Instagram business account v/s personal account

Instagam Business Account

Whether you are a content creator or a brand or a small business owner you must have an Instagram account, either an Instagram Business Account or an Instagram Personal Account.

After Facebook, Instagram has grown drastically over time and it certainly out-competes Facebook in many ways. Instagram has always been better than Facebook. Isn’t it?

Initially, Instagram was launched as a photo and video sharing platform but as it grew it opened a wide variety of options for the influencers and digital marketers to uplift their businesses.

While a personal Instagram account is just limited to some of the features, on the other hand having an Instagram business account can set you ready for digital marketing.

Instagram business account v personal account (Main differences)

The primary difference between an Instagram business account and a personal account is of course an Instagram business account lets you discover more and more marketing features.

While on the other hand a personal account is limited to your friends and loved ones. In a personal Instagram account, you can set the privacy to personal where your followers and friends can see only.

Talking about the Instagram business account, the account can be set to the public where you can get more engagements that will certainly generate more revenues.

An Instagram business account can let you know about your audience behavior especially your valuable content.

In short, an Instagram business account can give you access to Instagram analytics and lead generation.

Whereas in a personal account you can use and see your content for inspiration or hang out with your friends and followers.

Instagram has the ability to draw maximum potential traffic to your website. As a result, you can get more leads and conversions. In this Instagram business account v/s personal account, it is a tough choice to make but if you know what you want from Instagram, then you also know which one is the best.

As Instagram business account has the feature of direct linking of Fb page that suggests a great opportunity to run the desired ads in a suitable period of time.

In this article, we will talk about the differences between Instagram business accounts and personal accounts and also try to cover their pros n cons in as much detail and depth as possible.

Benefits of personal and business account

If you already have an Instagram account or want to open an Instagram account for your marketing purposes then you have to enable the premium features that the business account has. The benefits of Instagram accounts can only be good for you if you choose it wisely according to your needs.

The premium features of Instagram Business Account are free to use and you can expand your business by looking into the performance of analytics.

Instagram analytics can help you to improve the strategy for your target audiences. In this respect, the business account is greater than the personal account.

The analytics give the data regarding reach, engagement, and impressions which can be seen through mobile or desktops. Moreover, you will get the full advantage of calculating the following metrics.

a. Interaction of audience with your content

b. Reach and impressions

c. The total number of followers

d. Audience demographic information etc.

Apart from that, you can engage more audiences by boosting your posts. The time you want to boost your post you set a target audience. The target audience can be set by looking at the locations, age groups, type of community, taste of your audience, etc. Then you can only get amazing results over your ad spent.

Adding a contact button is another perk of an Instagram business account. When you set the contact buttons your Instagram profile looks pretty professional. As a result, more customers are likely to hit the button to reach you. This is one of the best ways to make your business Instagram account look professional!

Apart from that in your Instagram account, there is a section called “Public business information” where you can add the phone number and email address. Even if you have a physical or digital shop you must add the address.

Sometimes it is more difficult to answer some of the replies of your audiences. The Instagram business account allows a convenient option for sending quick replies to your customers in no time which saves your valuable time.

The “quick replies” option is only available in the settings section of your account.

In addition to this, your business account opens an option to categories your inbox messages by which you can keep an eye on or track records of your important customers and leads.

You also have the advantage of getting filter messages between different tabs as well.

Instagram also has an option to open online shops or shoppable posts. That means it is more convenient for e-commerce websites and retailers.

The users which have Instagram accounts have the option to activate the shop tab found on their profiles. In this way, they can create more shoppable items or products which can be purchased right away. Is of course if your shoppable items have value-adding materials then there are more chances that a user will save your shoppable products.

Posting at a regular interval of time or manual posting is very hectic. So to get rid of those things you can auto-publish your content with a perfect set time. If you can use some third-party apps then you will get that done in no time. While on the other hand in a personal profile you have to post manually.

The Instagram business account lets you add some direct links to your Instagram stories. For this feature to activate you should have more than 10k followers.

So if you are a retailer, service provider, influencer or freelancer then you must switch to an Instagram business account.

Wait! Apart from the personal account and business account, there is also an option of a creator account.

What is a creator account? Is it better than personal and Instagram business accounts? Let’s get to know about this creator Instagram account –

The creation account is simply or can be understood as a middle account between personal and business accounts.

The creator account has the following advantages…

a. You could able to know audience insights (Especially for the last 7 days)

b. Streamlined inbox messages

c. Optional contact information etc.

However, you can easily switch back to the personal or business account at any time in the settings section.

Some pro tips to create incredible instagram business profile

Though switching from a personal account to a business account is very easy, you still have to give some extra effort in adding the best profiles. So, if you are keen to know the pro tips to create a professional and attractive Instagram business profile, then follow the below tips –

a. Add a perfect bio

One of the best ways to attract sponsors to your business account is by writing a perfect bio. A perfect bio can enable the user to know about you and your businesses. The bio should be pretty informative, concise, and written in a perfect tone that suits your brand.

b. Image quality should be higher

Like the bio, your profile must have an image on it. The profile image should be pretty fascinating when zoomed in and should not look so blurry. If you want to conquer your field, then do not comprise images!

c. Style guide

A style guide can certainly add more professionalism to your business account.

The style guide maybe

– a color palette

– a particular font size

– templates of the post.

d. Consistency

Consistency is the main area of success in every field. So you have to post consistently and that too at a particular time. The particular time depends upon the behavior of your audience.

For a single man to achieve consistency may be very difficult. So you can go for teamwork as well.

Pros and cons of business account

Knowing the pros and cons of anything is the best way to judge whether it will be beneficial for us or not. So, naturally, this section is a “must-have” in this article. Now, before moving forward to the pros and cons of an Instagram business account, have a clear state of mind. By the end of this section, you will know which Instagram account is best for you.

So, let’s begin with the pros and cons of an Instagram business account –


– Contact buttons help your customer to reach you conveniently.

– Analytical tools can help you to improve your strategies

– Insta stories-add links: a great feature that can get you more revenue

Insta advertising


– Organic reach may be lower if you post any content that related to your business

– Instagram business account only add to only one FB profile

– Sometimes you face difficulty in posting business posts as people are more attached to emotions

Pros and cons of personal account

After knowing the pros and cons of an Instagram business account, it is obvious you must know the pros and cons of an Instagram personal account too!

So, without any more talking, let’s begin with the section…


– Organics reach could be higher

– Can connect to the multiple Fb pages

– The personal touch can give so much uniqueness

– You can set the profile to private


– No Instagram analytics

– you won’t know about your audience behavior

– No contact buttons

– you can not add direct links on insta stories

Some ways to earn money with instagram  business account

There are multiple ways to earn money with an Instagram business account.

– Getting a sponsor from brands

Suppose you have a great many followers and people are loving to interact with you. So if you are caught by the eye of a brand then they will contact you. Based upon your strategy you have gone for negotiation with brands.

– By becoming an affiliate

There are lots of shopping sites that include digital and physical products. If you join their affiliate and make their product sold then those websites or companies can give you a commission on every purchase of a product. Some of the best affiliating websites are Amazon, click bank, Flipkart, digestive 24, etc.

– Creating and selling physical products

There are lots of talents that can be found in a man. If you have the talent of designing your own physical product that has the ability to add some value to people’s life then you can promote those products via Instagram as well.

Apart from that, learn some new tactics regarding digital products which include digital marketing courses, motivation videos, or apps then you can also sell those items on Instagram as well.

– Selling incredible photos and videos

Suppose you are a great content creator of videos. Creating some of the emotional videos is just awesome. If you have that kind of creativity then you can contact a company or retailer to sell their products by influencing others on Instagram as well.

If you are a great painter or drawing is a hobby you can also sell those things on Instagram as well.


After knowing certain facts regarding a personal account or Instagram business account, you could easily find out which account you will go for.

In an expert opinion if you are a student or you have a lot more time then go for a business account that certainly helps you in the upcoming future. But at least creativity matters. Learn as much as possible and you will find a way to implement those strategies. Rest depends on you and your needs, don’t look out only for money matters. Choose what seems right for you! Each Instagram account is the best in its own way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it better to have personal or business Instagram?

A: It all depends upon you. If you want to hang out with your loved ones or family members then a personal account is best. And if you want more revenue or believe in business then you can go for a business account as well. The choice is yours. But try to go for a business account.

Q. Should I switch to an Instagram business account?

A: Yes, in this digital era you have to be proactive in learning. so learn as much as possible. So without thinking anything, if you have a little bit of a creative mind then go for a business account.

Q. Is it bad to have a business account on Instagram?

A: The answer depends upon you. If you are good at handling online marketing or are anxious to become an entrepreneur then you must have an Instagram business account. Like I said earlier the choice is yours. If you have a very hectic time period you can stick to the personal account as well. Besides that, there are some third-party apps that can save your valuable time in helping your business account as well. So you can also go for that too.

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