A Complete Guide – How to set up successful ad campaigns: Instagram Advertising

A complete guide to Instagram Advertising

Bored of getting more traffic to your website by organic means through Instagram? After getting lots of leads into your landing page if you are unable to get more conversions then Instagram advertising can make it easier for you. If you have a budget then you can go for Instagram advertising by which you can promote your products effectively.

Research shows that around 27% of users find their required products on social ads. And of course, Instagram ads can reach up to 20% of the world’s population. So you can imagine the potential of Instagram advertising. 

Like Facebook, Instagram ads can appear throughout your Instagram app which includes, feeds, stories, etc. The Instagram ads appear as normal posts but they always have a sponsored label along with them. The benefits of Instagram ads include links, CTA buttons, product catalogs, etc. 

This article will allow you to discover comprehensive means of  Instagram ad campaigns and also how to build Instagram ad campaigns in just a few clicks. 

What is an Instagram advertisement?

Instagram advertisement is simply a way to advertise the products of the companies for selling purposes. This can be done by adding visual content to Instagram. There are certainly many different ways to start or create Instagram ad campaigns which you can find in the later paragraphs. 

To launch an Instagram ads campaign you should have a Facebook advertising account. Because the Instagram ad can be managed through Instagram ads manager or Facebook ads manager. 

Why should we use Instagram ads

Why we should use Instagram Advertisement

The question is very simple. You want more sales. Right!. In order to get more sales, you need to promote your business across the Instagram platform. 

As Instagram has millions of users you can certainly reach your targeted audiences in a quick time. This visual content platform is super easy to use if you know the right kind of strategies in the right kind of time. 

To know the right kind of strategies you have to focus on your audience’s behavior and their needs. If you can actually serve their pain areas then creating Instagram advertising could be useful for you as well.

The cost of the ad campaign

Complete Guide: Instagram Advertising Ad Campaign

The cost of the Instagram ad campaigns is ranging from a few dollars to heavy amounts. If you have a low budget then spend a few dollars and if you get the results by implementing the right strategies then you can spend more and more to leverage more money. However, the cost of Instagram ads depends on a variety of factors which can be found below. 

It certainly depends on your target audience. Their location, places, age groups, gender, etc. matters a lot while spending money on it. To evaluate the right kind of budget you have to set up a draft campaign on Instagram ads manager and define your target audience. As a result, the Instagram ads will tell you how much costs you have to spend to reach how many audiences in how much time.

To know that you have to practice a lot while spending money. Once you get the result you can gradually increase your investments. 

Ways to Promote Business by Instagram advertising?

There are a number of ways to promote Instagram advertising campaigns or businesses. Those are :

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Stories ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Explore ads
  • Collection ads
  • Shopping ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Reel ads

That means you have a variety of options available for the promotion of your business. So you have to choose the right kind of ads for your goal to get a good amount of results. And adding a call to action to all of those ad types you can get maximum results as well.

Let’s discuss each of those ad types in detail.

Image ads

A beautiful graphical image or a single image is also a great way to convey your message to your audiences. The image should be excellent and should look more professional and fresh. 

You can also add texts to that image in order to make it more effective as well. Always use text in a very convenient way so that the image and text should not merge and make sure that the image looks so good. 

You can add those creatively designed images in stories ads as stories can cover full screen on your mobile phones. So you have to choose the appropriate graphic design before adding to the stories. Apart from that while designing image ads you can also use stickers, emojis, and GIFs, and more fun stuff to the images as well. As a result, the audience will see it as a normal post rather than a promotional post.

Apart from that, you can add a swipe-up link on the bottom of your image too.

Video ads

Similar to image ads you can also promote amazing videos that clearly reflect your brand awareness. 

For videos to make you can also take the help of some third-party apps as well. The videos should be emotional or funny story-driven so that the audience will attract more towards your brand. 

However good quality and content-driven videos need more practice.

Carousel ads

This is the type of ad in which you can use both images and videos and can feed your Instagram stories. 

Adding a swipe-up link and call to action make the carousel ads even more beneficial for you as well as your customer as well. You can use at least 10 images or videos in carousel ads.

Stories ads

You can showcase amazing photos or videos whIle adding stories into it. This can be added to your Instagram stories as well.

Like earlier said you have to be creative enough to build amazing photos and videos whIle putting those things into the stories. 

Collection ads

Collection ads are those ads in which a combination of carousel ads and shopping ads are found. 

This collection of ads Certainly showcase products directly from the product catalogs and adding a direct shopping link to it is the most convenient way to get things done for you.

Explore ads

Explore ads can be found on the explore tab. Explore tab is the area where users explore their topic of interest.

Explore ads can be found on some of the images and videos by which an audience explores more and more about your brands.

IGTV ads

The 15-second video platform is also a pretty effective way to grab the attention of your audience. As people love to watch more things in quick time, the IGTV series can be pretty helpful.

Shopping ads

It has been found that around 130 million users click on the shopping link daily. So you have to be aware of adding shopping links to your Instagram ad campaign as well. 

This is quite helpful for e-commerce stores. Adding shopping ads can let your audience to the product description and they might buy those products too. 

Reel ads

With the introduction of reel videos to Instagram, Instagram also announces to use of the sponsored ad on the reel videos as well. Try to grab that opportunity too.

Methods of Instagram Advertisement

Method :1

The easiest way is to advertise your already published post which draws maximum engagement. You can promote those kinds of highly engaged posts too. It is something like a Facebook boost option.

Promoting already published posts (which get more engagements) is the quickest way to scale up your posts and also you can show it to the other audiences who do not follow you yet.

For these things to be done you have to turn your Instagram account into a business account and connect your FB page to that account.

After that, you can get the option of “promote” by which when you click on that you will be prompted to choose the destination, budget, audience, duration, etc. to run your ads.

After selecting all those relevant things than simply tap on the “create promotion”. Then it will be reviewed by FB (as FB owns Instagram) and then you will show your ads running.

Method 2:

5 steps to successful ad campaigns or steps to create Instagram ads (step by step)

In this Instagram advertising method, you will know about how to build an Instagram ad campaign.

Step – 1

First of all, go to ads manager and click +create.

Then before jumping into the next step make sure you are very clear about your objective.

A quick guide to your objective which you can choose

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Catalogue sales
  • Store traffic etc

After selecting an objective you have to give a name to your campaign. Always give a specific name to your campaign to easily know the information regarding your campaign. 

After that, the next step will be choosing the budget and schedule.

Step -2

Then it’s time to choose a budget and schedule. In this step, you have to choose a budget and how much longer you want to run your ad.

For the budget you have two options; daily budget and lifetime budget. Daily budget is the budget in which you can set a maximum daily spend. This is pretty useful for always-on ads.

In the case of a lifetime budget, you can set a maximum spend for your whole campaign and can set your ad running time accordingly. Suppose you want to show your ad only in the evening. For that, you have options too. That means you can schedule your ad running time as well.

By adjusting the scheduled time on a particular period will let you know about the audience definition and estimated daily results which can be found on the right-hand column. Choose the settings carefully so that you can be found in the green zone.


Identify your audience

The next step is to target your audience. You can either go for new audiences or saved audiences as well.

Saved audiences are pretty useful as you can get adequate results from them as they have shown some interest in your ads. Again if your saved audiences do not perform well you can choose the new audiences for the experiment as well.

You can certainly target those audiences based upon their demographic information, interests, and behavior. 

In this step, you can also go for Dynamic creative. If you go for that option you can able to categorize each of those target audience behaviors which certainly Facebook will let you know about the right combination for your target audience as well.


The next step is the selection of placements.

There are 2 types of placements.

Automatic placements; Ads will show to those places whenever your ads perform well on those places. 

Manual placements; In the case of manual placements, you can specifically choose the target place and can show it to a particular group of audience. To limit the ads showing on Instagram you can go for manual placements as well.


Now it’s time to create ads. This is followed by choosing your FB page and linking your Instagram account. Then add some required details on Ad creative.

If you want to track the conversions you are getting while showing your ads then you have to select the Facebook pixel which can be found on the tracking section. 

The FB pixel will let you know about the insight of your audience’s interaction with your ads. When you are all set, then launch your Instagram ad.

Bottom line

A question might come to your mind: how effective is Instagram advertising?. The answer depends on your strategies. A perfect strategy and a lot more practice can give you good results.

In our opinion, if you have a tight budget then wisely invest your money while making perfect strategies. When you get results slowly increase or scale up your Instagram advertising campaigns.


Q. How do you do an ad campaign on Instagram?

A: First of all select your objective then follows the 5 step process and more importantly know your audience’s tests.

Q. What ads perform best on Instagram?

A: Well, it all depends on your products or services. You have to find certain ways to convey your campaigns which include videos or images or with the storyline etc. You can also read the aforementioned section that is ways to promote business by ads.

Q. How much does an Instagram ad campaign cost?

A: It ranges from a few dollars to large amounts. However, the cost is completely depending on the type of your target.

Q. What are Instagram Advertising campaigns?

A: Instagram Advertising campaigns are the campaigns by which you have to showcase your product or services to your well-targeted audiences. There are many Instagram campaigns that can be shown by showing visual ads through images or videos etc.

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