There are several ways to use hashtags, but first, there are a few things to know about what Instagram hashtags are, why should we use Hashtags on Instagram, and does it work or not.

Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by ‘#’ that help users find posts with similar content. You can click on any hashtag to see all posts tagged with it, no matter the account. Hashtagging your post is called “tagging” or “using tags.

Hashtags are not always case-sensitive. Using the hashtag #cute is the same as using #Cute. Hashtags also do not need to be in all caps.

They are not just for sharing photos. You can also use the hashtag #you so your post is searchable.

You are more likely to get more engagement by using hashtags when you post videos and live videos on Instagram. Hashtags are used to organize posts, similar to how YouTube organizes videos you post.

Users will see posts they have previously liked or commented on, so using hashtags does help your Instagram images stand out among a sea of others in a particular category and tag popular images and themes within that category to make it work.

Why Use Hashtags On Instagram Posts?

The hashtag is a powerful tool to add value to your images. It allows your post to be searchable. It allows your post to be liked by the same people who have liked your photos.

Why use hashtags on Instagram? People can differentiate your post from similar posts by typing the hashtag #tag on your Instagram feed. The app organizes all the posts in that category and displays them on top of each other, making it easy for users to find similar photos and videos on their feed.

It also makes it easier for users to discover new content they love using Instagram search, which shows results based on tags you used in previous posts.

The Instagram hashtag is not only for sharing your photos; you can also use the #hashtag to post positive comments, motivation, and inspiration by sharing quotes or snippets of your favorite books.

How To Use Hashtags On Your Instagram Post?

So, how to use hashtags on Instagram? The first step to using hashtags on an Instagram post is to find new and relevant hashtags that might help you reach a larger audience. You can find them using some popular websites or even searching them on Google. After you’ve found the right hashtag for your post, it’s time to get creative and make your post stand out among others.

For instance, if you travel in Norway and want to take a shot of fjords, you must search for the best hashtags related to that topic. Using relevant hashtags is one of the keys to success on Instagram. Most of the Instagram accounts that are thriving these days use relevant hashtags in their photos and videos.

The next step is uploading your photo or video with the selected hashtag at the end of your caption or placing it somewhere on top of your photo. Instagram will automatically generate a preview of your post with the hashtag on top, and you can click to see an even larger version.

You can also add the hashtag in your bio whenever a new follower follows you. Adding relevant hashtags will help you reach more people looking for that particular topic.

Try using one or two relevant hashtags for every post, and Instagram will automatically show them on your feed. Using more than one hashtag may confuse people because they may not be able to easily find your post among others that are using the same or similar ones. Ideally, you should use around three to five hashtags per post to make it easier for your audience to find and enjoy.

Types of Hashtags You Should Use

Trending hashtags are trending on Instagram, the most used hashtag for the past few days. You should be aware of them so you can decide whether your post fits in that category and use your hashtags when appropriate.

The best way to use trending hashtags is to get right into the action. If you see a hashtag trending in users’ feeds, look at what they are starting with. If it’s relevant, do not hesitate to add it. It may be better to follow their lead than to create something unrelated to the current trend or a new trend that is just starting.

A recent update to Instagram enables users to follow specific hashtags, which should enhance the reach of your posts that employ those hashtags.

Frequently, folks searching for a certain hashtag will discover your post. If they enjoy it, they may even continue to follow your Instagram account in hopes of seeing similar stuff in the future.

Use Specific Hashtags To Reach Your Target Audience:

Use specific hashtags that make it more obvious who will be viewing your photos. For example, if you owned an animal shelter and posted photos of dogs needing adoption, you could use #dogsofinstagram or #dogsofNYC. Using a tag like this guarantees that people who like and follow those hashtags will see your post and will likely enjoy it, too!

Identifying The Appropriate Hashtags For Your Posts:

Now that you know the differences between “the purpose” and “the type,” it’s time to identify appropriate hashtags for your specific needs.

A mix of trending and longtail hashtags: This is the best hashtag you can use to boost your following and build a community of people interested in the same thing you are. This means you can use trending hashtags and craft your ones to reach a wider audience.

Add Hashtags In Your Posts And Video Reels:

Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags per post. You won’t need to keep track of the number of hashtags you use because an alert will appear when you reach 31.

Both your caption and your hashtags together cannot exceed 2,200 characters. Hashtags can also be included as the initial remark to a published post.

Popular hashtags may work for your material, but you should also look for more niche ones. You are free to mix and match generic hashtags with more specific ones and lengthier ones.

Should I Use Hashtags In Instagram Comments Or Captions?

Hashtags are used in the description of an Instagram post, whether it’s a picture or a video. Or they can be added in a comment (or several comments) after the initial post.

They both serve the same purpose. Consequently, it is up to you to make a choice. I find that comments get lost in the shuffle after a few replies, so I usually add a hashtag.

As of the new year (2018), the caption will end at only two lines. Therefore, hashtags are hidden at the start. However, the full caption, including all hashtags, will be visible to users who click the “More” tag or the comment link.

When you put a call to action or question in a captivating caption (which you should! ), your audience may be sidetracked by the abundance of hashtags and forget to respond. Because of this, hashtags are preferable over captions when leaving a comment on Instagram.


Do hashtags work on Instagram? Well! Hashtags are essential to Instagram and can be incredibly effective when used well! If you want to reach the widest audience possible, try using relevant hashtags that are popular among your followers. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post. Use them wisely when you want visibility and engagement.

So, definitely, hashtags do work on Instagram!

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