20+ Instagram Marketing Strategies, Tips, and Hacks for 2021

Instagram marketing strategies

Nowadays Instagram is becoming a difficult place to grow for brands and businesses because of so much competition. That’s why we are here with some amazing Instagram Marketing strategies and hacks so that you can grow your business through Instagram.

Whether you are an influencer, brand, small business owner, all you want is your more social presence and as a marketer, you always want to reach your customers. But these things may sound good. Literally speaking, it is almost difficult to stay on trend on Instagram as there are more competitions out there.

So for that here in this article, we have come with 20+ Instagram marketing strategies, tips, and hacks which you can find below.

So, let’s start…

What is Instagram marketing?

What is Instagram marketing?

Talking about Instagram marketing needs so much explanation as Instagram marketing is a huge topic to cover. However, here in this article, we will get you some fair ideas.

From the marketing point of view, one should know its statistics. From the stats, it has been reported that 90% of Instagram users follow at least a brand or a business. So from those stats your company probably must-do marketing strategically. Having said that, there are different ways in which you can promote your business on Instagram.

But before proceeding towards Instagram you must know the Instagram marketing strategies by which you can handle your marketing effectively.

To do Instagram marketing, initially, you should largely focus on the content and tactics which will pay off later.

How to grow an Instagram marketing strategy

Here you need to consider so many things to grow your Instagram marketing strategies. The Instagram platform has many features which include Instagram stories, Instagram live, advertising, IGTV which can make your Instagram marketing so smooth if you use them in a proper way.

So that’s why Instagram guides are so important nowadays. Whenever you visit this app you always see a new way to learn Instagram marketing which further opens a great strategy to discover inside you. 

So you must know all the possible strategies so that you will not need to invest so much time in learning or browsing the apps. So for that here comes the 6 steps by which you can create an Instagram marketing strategy.

  1. Know your goals
  2. Decide when to post contents
  3. Grow your followers
  4. Setup Instagram business account
  5. Analyze all your performance periodically

If those above points look so difficult. Don’t worry here, I have come up with 20 plus Instagram marketing hacks that can help you to grow strategically, and by implementing those Instagram marketing strategies you can grow your brand as well.

Instagram marketing Hacks and Tips

To learn the Instagram marketing hacks let’s divide the marketing hacks into 7 different parts

Content creation tips or hacks

1. Calender of contents

Instagram Marketing Strategies, Tips, and Hacks

These are the most basic hacks. For better strategy, you can create a content calendar. Once you make a content calendar you will be able to organize all your contents very easily and you can easily know when to post the contents too. A content calendar can largely help you to build the content periodically so that people will get used to your content. The content calendar which you must consider.

2. Create user generated content

To create user-generated content you can go for a campaign. This will help you to strengthen the trust of your followers. People always want to see good brands and good brands are always in a hurry to say good things about them. So if you can able to create user-generated content then there is a chance that your post can be shared by your audience. 

As a result, you can keep an eye on the shareable content. Apart from that, you can ask your audience about their taste regarding a particular post too.

3. Repurposing content

Literally, there are many types of content on Instagram. For Instagram marketing you need not create new content every time; rather you can create an IGTV video of all your well-performing past content and can post it to your feed. You can share those content on Instagram and on other social media as well.

4. Always prepare photos in advance

Instagram Marketing Strategies, Tips, and Hacks

As you have already made a content calendar for yourself, you can always prepare the photos and videos ahead of time.

So as there is lots of time that you are saving by creating a content calendar, you can create more stunning content for your audience. The photos of the outdoors can be used as content as well. Make sure your outdoor photos resonate with your niche.

Growth of followers

4. Always go for consistent branding

The next thing is that you must grow your followers. There are many ways to grow your followers. One such way is consistent branding on your posts. So when your loyal followers see your post he/she will recognize your brand at a first glance. 

When you consistently create your brands, it is actually you who are making promises to the followers that you will provide them with all such things that they are expecting from you. So in this way, they can show more confidence in your brand.

6. Cross-promotion

We have already talked about repurposing the content. Now it’s time to cross-promote all your liked posts on other social media platforms.

May your customer wants to see you on other social media platforms apart from Instagram. So you can share all your Instagram content to Facebook, Snapchat, or other social media platforms as well. 

7. Hashtags

Instagram Marketing Strategies hashtags

Hashtags can make a huge difference to your post and it definitely helps you to grow your followers as well. So to grow followers one needs to write different kinds of hashtags. Right! So you shouldn’t use common hashtags otherwise your post will be lost in the crowd.

You must use 11-12 numbers hashtags and your hashtags must contain a mixture of both popular and unique hashtags. For example, #fashion and #vibes could be written as #fashionvibes.

8. Make content consistently

By creating content consistently you can attract a larger audience. If you can able to create appropriate content for your potential followers then there is a huge chance that your followers will share your content. As a result, you will get more followers.

Engagement hacks

9. Give giveaways

To get more Instagram engagement and to keep yourself trendy you can give some giveaways to your lucky followers too. This will help you to get more followers and engagements.

10. Give engagement

To maximize your engagement you can give engagement as well. Always find some ideal followers and engage with them for some time through comments. This will help you to get additional engagement too.

11. Always write strong captions

The best way to improve engagement is to write strong captions as strong captions can create more emotions among the audience. So there are more chances that you will get more engagements. 

Apart from that, you can ask about the captions of your ideal followers which set you to make a good relationship with your audience.

12. Always optimize your stories

This is one of the great methods and best Instagram marketing strategies to get maximum engagements. All you need to do is make your stories very attractive. You can make your stories attractive by adding stickers and special characters.

Apart from that, you can tell about your products in the stories section too which can Ultimately get you more sales. To get more sales use an amazing product and attach a countdown timer to it.

Using Instagram platform for business

13. You must optimize your profile

In order to grow your business into a brand, you must possess an Instagram business profile. Apart from that, you can optimize your profile by adding a good profile picture and putting a link to your bio. So that customers can visit your website through that link for purchasing purposes. You can also add some special characters in bio too.

14. IG Reels

As IG Reels are in high popularity you must use them effectively. Through Instagram Reels, you can convey the information regarding your brand or your business in a more fun and interesting way. In addition to this when it comes to influencer IG Reels is superb for them as they can showcase their more interesting and fun aspects related to content.

15. IG TV

You must use it in an effective way. Suppose some of your posts were performing best in the past. So you can make a story using those posts and upload it on IG TV video which can certainly grab the audience’s attention most.

16. Instagram shopping

Instagram Shopping

It is an interesting feature that marketers should use in a more proper way. In Instagram shopping, the audience can get all their desired products in one place. So if an audience sees those kinds of products perhaps he/she goes for buying as well. This will help you to generate more money.

Influencer marketing

17. Marketing Strategies

Influencer marketing is another way to grow your Instagram marketing. So to drive more engagements and followers you can take the help of influencers as well. As influencers have so many followers and people trust them easily, there is a huge chance more people may follow you.

18. Sponsored Posts

Have you seen sponsored posts on Instagram? For sponsoring your post you can approach the influencer and tell them about your brands so that the influencer can label your sponsored post as well. 

19. Instagram live

Sometimes go for Instagram live as Instagram live is a great way to interact with your audience. So there are more chances that you will get more followers as well as engagements. 

You can also interview some of your ideal customers over Instagram live which can give more benefits in the future.

Instagram tools and services

20. Scheduling apps

The scheduling apps are more valuable as they can save maximum time. So you need to schedule all your posts in time which can save more valuable time. So with that saving time, you can more strongly focus on content creation and other marketing strategies.

You can also set the best time to schedule your post and timings are very important so observe your traffic and timing so that you can post at the time when your audience is active.

21. Canva

As Instagram is a visual platform you need to create amazing photos and videos with solid graphics. To get more graphics and breathtaking images you can take the help of Canva software. It has so many great features in its free plan which you can use for your marketing purposes. 

Instagram Ads

22. Ad strategy

You can take the help of Instagram Ads as well. If you can put a little bit of money and advertise your products to the targeted specific audience. Then that will be great as you can leverage more social media presence or can get more money too.

23. Story ads

Another popular type of ad is story ads which you can advertise on Instagram stories. Click here to know how to place ads on stories to use the swipe-up button.

24. Video ads 

People love video content. Can you turn all your products into a video format and put a logo into it? If you can do this then the video ads can give you more business as well.

Bottom line

So these are the 20+ Instagram marketing strategies or hacks or tips for 2021. By implementing those above tips you can effectively do your Instagram marketing. 

Apart from that if you can maintain consistency then you will get the results in just 2 or 3 months. So plan accordingly and do the best possible things which suit your niche. Hope you enjoy the article. Thank you!


Q. How do I promote my Instagram 2021?

A: Always maintain consistency in content creation, build your brand value by providing value to the audience, always over-deliver. To know more about strategy read this article.

Q. How do you use Instagram for business 2021?

A: As Instagram has a business account option and it has so many features you can use all of them to grow your business. However, to find out more read this article.

Q. What is the most effective Instagram marketing strategy?

A: Contents that suit your niche and your audience, consistency, and interaction with the audience are the most effective ways of Instagram marketing.

Q. How do you create a marketing strategy in 2021?

A: First get a pen and paper and write down your goals. Then read this article before jumping into action.

Q. How can I promote my business on Instagram for free?

A: There are plenty of ways. Apart from that click here on the freeways to get Instagram followers to promote all your business.

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