How to Survive & Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm

How to Survive & Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm

Is your brand capable enough to outsmart the Instagram algorithm? Or are you using a special strategy to outsmart the Instagram algorithm?

Google always changes the algorithm to rank the websites on top position so as Instagram does to place a post in top position. Instagram always changes its algorithm to make more transparency among all its users. To beat the Instagram algorithm is always pretty hard.

In the past, the Instagram algorithm was not so hard, and to get high engagements was super easy. But in 2021 Instagram is getting more strict when it comes to its algorithm…

So in this article, we will talk about the best possible ways to outsmart the Instagram algorithm so that you will always place yourself in trending.

But before that let’s talk about how this algorithm works on Instagram?

So, let’s start…

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

How to Survive & Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm

To understand its algorithm we have to go to its chronological order. 

In 2016, Instagram gave much more importance to “the moments you care about”. That is, Instagram is only allowed to show the fresh posts that the user wants or is interested in.

The algorithm worked in such rankings in the past.

  • Interest : If an user looks for similar topics that he/she interested in then Instagram allow to showcase the relevant contents from their areas of interests
  • Time lines: Recent posts which gets more priority than the older ones
  • Relationship : The contents which are being mostly watched from a particular account generally gets more priority
  • Frequency: The number of top posts on account get more priority
  • Following: The number of followers that the account has gets more engagement than accounts having less number of followers
  • Usage : The time spent by the user is also taken as the top most priority when it comes to engagement.

But in 2021, in order to keep Instagram more transparent, Instagram comes up with a variety of key factors which it considers before placing your post in the top position. 

The following key factors have been adopted for the Instagram algorithm.

  • Information about the post: If the posts contain more information like tagged location get the top priority
  • Information about the person who posted
  • Your activity: Interaction with audience and metrics likes like, shares are taken in to account
  • Your history of interacting with someone

So as a marketer what should you do?

The answer is pretty simple. Obey the algorithms of Instagram and work accordingly. So how can you do this? The best possible way to outsmart the Instagram algorithm is by creating high-quality contact consistently you can place your posts in top positions.

The following algorithm which we are going to discuss below is now currently being adopted by Instagram. However, the updates could be changed at any time so always update the Instagram algorithm.

So, let’s discuss the 9 new Instagram strategies by which you can outsmart the Instagram algorithm.

Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm (9 tactics)

Based on some research and statistics here we are going to present the 9 tactics which can help you and your business grow to the next level.

1. Keep an eye on photo quality

Actually here we are not talking about the graphics or filters which you use to create for content creation. Rather you must focus on creating great and valuable content. The value-packed contents always attract more users so that you can gain maximum engagement.

Apart from that beautiful graphics, amazing breathtaking pictures, bold colors also contribute to getting more likes from followers too. So you must consider them too. 

So if you are creating such types of content literally you are following the Instagram algorithm honestly. 

And if you are not creating such kinds of content then you must create some professional images that are suitable for your audience. Apart from that to create amazing pictures you can take the help of third-party services as well.

2. Always publish consistent stories

Though stories do not make a direct impact on the Instagram algorithm still you must consider that. It has been known that from the around 500+ million users one-third of the viewed stories are from brands. 

Apart from that, stories can put you on top of the user’s feed irrespective of an algorithm. So you always have a good chance with Instagram stories to beat the Instagram algorithm. 

Stories always give an authentic way to engage your users and people love the stories more often. Apart from that, those audiences who like stories more are going to place your brands in the center of followers’ feeds as well.

Frankly speaking, stories can give consistency to your profile. This is a good way to grow the number of followers as well.

3. Always publish more video content

As we all know, an eye-catching video makes a huge difference, so videos are the best way to create some eye-popping content. 

The videos that display on your user’s feed can grab more attention which the audiences can not take their eyes off of. 

Apart from that, spending more time on your content can make more chances to beat the algorithm. So if the audience spends more time on your post then you can get maximum engagements too. So the eye-catching videos are the most effective way to get more engagements.

Talking about Instagram Reels and IG TV, these features should be used most effectively. In addition to this behind- the- scene video can also grab more audience attention.

4. Go live whenever you get time

Like stories, the Instagram algorithm does not affect if you go live. However, Instagram can send more notifications to your followers when you go live. 

The interesting fact is that when you go live people are always in a hurry to expect something value-packed. In the live video, you can play Q & A too. 

It has been seen that in 2020, live videos are mostly preferred by the audiences. So when you get bored of creating content you can go to live in order to interact with your audience. 

5. Design more compelling captions

The posts which get more engagement Instagram algorithm prefers those posts. This suggests that metrics like likes and shares matter the most. 

Interacting with the audience can lead you to stay on the positive side of the Instagram algorithm. So while interacting with your audience you also ask for them to give comments on the comment section too. 

Tagging the posts and captions that are driven with questions are great ways to interact with your audience. So design the caption in such a way that people will talk about your captions through the comments and messages. In this way, you can get a higher chance to stay on-trend.

6. Arrange contests and giveaways

If you arrange contests and give giveaways then you can get more audience as well. This way you can increase more engagements.

Apart from that great content always keeps you ahead of time and can drive maximum engagements too. This is the most simple way to grab the attention of your audience by simply beating the Instagram algorithm. You can also make your contests funnier as most people love more fun stuff.

If you do the above things then you will feel less pressure while crafting your Instagram marketing strategy.

7. Get the power of your hashtags

If you get more likes or more views over a post then that would be better. The strategic-driven hashtags can get you more views in seconds. 

If you add perfect hashtags to your content strategically then people can easily find you. To get more visibility always use a combination of products and community hashtags.

If you are not good at creating proper hashtags, click here to get some best tools for Hashtags.

So by creating unique hashtags you can beat the Instagram algorithm too.

8. Always post in peak hours

Peak hours are those hours when your audience is more active. These peak hours can be analyzed from Instagram analytics. However, to know the best time to post click here.

Publishing content directly influences algorithms. However, if people get more notifications for your posts then you can get maximum visibility and in this way, you can beat the Instagram algorithm too.

9. Post more often

Do not hesitate to post the content more frequently. 

According to “Recode” in 2018 Instagram announced that ” we don’t down-rank people for posting frequently. We do make sure your feed feels diverse so we may break up posts”.

So posting more often within limits can get you maximum results. 

Bottom line

So do you want to take advantage of the aforementioned tactics? If you can use those aforementioned strategies effectively then you can easily outsmart the Instagram algorithm. However, these things are only possible if you maintain consistency. 

Because consistency is the main key factor to building your brand. Apart from that creativity also plays a huge role in it. So do accordingly. Hope you enjoyed the article. 

Thank you!


Q. How do you outsmart the Instagram algorithm?

A: Follow the above strategy and focus on consistency.

Q. Why is the Instagram algorithm so bad?

A: Because of so much competition. Apart from that, the frequency of usage is not in our hands. However, follow the above strategy so that people will stay on your posts for a longer time.

Q. How do you beat an algorithm?

A: Read this full article.

Q. How do you beat algorithm 2021 on Instagram?

A: post consistently, interact with your audience, always over-deliver, post-value-packed content, etc. 

Q. How do you get noticed on Instagram?

A: Obey Instagram algorithm rules and read this full article to outsmart the Instagram algorithm.

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