How to use Hashtags on your Instagram Post

How to use Hashtags on your Instagram Post

How to use Hashtags on your Instagram Post? Such a big question Nowadays, And, also a very important and easy method to Increase your Instagram account. You can use hashtags smarty and get more Instagram engagement that’s why we are to discuss all this in-depth.

You always want your content to showcase in front of people. Right! So you are always in a hurry to create amazing breathtaking photos or videos for the audiences. But by using hashtags you can easily showcase your content to people. Because hashtags play a keyword on Instagram. 

Making the right hashtags for content creation is not possible. Although there are several ideas and tools by which you can create amazing hashtags, sometimes it is a little hectic to create the right kind of hashtags for a particular post.

So here in this guide, you will learn how to use hashtags on your Instagram posts by implementing simple strategies. So go through this article mindfully and implement the ideas which are present below. 

So, let’s start…

Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags could be understood as a keyword or group of keywords that are represented with a pound sign. For example, #hashtags. These hashtags can be used in various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These hashtags generally act as a link to a particular or group of posts. 

So when somebody searches for a particular hashtags h)she finds all the contents related to those hashtags. For example, if somebody puts hashtags if #petcare then he/she will get all the content from that niche. 

Instagram does not only allow you to add the hashtags to the contents rather it allows you to follow particular hashtags in order to get the relevant content.

Hashtags always act as a  powerful tool in getting the new content you are looking for. Apart from that, hashtags can be used in groups altogether for a particular content too. 

So if you are running a special campaign or a project you can use various unique hashtags to the group of related posts as well. 

The addition of hashtags is actually quite simple. You can add the hashtags by adding a pound sign followed by hashtags. 

Some Questions Related to Instagram Hashtags

1. How many number of hashtags can you use on your social media post?

Though you can add up to 30 hashtags per post, putting the right number of hashtags per post is always fruitful. According to statistics, it has been seen that the contents having 11-12 hashtags perform well across Instagram in order to get high engagement.

Apart from that, you can experiment with the number of hashtags by adding to the contents which could be analyzed through Instagram analytics.

2. Where should you add hashtags?

Actually, you can use hashtags in all places on Instagram. You can add them in bio, collection of posts, or in Instagram stories, etc. Apart from that in the Instagram feed when you write a description you can also add that description too. Apart from that, you can put hashtags in the comment section as well.

3. Does adding hashtags in comments work?

It has been seen that some people use hashtags in the description section and some people use it in the comment section. Actually, both of this addition of hashtags is quite effective. 

Apart from that while adding the hashtags in both of the sections you must go for experiments as well to understand How to use Hashtags on the Instagram post in both of those places. 

The advantage of hashtags used in descriptions is you can add, or remove the hashtags whenever you want. So you can add new hashtags.

Apart from that, it has been seen that some people use strong hashtags in the description section while for the comment section, they use additional hashtags as well.

4. How can you hide hashtags?

So you want to hide your hashtags. Right! It has been found that some people use hashtags for a particular time period and then he/she wants to hide it altogether. 

Apart from that, you can hide hashtags in descriptions that can perform as a link. 

5. What are banned hashtags?

Banned hashtags are nothing but a bunch of blocked hashtags by Instagram. It happens when you violate Instagram community guidelines

So if you use banned hashtags then it has been seen that posts tagged with banned hashtags can no longer be found in the community. 

If you use banned hashtags, then you may see a decline in engagements for that particular post. Apart from that, you may lose your account too. Because using banned hashtags lead to a ban on your accounts too. So it is highly important you should not use such banned hashtags. 

So now the question is how would you know which hashtags are banned? When you search for hashtags on Instagram then you will get a note from Instagram that indicates like ” Recent posts from #desk are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet the Instagram community guidelines”. So avoid using those banned hashtags. 

Some Amazing Hashtag Tips you must need to know

How to get the most out of hashtags?

How to get the most out of hashtags?

How to use Hashtags on Instagram posts is not just a question, in fact, you need to know this is one of the main methods by following the above methods. To get the most from hashtags the following things can be considered.

1. Always keep an eye on your audience

Always figure out which hashtags are mostly searched by the audiences. But this needs quite an experiment in order to know which hashtags the audience is using. 

If you want to get more engagements then you must have to be consistent while using the right hashtags. 

If you put irrelevant hashtags to your post then you will lose all your engagements. Suppose you use #pizza one day and on the other day you use #petcare. This will not give you consistent engagement or followers.

People follow the majority of accounts in which the contents are relevant to the right kind of hashtags. So you just have to focus on your hashtags strongly in order to target the audience.

2. Always go for hashtag research

In order to use hashtags first, you must avoid banned hashtags. The Following are tips for hashtag research.

  • Search the influencers of the same niche like you and then look for their hashtags 
  • Follow that kind of hashtags which your competitor is using and start asking the question about your competitor followers to know the best hashtags.
  • Explore the hashtags of others performing posts which are related to your niche. 
  • Use a hashtag tool to find the most convenient way of using hashtags. This can save a lot of time. For the best Instagram hashtag tools click here.

3. Always try to use a mix of both popular and longtail hashtags. 

If you use popular hashtags then this can help you to get more likes and engagements. However, using popular hashtags can no longer get you maximum engagement as you will be lost in the crowd.

So you need to be a little tricky while adding hashtags. Use a mix of both popular and long-tail hashtags. Though longtail hashtags can not get you more followers still you will get dedicated audiences out of it.

4. Keep an eye on trending hashtags

Always take the benefits of trending hashtags in order to get more reach. Holidays, festivals always come up with trending hashtags. So you must include those hashtags. 

Apart from that hashtag tools can get you trending hashtags as well.

  • Hashtags can be used in stories

You can put hashtags on your stories too. If you use hashtags in a story then there is a chance that you will get a wider audience in a quick time. So how would you get a wider audience? This is completely based on the Instagram algorithm and engagements and the quality of content you are posting. 

To put hashtags on stories,

  • Simply tap to add a sticker
  • Select the hashtag sticker 

Apart from that, actually, when you type a particular hashtag in the story search bar you would get lots of suggestions which you can use. 

  • Hashtags can be used in bio

You can use hashtags in your profile bio. The advantage of adding hashtags in bio allows the hashtags to perform as a link from where any people can find content from those hashtags as well. You can use 150 numbers of hashtags in your bio.

Free Instagram hashtag tools

  • All hashtags
  • Seekmetricks
  • Instagram Tags
  • Sistrix 

Bottom line

So follow the above strategy to build your fan base. By following the above strategy you can use the hashtags quite effectively. I hope the question “How to use Hashtags on Instagram Post” does not come to your mind again. If you have some doubt with it then do comment below and mention your E-mail ID, we will help you ASAP.

However, you can take the help of a paid tool and free tool as well.


Q. How do you use hashtags on Instagram effectively?

A: Use a mix of both popular and long-tail hashtags. You can also go for trending hashtags as well.

Q. Is it better to put hashtags in comments or captions?

A: Yes, you can use hashtags in both comments and captions.

Q. Should I add hashtags to my Instagram post?

A: You must use hashtags on your post in order to get reach and engagements.

Q. How do you use hashtags properly?

A: Use trendy hashtags or use a mix of popular and long-tail hashtags.

Q. How to use hashtags on Instagram to gain followers?

A: Go through this article and implement the ideas suggested above.

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