How to Sell your Products on Instagram Shop

How to sell your products on Instagram Shop

Instagram is the place where marketers get the right kind of customer for different products. There are many entrepreneurs who strongly use Instagram for their marketing purposes. That’s why we are here with a brief discussion of “How to sell on Instagram”. You have to just keep scrolling down and grab some knowledge about it.

Talking about the statistics of Instagram there are more than one billion monthly active users and Instagram can be considered as the second-best platform for many marketers.

According to Statista, about more than 200 million Instagram users visit or see a business profile daily. Out of which 60% of them always discover new products and 90% of Instagram users at least follow a business or a brand.

So this is crystal clear how Instagram attracts so many e-commerce stores to market on it. 

So if you want to start your business journey or you want to know how to sell on Instagram? Here are 9 easy steps to sell on Instagram.

9 Easy Steps on How to sell your Products on Instagram

1. Go for a product or niche that generates more sales.

sell your Products on Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform heavily focused on images or video content. According to Instagram people visit Instagram in order to connect with different people or businesses that they care about. That’s why it is easy for marketers to sell their products on Instagram by visual means.

Let’s find out some of the trending digital products that can generate more sales.

  • Graphic design
  • Fonts
  • Presets
  • Type faces
  • LUTs etc.

So what about physical products? Following are physical products that generate more sales.

  • Apparel including t-shirts, hats, sweat-shirts etc.
  • Beauty products
  • Sporting goods
  • Home and decor 
  • Accessories & DIY (Phone case, jewellery, sticker)

Apart from this, there are other businesses which you can go for

  • Services and coachings
  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Online courses etc.

If you have products from any of those categories, don’t worry, we will tell you how to sell those things on Instagram.

It has been seen that the narrower or microniche you have then you can build a larger audience base and can sell more products or services. Apart from that, you must focus on content and storytelling which can get you more engagements.

2. Open an Instagram Business Account

Open an Instagram Business Account

Setting a business profile is better for the marketing or business owner. This leads to connecting the customer to your business. 

Talking about the business account, it has many great features.

  • You can add valuable information like website, contact information, phone number, location etc.
  • Can give you more sales Instagram insights by which you will gain more number of followers
  • You can go for post promotion as well

So, if you have an Instagram profile you must switch to a business profile. The following are the steps to switching from a personal profile to a business profile.

  • Go to profile and tap on the three horizontal lines found on the upper right corner
  • Go to settings and account
  • Switch to professional account and then choose business
  • Once you get switched then you can add your contact information or niche you are working with
  • Then tap done after filling all the details

Apart from that, to use all Instagram business features you must attach your Facebook page to your Instagram business account.

  • Go to edit profile
  • Then tap on the page under the public business profile
  • Select the FB page you want to connect the Instagram

Note:  you must have a Facebook page to use Instagram properly

Benefits of Instagram Business Account

  • You can access business features
  • You can get the better understanding of engagements
  • You can connect to both Facebook and Instagram for your business
  • You can get more social presence
  • You will be recognized as a business or brand
  • You can provide more information about your products
  • You can add contact information, location, store hours etc.
  • You can get real time metrics or you can learn about the post performance as well.

3. Always Create Amazing Contents that can get you more Engagements

Always Create Amazing Contents that can get you more Engagements

As there are millions of Instagram users, your content may be lost in the crowd. So in order to present yourself in front of people, you need to be consistent with your high-quality content.

Quality content can give you more identity as a result you will easily gain the trust of your audience.

Followings are the tips to get more Engagements

  • Carefully choose distinct theme or aesthetic
  • Always create catchy photos and videos
  • Make your content attractive by using attractive tools
  • Always arrange quizz and go for Q&A polls
  • Write amazing captions that touches the heart of your audience

4. Put URL in Instagram Bio

Sell your products on Instagram Shop

Instagram profile bio is the only place where you can add external links. So whenever a customer searches for you, he/she must visit your profile bio page and if he/she is interested in the link then you can drive maximum traffic to your eCommerce store.

Tips to add websites URL in Profile Bio

  • Add the URL link in your profile
  • Refer your followers to that particular link
  • Change the links whenever you want

Apart from that, you can add multiple links to your bio via linkin. bio.

Tips to maximize your bio

  • Add a link of your website
  • Use Emojis
  • Briefly describe your skills
  • Use a call-to-action button

5. Use Instagram Stories and Reels Effectively

Nearly more than 500 million daily users visit Instagram stories. Stories are a great feature of Instagram that can get you more engagements and followers.

In Instagram stories, you can do the following things

  • You can add the products that are action driven
  • You can promote special offers
  • You can present new products
  • You can also include behind-the-scene visuals

After 2017, the owners who have more than 10,000  followers can add external links to Instagram stories or they can use the link as a swipe up feature.

Adding links to your stories can get you more traffic which is very essential for the business.

Steps to add links to Instagram stories

  • Take an image or video from Instagram stories window
  • Then click on the chain icon to add a link to your Instagram story.
  • Then enter the URL

When you are done adding lines then don’t forget to 

  • Inform your customers
  • Encourage your viewers to see more about that link too

6. Instagram Advertising: which you can get most out of it

How to Sell your Products on Instagram Shop

 If you are unable to get more traffic then you can go for Instagram advertising.

By creating Instagram ad campaigns you can create as much sponsored content on Instagram in order to get more reach and engagements. For Guide to Instagram advertisement click here

To advertise on Instagram you need to focus on these things

  • How much cost you want to spend on ad
  • Where you want to target your ad
  • For how long you want to run your ad etc.

You must consider a specific objective for your campaign

Before presenting your brand in front of an audience you must choose your objective very carefully.

You can consider following Instagram ads

  • Photo ads: which is the effective way to advertise on Instagram platform
  • Video ads: Amazing video ads can grab more attention
  • Stories ads: About 500+ users visit  stories on daily basis
  • Carousel ads:  grouping of photos can grab more audience as well.
  • Collection ads: allow your cust to browse all your product images and videos 
  • Ads in Explore: Around 200M+ users for Instagram explore page daily 
  • Slideshow ads: You can show this ads in video format

Easiest ways to design Instagram ads

  • Tao on “promote” under the posts on your Instagram profile.
  • And then use the ad manager which can be found on the Facebook page.

Before creating Instagram ads you must do market research to see how your competitors do the things and you do the same.

7. Go for Instagram Shopping Feature

How to Sell your Products on Instagram Shop

This is a great feature that allows you to tag products directly on the posts. This way you can attract more customers.

Why is Instagram shopping the best?

  • Customers can get all the desired products in a single step.
  • You can take posts to the reach of your audience.
  • You can tag at least 5 products per image but when it comes to carousel post you can add 20 products per carousel
  • Customer can easily  tap on “shop now” to land on your website for purchasing the products.

How to get started with Instagram shopping

  • Create an online store where you can sell all your physical goods.
  • Switch to a business account and connect it to the Facebook.
  • Connect your Instagram to FB catalog.
  • Go for the profile settings if Instagram then click in business and then click on Instagram shopping.
  • Then follow the steps and submit your account for review.

Once you are done with all things you can start to use the Instagram shopping feature or tag all your products.

To get more engagements with Instagram shopping you have to

  • First, create your post and then activate a shop tab.
  • Add the visuals with different stickers and colours.
  • Go for announcement for  sales or  products launching.

8. You can use Instagram selling tool

How to Sell your Products on Instagram

There are some third-party services or software which can make your feed shoppable. This way you can monetize your Instagram channel in the most effective way.

To do that 

  • You can add store links in bio
  • Can go for commenting
  • You can use hashtags
  • You can use affiliate links

There are still other ways to increase your sales too

  • Post your product many times
  • Add a social proof
  • Always go for branded hashtags
  • Always use relevant hashtags
  • Go for  upselling

9. Work with Influencer

Sell your Products on Instagram Shop

You can collaborate with influencers as they play an essential role when it comes to Instagram marketing.

As people trust influencers most you must go for influencer marketing too

Why should you go for influencer marketing?

  • They can target the audience easily
  • They can build consumer’s trust
  • Influencer marketing quite cheaper than Instagram advertising

How to reach the influencer?

  • First identify an influencer that resonates with your niche
  • Go for a perfect scheduling
  • Go for a deal
  • Always go for micro influencer


This is the way by which you can sell on Instagram. Implement those ideas in order to get more leads and conversions. In the end, it depends upon your strategy and planning. Hope you enjoyed the article.


Q. How to sell on Instagram 2021?

A: use the Instagram business feature effectively.

Q. How to sell on Instagram for free?

A: Use the “swipe up” feature, use the call to action button, and add the links if your store on stories and in profile bio.

Q. How to sell on Instagram in India?

A: Read this article

Q. Is it legal to sell on Instagram?

A: Yes, you can sell all kinds of products on Instagram. But you can not sell products that violate the community guidelines of Instagram.

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