Because switching to a business account allows you to know more detailed analytics and features.

As a result, you can take the help of Instagram advertising to connect with your followers. This can create more brand presence inside Instagram.

So go strategically and implement the best possible ideas for your business.

2. Fill in your bio

Instagram only allows 150 characters to tell you about yourself to your potential audience. So use your bio wisely. You should make your bio short and include hashtags in them too which leads to you getting more visibility and yes, you can add your website’s URL too.

2. Update your bio

Always update your bio in order to make it catchy. This practice can help you a lot.

3. Establish your  identity and looks

As Instagram is a visual platform you must give emphasis on the looks of your profile as it matters a lot. By using certain color pallets or fronts or certain styles of image, you can give a catchy look to your profile.

4. Always keep an eye on your competitor

As an Instagram marketer, you must keep an eye on your competitors. you must see their top-performing posts or you can analyze their reach and engagements too. This will help you to create amazing content for your marketing too.

6. Create content pillars

After you are done with market research now it’s time for planning your content. For businesses or brands, content pillars are something that they must consider. By creating a few themes you can easily create your content which is super beneficial for Instagram marketing.

7. Plan your content

Once you’re done with creating content using content pillars now it’s time to post. But you must post all of your content strategically, if you have a perfect plan then make it before one week of posting content.

8. Use hashtag effectively

As hashtags are the most important thing you must use them strategically. It is because people can find you easily. According to research 11-12 hashtags perform well across Instagram. So use them effectively. But that number may vary and you can know the perfect hashtag number by practicing with hashtags for 3-4 months. 

If you use hashtags strategically then you can gain a maximum number of followers and engagements too.

9. You can add hashtags in comment section

After knowing how to add the hashtags, now it’s time to include them in the comment section. Sometimes it is a little easier for your audience to get more content from hashtags that are used in the comment section. So always use hashtags in your first comment.

10. Search new hashtags frequently

Always search for the new hashtags frequently or you can use those hashtags for experiments as well. When you find the best suitable from the experiment you must include them. Periodically you must do all those things. For getting better hashtags, you can take the help of third-party Instagram hashtags tools too.

11. Always use line breaks while writing caption

If you use long captions for your content creation, you must use line breaks which can make it easier for a customer to read it. Apart from that, the best way to add line breaks is by using symbols between the lines.

12. Emphasize Instagram stories

The stories can make a huge difference when it comes to Instagram marketing. Stories always appear on your follower’s feeds which can get you more attention. You can post multiple stories which is perhaps the best part of the Instagram marketing strategy

13. Use video 

Videos are literally more fun and can get you more engagements. You can post the videos in multiple ways. The video clip around one minute can be uploaded, apart from that 15 seconds video clip can be uploaded to stories too. On IGTV you can add videos up to 10 minutes long.

14. Don’t feel shy in sending direct messages

Direct messaging is the most effective way which can help you to grow your business as you build better relationships with your customers. If someone appreciates you in comments then you must directly message them too. This is actually a nice gesture that holds trust more. On the other hand, if someone posts negative comments, you can remove their comments too in order to hide those messages from the public. This can help you to build your business effectively.

15. Always engage with others user content

For getting a stronger presence on Instagram you must have to post the content. If you interact with other people’s posts or comments then it will be seen as you are interested in those things and not always shouting about your business.

16. Sometimes Respond to comments

After content posting doesn’t forget your audience. Responding to their comments can grab your audience’s attention and simply you can build an amazing trust.

17. Always engage actively

You must actively engage with all other companies and influencers having the same niche. For that follow the suitable accounts and add comments and give like to the people’s posts. If you do that they will see more notifications regarding your post too. 

Apart from that their audience also see you too which actually great for your business

18. Encourage engagements with questions

Always encourage your followers by asking questions in order to get maximum engagement.

19. Use stories for painting amazing content

In the stories section, you can add emojis or can ask some questions in order to interact with your followers. It is always an important thing to post interactive content as it evokes curiosity among the audience.

20. Use call-to-action

This step is important for selling the products. By using call-to-action you can drag your followers to the sales funnel too.

21. Post at peak times 

To get maximum benefits from Instagram you must know the best time to post. So for that, you must know that when your audience is more active? After knowing that you can post the content at peak times which can certainly give you more reach.

22. Collaborate with influencers

For getting more followers or engagements, you can take the help of influencers too. As influencers gave a larger audience base and can build trust easily, so you must approach an influencer. 

23. You can go for paid ads

If you can not get more engagements organically then you can go for paid ads too. Paid ads can get you more engagements as you can target the people easily. 

So paid ads or Instagram ads can set a perfect target to a specific audience which leads to better exposure of your brands. 

24. Design unique content for instagram

Always go for unique content. The best way to get unique content is by adding more creativity to it. You can also use already made free Instagram templates which can make your content very attractive and beautiful.

25. Repost content with proper credit

You can repost the content from other accounts too. But for this, you must give the credits to it. This will sometimes help you to get rid of your own content creation as it is sometimes difficult to make content.

26. Sometimes offer discounts to your followers too

A unique offer gas the ability to bring more new followers in a quick time and this way you may get lots of loyal followers whom you can build amazing trust.

27. Focus some of your content on your location

This will help you to build a strong brand message to the followers. As a result, you might get more followers and engagements.

28. Post your content with various locations

Geotagging your posts can help you to get more followers as people always want to hang out with foreign places.

29. Get potential customers by their location

Not only you can Geotag your content but also you can get maximum potential customers from their location too. So always go strategically while geotagging your post. 

30. Always go for quality photography

For getting photos you don’t need to be a professional over photography. Rather you can get good quality photos by using amazing photo editing tools which are readily available in the market.

31. Design compelling copy

A compelling copy is also essential like making high-quality images.

32. Use hashtags

This is perhaps the most effective marketing tip which you can go for. Always use it strategically.

33. Sometimes announce new posts in your stories

If you have an upcoming product to sell or showcase you must announce that in post format in the stories section. This can grab more  attention from your audience as the announcement comes with amazing deals and offers

34. Give shout out

This is one of the  key tips which you need to consider

35. Sometimes post about current events

If you post the content related to current events which are happening all around the globe. This can get you more responses from your audience.

36. Always focus on trending things

As people love more on trending topics or products, you must focus on trending things as well. Adding certain memes, hashtag campaigns, adding brand voice to your post always serves as a great you to discover new trending posts as well.

35. Go for Giveaways

Arrange competitions and give some Giveaways. Giving giveaways can create more curiosity among your audience as a result they will get attracted to your profile. 

38. Keep an eye on small business  analytics

You can learn a lot while looking into the analytics of small businesses too. You must get to know all details regarding their engagements, content posting, etc.

39. Sometimes follow new account

Sometimes follow new accounts of having the same niche that you have. If you follow others’ accounts then there is a chance that followers from that account can follow you too.

40. Periodically unfollow accounts

 The followers which do not get you the engagement can follow them and you can do this thing once a month.

41. Use ‘save’ feature to save your favourite content

 You can save as many contents which you gave posted earlier. So pick out those top-performing posts and start saving them which you can use in the future too.

42. Ask people to save your post

 You can ask the followers about your content or you can also ask them about saving your content too.

43. Feature your account on your web site

If you have website or e-commerce stores then you must add an Instagram icon to it by which people can visit your Instagram profile to follow you.

44. Always post important updates

Posting important updates will help you to beat the Instagram algorithm as more people show their curiosity about the latest updates.

45. Give sneak peeks

You can sneak peek at some of your products or you can showcase your workplace which followers always want to see. So you must consider it.

46. Post consistently 

Posting consistently can get you more followers which further ensures users can find more content of you in their Instagram feeds. This way you can get more engagements.

47. Dedicate a particular time for all of your social media

Like small babies needs utmost care and attention. You must put that attention to your Instagram account too. Setting a dedicated particular time period is quite effective for Instagram marketing.

48. Interract with your stories

Always interact with your audience by crafting beautiful Instagram stories. Apart from that emojis can help you a lot too.

49. Build relationships with influencers

As you build more relationships with influencers you can get maximum profit from Instagram.

50. Have fun!

Apart from all that work, don’t forget to do fun on Instagram. Because people love more funny things. Having fun is great for your audience and for yourself too.


The above are the 50 Instagram marketing tips that one should consider before starting our Instagram. Hope you enjoy the article. If you like any of the tips interesting please let us know from the comment section.


Q. How to promote small businesses on Instagram stories?

A:  By switching to a business account you can promote your business on stories

Q. How to promote your business on Instagram for free?

A: Read the full article which might help you.

Q. What to consider before using the Instagram business account?

A: The 50 marketing tips which are listed above must be considered.

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