How to write perfect Instagram Bio

Instagram is one of the second-best social media platforms after Facebook which attracts youngsters the most. Apart from that, adults are also using these social media platforms nowadays too. And, you can attract your audience just to write a perfect Instagram Bio so that you can get more engagement.

If you want to create connections between you and your audience then you must know Instagram insights very well. Instagram offers various range of features and is very much user-friendly which allows the audiences to attract more to this platform.

In Instagram, there are many things to consider if you want to use it in a more professional way. Having said that, a perfect Instagram Bio depicts a good amount of impression on your audience.

In profile bio, you can use the links to drive more traffic to your website as well. Apart from that if your profile has a positive and breathtaking image of you or your brand then you can attract a larger audience as well.

While there are millions of audiences using this platform on a daily basis, it is almost a daunting task to catch the audience’s attention.

Maybe you are good at content creation or have beautiful story writing skills, but you still need to give more emphasis to your profile Bio as well. Because if you have a professional bio then it should be catchy to your audience.

Maybe you are an influencer or running a business or having physical or digital products, you must showcase that product insights or professional bio on your profile bio in order to grab more engagements.

So, let’s start discussing how to write a perfect Instagram bio for your business. But before that let us know why you need the best Instagram Bio?

Why do you need to write perfect Instagram Bio?

Obviously, the first thing people notice about you is your profile bio. As Instagram is full of a wider audience, you can catch their attention but catching attention may be hectic. 

By creating an amazing or attractive bio you can attract potential customers.

In your bio, you must include a catchy image that showcases the brand of your business, which will lead to more brand growth on Instagram. In your image section of the bio, you can actually tell the people what type of businesses you are dealing with.

A killer business bio can express a lot regarding your business which can drive maximum potential customers to your radar.

The components of Instagram profile

Before heading to write something on bio, you must consider the following things.

1. Profile image 

A profile image makes a lot of sense to the user. So a profile image must be used which is relevant to the business you are dealing with. The profile image could be anything, a perfect photo or a company logo, etc. Which must look so attractive so that when somebody sees it he/she can not take eyes off of it.

Apart from that, you must include a verified badge on your profile too. These things are commonly used by most celebrities which means that the account is original.

2. Username

This generally appears at the top of your profile. Pick a username that is easily searchable and somebody can easily find your tagging purposes. So carefully choose your username.

3. Bio

Instagram allows a maximum of 150 characters to edit the bio. So you need to choose the words very wisely to portray your company ethics. 

There are lots of digital marketers who write their Instagram bio very effectively. They choose the words very carefully so that the bio reflects the mission of their business as well.

4. Website

This is a very interesting thing to talk about because by using a website URL somebody can enter into your website to buy something.

A perfect linking of websites can actively drag maximum characters. So you must include it too.

5. Email

You can add your email address on your Instagram Bio as well. So when a user clicks on the email button that you are given, the Instagram app can take that user to open his/her default email on their phone. In this way, you can take the advantage of their mail too.

6. Directions

When you provide a full address about your business then it allows them to locate you easily. So you must include your full address on your bio too.

7. Call

You can add a phone number to the bio as well for quick contact. The call button can help the user to call you when a user clicks on that call button.

How can your Instagram Bio [Business bio]

How can your Instagram Bio [Business bio]

The following are the 6 hacks to craft your Instagram Bio.

1. Always write CTAs

The CTAs are generally called call-to-action and perhaps is the most important thing to consider.

The CTAs can be categorized into landing pages, home pages, shopping pages, etc. Adding a perfect CTAs page can give you more revenue. This is really an important strategy for digital marketers and is highly recommended.

2. Add hashtags to your bio

It is a great new feature that Instagram has produced. This leads to a wide range of possibilities for digital marketers.

You can add linked hashtags to your Instagram bio which is beneficial to direct the customers to the campaigns you are running. So the audience can land in the campaigns without searching you.

When somebody taps on your hashtags he/she will see lots of relevant posts related to your business. Hashtags can give you more engagements too.

The right hashtags always grab more audience to connect with which certainly gives maximum opportunity for engagements and conversions. So to use hashtags on your bio click here.

3. Add important information in your bio

The Instagram bio is the place where you can add important information related to your business. You can do so by adding important information in so brief as there is no maximum space available. You must ensure the important information is pretty accurate and crystal clear.

This is the place where you can add the location and contact details of your company.

4. You can use Emojis

Emojis are the special characters that attract more audiences with their visual effects. They say a lot of things regarding your business. Emojis can be used in descriptions in order to increase the personality of brands effectively.

Though it requires a special strategy to add the product Emojis, you must include the Emojis with relevant information. The Emojis may or may not be suitable for a brand but depending upon your need you can use them.

5. Always keep the bio short

Though bio allows a maximum of 150 characters, still you must keep the bio short. The bio along with CTA is very much beneficial for company growth which you must consider.

The length of the bio always indicates the key information regarding the company which you must go for.

6. Sometimes show promotional offers

By promoting offers you can increase the revenue for your company. This is an amazing way to get the maximum value from the bio. 

Apart from that, you can add the important event’s link to your bio for the webinar too. In addition to this in your profile bio, you must consider store name and perfect description too.

Bottom line

So above are the insights on how to write a perfect Instagram Bio for your business account. It needs a little bit of creativity while showcasing your bio to the public. However, the above must be followed in order to create an amazing bio.


Q. What should I put for my business Instagram bio?

A: Briefing about company information, or adding store name, CTA, email, or call button to make your bio catchy.

Q. How do you write a good business bio?

A: Keep it very short while conveying all the information regarding your business. However, go through this article and you will find the idea.

Q. How do you write a good bio on Instagram?

A: Read this full article.

Q. How to get Instagram Bio Captions?

A: Best Captions for your Instagram bio and Stories

Q. Can I use Emojis on my Instagram bio?

A: Yes, you can use it.