Top 8 Instagram Bots for Gaining Instagram Followers

Instagram bots for gaining Instagram followers

These 8 Instagram Bots will help you in gaining Instagram Followers read this article without any second thought your doubts will be clear in just 15 minutes…

As Instagram is a complex platform it is very difficult to capture people’s attention nowadays. It is almost difficult to distinguish yourself from the crowd as there are a huge number of Instagram account holders. Hoping for the best Instagram engagement requires rigorous research and analysis where you need to post valuable content, add beautiful captions, follow people, give comments, etc. 

So, one question arises whether there are some tricks available by which you can get more followers in simple ways. The answer is obviously ‘yes’, those tricks are called ‘Bots’. Bots have the capacity to automate all the operations of Instagram which includes commenting on posts, scheduling in time, etc. Apart from that these bots can also help your account to follow top-notch Instagram accounts too.

As the technologies are evolving to a greater extent nowadays. You must use these bots in order to get high benefits.

These bots can catch the attention of the relevant users and can perform various tasks inside Instagram.

What are Instagram Bots?

Instagram bots are nothing but a type of software that can automate all the
interactions inside Instagram. The Instagram bots are highly essential and have the capacity to do like your posts, can comment on your post, can send notifications to others, can follow other Instagram accounts on your behalf.

Considering that the Instagram bots are quite helpful in gaining more followers as those can increase interactions all across the platform. As a result of which your Instagram account will get more visibility and you can set your social media presence very effectively on Instagram. This will help you to build your brand pretty easily.

How Does an Instagram Bot Work?

How Does an Instagram Bot Work?

As above mentioned an Instagram can automate all the interactions of your Instagram you can gain more followers in a quick time.

These bots are quite helpful in sending messages, can like comments and posts, or can schedule all of your content without giving you any worry. Actually, Instagram bots are very much powerful as those are driven by high-powered artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence-driven bots can act like humans and perform all operations
inside Instagram. This will help you to gain more reach engagements in a quicker way.

Top 8 Instagram bots for gaining followers

Without wasting a second. So, let’s dive into the top 8 Instagram bots for gaining Instagram followers.

1. Growrhoid

Instagram bots for gaining followers

There is a number of Instagram bots or service providers but out of which very rarely provide accessibility. Actually, this is not good for Instagram handlers. People now nowadays want to connect with the internet by various means such as they might use different browsers which includes Google chrome, internet explorer, firefox, Bing, etc. So all these problems can be solved using ‘Growthoid’, as ‘Growthoid’ maintains synchronization with all the browsers to give amazing Instagram services.

Actually, ‘Growthoid’ operates manually which can give you an actual number of results. This service does not provide any bots or fake followers engagements etc. It is because it has its own agents who can take care of all of your Instagram tasks which suggests that this service provider is a good service to get going. So that you do not worry about being banned or suspended from Instagram. The price of the ‘Growthoid’ starts at just $49 per month.

2. Instavast

Instavast - Instagram bots for gaining followers

This smart web-based Instagram bot performs very intuitively. This bot can help you to connect with the most active users of your selected niche.

The main key features of these Instavast bots include an automatic VPN set, targeting the audience in a more advanced way. Apart from that it also includes a robust filtering module etc.

Instavast can literally give more followers. That means you will get a larger number of people.

 Every good Instagram bot should have a strong analytics feature. If they don’t have a strong analytics feature then that service can not give accurate data and also can not perfect performance.

Additionally, you must adjust your perfect settings and use filters very carefully so that these bots can recognize them easily. The price of the service starts at just $10 per month.

3. Ektora


Nowadays it is almost difficult to automate the Instagram account using bots as Instagram always comes up with a change in algorithm. 

To overcome this hurdle a team of bot researchers came up with a best bot service tool called ‘Ektora’. Ektora is recognized for giving the safest service to the Instagram account which is why it is mostly loved by Instagram experts and agencies.

Ektora is pretty safe as it is totally in sync with the Instagram policy. ‘Ektora’ has the capacity to automate many actions such as likes, comments, follow/unfollow, etc. If you use the ‘Ektora’ service then there is less chance of getting banned from Instagram.

The ‘Ektora’ team also focuses on every update on the Instagram policy which allows them to improve their bots more intuitively.

4. Bigbangram


This bot service provider largely focuses on safety too. This service has been designed in such a way that it does not allow your Instagram to get banned. The other perk of these bots is that they can work with cloud servers as well. Apart from the likes, follow, unfollow, these service providers can also help you in scheduling posts with more capabilities. As a result, you need not go to Instagram every day. This can help you in producing amazing content for your audience.

5. Ingramer

Ingramer Bots for Instagram followers

A common problem is that if you increase more activity on Instagram then you will be in a suspicious zone by Instagram. As bots can do massive activity on Instagram so the chance of getting banned can more likely increase. So to overcome this situation a team has designed a good service called Instagramer which has the capacity to use the ‘smart’ algorithm of Instagram. So that the activities on your Instagram account could be limited as per the policy. This can help you to be relaxed and does not give unnecessary worry of getting suspended from Instagram.

6. Robolike

We all know why likes matter for Instagram marketers. This ‘like’ reflects the appreciation of somebody’s work. Using bots you can increase your likes too and it is the safest automated interaction. 

Apart from that, it is almost difficult to distinguish whether the more likes come from Instagram bots or real people. In this situation, ‘Robolike’ could be very effective. These Robolike bots can also help you to get more likes as well as like other top-notch Instagram accounts posts as well.

So that this service is pretty secure and can work all day and night without creating any problems. As a result, you will see a massive shift in your followers.

7. CheapIGFollowers

As of now, there are over a billion users who use Instagram which is why most marketers target their customers through the Instagram platform.

Be it simple marketers, small business owners, or celebrities they all use the Instagram service very effectively. 

So here comes ‘CheapIGFollowers’ which can set your account to the ‘autopilot’ mode in order to increase the number of followers. This not can selectively follow top-notch brands and can pretty effectively help your account to sync with Instagram analytics. 

If you have blogs or websites then this service also helps you to drive more traffic to your blogs via Instagram. Overall it is a good bot service provider.

8. Kenji.a.i.

Benefits of Using Instagram bots

This bot service provider is operated through artificial intelligence and machine learning. This bot service has analyzed almost 10,000 accounts to come in to behave like a human being. These Instagram bots for gaining followers can literally help you in getting more engagements and if you use this service then within a few seconds you will see a shift in your results.

Bottom line

So above are the top 8 Instagram bots for getting Instagram followers. So, before jumping into action or buying those bots make sure those bots are suitable for your Instagram account. Apart from that, you can visit their official site to know their features and prices. 

As Instagram bots can put you in trouble, make sure to use them with perfect strategy and planning. Hopefully, you like all the Instagram bots which can increase your followers in a quick time.

Benefits of Using Instagram bots

If you use Instagram very effectively then no doubt the result will come your way. 

The benefits are huge as these bots can do a lot more things. Your only work is now limited to content creation. The bots are power-packed, more AI which behaves as human beings. As a result, all the performances you will see on Instagram are natural ones.

The bots can give automatic comments and can get you more likes and followers. As a result, you will get more engagements. Bots are nowadays come with special features that these bots do know when to increase the metrics and when to stop like a human being. 

Buy the best Instagram bots by reading their instructions very carefully. Because there are numerous bots providers which claim that they are the safest and they do know where to limit their activity. Unfortunately, there are only a few bots providers which can maintain their commitment. So be accurate, be diligent while doing all those practices.

Apart from that, just don’t rely on cheap service providers. Sometimes in order to get a cheap price you might fall into trouble.


Q. How do you increase followers on Instagram?

A: Bots use the Instagram algorithm perfectly and give you the perfect res7lts. However, there are lots of bot services that we mentioned above that are safer to use. Bots can also perform their works like human beings as they are driven by AI.

Q. Are bot followers allowed on Instagram?

A: There are some bots that work according to the Instagram policy. So, yes, bots can be allowed to increase followers. 

Q. Which is the best Instagram bot?

A: The above 8 Instagram bots are really very good. However,, ingramer, and ‘Growthoid’ are good service providers.

Q. Do Instagram bots still work in 2021?

A: Yes, the above are good service providers.

Q. Does Instagram punish you for having fake followers?

A: Yes, if you violate their policy then they can suspend you. But there are some bots that can perform according to the Instagram policy as well.

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