Ways to build your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Searching for Ways To Build your Instagram Marketing Strategy?

Instagram is the second best platform after Facebook. In fact, it is the number one platform as it has had unprecedented growth in the last year. This is because of the coronavirus pandemic which enables people to turn themselves towards Instagram in search of better content, ideas, and strategies. In this article, we will explain, how you can grow your business by using these Instagram Marketing tips and strategies.

This visual-based platform has over one billion monthly active users and almost 500 million people use this platform on a daily basis.

Actually, almost everyone is on Instagram. Be it people or even their pets they can be found all around Instagram. So, what about Instagram business and how to do marketing on Instagram?

Instagram sees the highest number of sales and more engagements than any other social media platform. As of today, more than 70% of business owners in the US depend upon Instagram for marketing and more brand visibility.

Apart from that, more than 50% of users are youth with the 18 to 35 age group. So, it is undoubtedly Instagram has the highest potential to increase more and more business. This platform is not only limited to only personal use rather it has opened a great horizon for almost all niches. If you have a few skills then you can monetize everything on Instagram.

Moreover, you not only see a more number of active users on Instagram but also you will see more audience engagements too. Brand awareness and productivity can be done through Instagram as it offers a wide variety of options for everyone. 

Here in this article, we will give an insight into Instagram marketing strategy and why should you join Instagram in 2021?

Why should you do marketing on Instagram?

Because of the visibility nature of Instagram, Instagram made impressive growth over the other social media platforms. 

The more convenient user interface allows you to use it in a more easy way so that you will feel nice while using it. If you have any kind of business or services and want to be visible to the audience then Instagram is the right platform to start with.

Be it video, imagery, or well-illustrated content then all that can be shared using Instagram. Though you can share a lot more things on Instagram, an appropriate strategy can determine your success on Instagram. Maybe you have content but things will only work if you are able to know the right kind of strategies. For that, you should know the behavior of your audience.    

6 ways to build your Instagram marketing strategy

It has been seen that many business owners simply open an Instagram account and start publishing their content from day one. But they don’t know why they all are doing it. But sometimes it has been seen that they will fall into a more pressurized situation where they are unable to create a single content in a day. Before publishing any content you should have better clarity. Right!. 

So, we have come up with 6 ways to build your Instagram marketing Strategy and Tips (Easy method to start with)

1. Set your goals accordingly

Before you start posting content on Instagram, first ask yourself and even your teammates; why do they want to use Instagram?

After getting some answers from your teammates you can analyze the answers and then you should enter into Instagram. It is not like everyone uses Instagram so you start Instagram. You should have a valid reason for entering into Instagram marketing.

To become super successful on Instagram needs more time even months or even years. You must have to set goals accordingly. Actually, you can write with a pen and paper about the purpose of using Instagram. 

In fact, there is no right answer to become more successful on Instagram, you need a lot more trial and error methods to arrive at a certain conclusion.

Maybe you want to sell your products right away on Instagram. But if you are unable to sell anything then what will happen? Eventually, you will lose all your hopes regarding Instagram.

Before starting out, ask some questions about why you want to use Instagram. The question could maybe.

Q. Do you want more sales?

Q. Do you want more followers?

Q. Do you want to increase your brand awareness?

Q.  Do you want to create user-generated content? etc…

Whatever the reason, make sure you have better clarity and if you are able to know the answer to your question then stick to that. And more importantly, be laser specific to your answer. Then work with your answers.

2. Know your target audience

Before you reach the audience make sure you have already determined the audience you want for your business. If you have a proper marketing strategy, then always give your best and work consistently. Always put emphasis on the factors like age, gender, income, location, interest, motivation, audience pain areas, etc. 

Still, you can’t know where to start? Before starting out, first arrange an event and start posting 3-5 contents per day for 10 days. Then see the engagement and hashtag performance on Instagram analytics. Then you probably get an initial strategy for your Instagram marketing. After knowing that, increase your fanbase and be consistent while adding value to your targeted audience.

Knowing your Target Audience is one of the best Instagram Marketing Strategy and tips because once you have observed your target audience then automatically your workload will reduce because you don’t have to do what is not relevant to your audience.

3. Keep an eye on your competitors

After you are done with the audience insights or when you determine the taste of your audience, now it’s time to keep an eye on other competitors.

If you already know about your top competitors, always analyze their Instagram profiles. And if you can not able to know who your competitor is then start searching the hashtags of your niche on the search bar. Then you can get a hand full of competitors.

Keep a hawk-eye on your competitor’s top performing post, that is which of their posts is getting high engagement and what hashtags they have used, and how they have written good quality captions for their post. This kind of information enables you to become more creative and this can set a benchmark for your content creation too.

Apart from that while keeping an eye on your competitor, always make a note of what they have missed while creating their content. This will help you to build some unique content by mixing their content and your self-created content. This way you can stand your business for a longer duration.

4. Set up an editorial calendar

By making an editorial calendar you can manage your time pretty easily. Always fill your editorial calendar with the Instagram-related ideas or content types that you want to share with your audience. The content and plan types include the type of caption, type of hashtags, posting time, etc. If you can able to, you will get more advanced ideas before making any content.

Apart from that in your editorial calendar you can also highlight the key events or can record any ups and downs of engaging posts as well. In addition to this, you can also fill your editorial calendar when you would like to start an event or want to announce some special offers to your audience. 

The editorial calendar can enable you to keep an eye on more opportunities to create awesome content. So that you will always be able to manage your post timely.

5. Make a consistent brand on instagram

Random or irrelevant content can confuse your audience or eventually you may lose all your followers too. To create the relevant and best content, you have to maintain your brand consistently. This way you can build the aesthetic value of your brand.

Before making your business brands ask yourself some of the questions, how can you define your brands or what’s ethics it has, and how it can connect to your audience. 

Before making your business brand, always use a logo so that it should be very clean, bright, organized, and certainly reflects all the traits that your business has.

If you can add more value to the lives of others by means of sharing informational content, then you can make your brand more visible to your audience. As a result of which when an audience sees your post in the blink of an eye he or she should recognize your post. Moreover, the brand picture of the logo should be very simple and logical.

While making any posts you can use some of the great color pallets. So that you can be easily recognized by your audience. Actually, increase your brand aesthetic value by using a particular kind of graphics or particular font size.

6. Increase your instagram followers

To increase your followers you have to invest a lot more serious time and energy. You may want to buy more followers to increase your followers base. Do you really want to buy it? No, don’t buy followers, if you buy followers then your followers might not be interested in your niche. As a result, sometimes you will lose all your followers. 

To build the followers in the right way, you have to focus on certain things which can be found below.

  • Your username should be recognisable and searchable
  • Fill out your bio
  • Start posting amazing content that can grab the attention of your audience
  • Then start following the people which can interest you. But always follow at least 10-12  people per day.
  • Interact with your audience by commenting or arranging events or quizzes
  • always encourage others to share your content
  • Know your audience behaviour and their pain areas
  • Know best time to post and be consistent

Bottom line

While Instagram marketing strategy allows a lot more possibilities for marketers or business owners, you have to be very clear about the things that are why you have to come to Instagram. Apart from that, maintaining good quality posts and making a calendar of events can smoothen your journey.

However, you have to be consistent and more interaction is needed to get amazing results. In short, Instagram marketing is easy if you know what your goal is.


Q. How do I promote my business on Instagram?

A: You can take the help of both free and paid ways. Freeways involve sharing content, sharing products on Instagram stories, etc. While for paid ways, you can take the help of influencers and Instagram Ad managers, etc.

Q. Is marketing on Instagram free?

A: Certainly yes. However, if you have the money you can also go for Instagram advertising.

Q. What is Instagram marketing strategy?

A: Though there are lots of strategies you need to know before doing marketing Instagram. However, the above article can give you some knowledge too.

Q. What are Instagram marketing Strategy and tips?

A: You can find some of the good tips from this article.

Q. What is the Instagram marketing strategy?

A: The above article can give you a general insight into Instagram marketing strategy.