Guide to schedule Instagram Post

It has been seen that many business owners find it difficult in picking the best scheduling app for their Instagram posts for that we have already posted an article in which we have discussed it in depth (Read Me to know about scheduling Apps). After knowing about the scheduling apps Now, let’s go through a complete guide on how to schedule Instagram Post… Keep Reading…

So what are the features that a scheduling app provides and can it be fruitful for brands?

Well to answer this question, you must consider the article ” Guide to schedule Instagram post”.

Here in this article, we will get you covered with every insight regarding the scheduling of Instagram posts.

So, let’s start…

Why should you schedule an Instagram post?

As time is money which we all know that nowadays, it is of utmost importance to use time effectively in order to get maximum benefits. The free Instagram scheduler can save a lot more time as it has the ability to automate your post schedule whenever you want.

This can give you worry-free Instagram marketing and you can easily focus on various other parts of the marketing as you save more time. 

If you spend 30 minutes every day creating photos, editing captions, and adding hashtags then you must take at least one to two hours to post all your posts in an entire week, and sometimes you can feel bored too. 

So, there you must consider a scheduler guide. However, there are 3 reasons to schedule an Instagram post for the business.

  • Scheduling Instagram post can save more time
  • Allow more creativity inside you to write good captions
  • You can create beautiful Instagram feeds by scheduling Instagram posts.

A Guide – How to schedule post on Instagram

There are 7 steps (which can be found below) to maximize your posting potential.

1. Create and design your Instagram content

If you are creating the content for yourself then choose a day where you can design or create lots of content for your niche in that single day.

This type of strategy can put you ahead of time as far as Instagram marketing is concerned. As you create all the photoshoots in a single day, the next step is to craft beautiful captions for those photos or videos.

After this organize them with according labels or hashtags then use a scheduler to post your content in time.

2. Get your best time to post on Instagram

If you want to outsmart the algorithm you must need to know the best time for your audience. As Instagram does not give priority to the new content, it’s better to post the contents when your audience is most active.

That’s why you must know the best time to post on Instagram so that you can beat the algorithm in order to get maximum likes and followers.

So, how do you know the best time to post?

Well, this can be known by analyzing the metrics and profoundly you will get to know that from Instagram analytics.

Apart from that, there are other third-party services like Later, Hootsuite, Hubspot, etc. that can get you to know the best time to post as well. So you can go for those third-party services as well.

When it comes to third-party services, they provide you with amazing features by which you can personalize your content and know the best post timings as well.

These third-party services usually come with a paid plan which can get you all kinds of Instagram analytics and can schedule your post when you have the most active audience.

3. Always plan your Instagram feed

Now,  you have all set in creating amazing content and know when your audience is active. Then the last step is before scheduling you must plan your Instagram feed as it is great for getting high engagement.

4. Schedule your Instagram post

After knowing the best times to post and making all content, now it’s time for scheduling the post. 

As we have already mentioned there are many third-party services available, you can go for them as well.

5. Optimize captions and hashtags

It is one of the most time-consuming things and super challenging. So with the scheduler, these things can be solved as well. Later service is the best service in creating captions and hashtags for a particular post which you can go for.

6. Auto publish your instagram post

As Instagram changes its API, now you can use Instagram to schedule all your posts. For these things, you don’t always need push notifications. Earlier before posting your content the third-party services first send the notification then when you allow then your content is getting posted. But nowadays this problem has been solved

Just upload your content with the date and time and your post will automatically get published.

7. Use to drive more sales and traffic

Instagram only allows a single click to put in a bio but with some third-party services, you link any of the posts you want. For example, “Later” allows these kinds of things in which you can direct the audience to the products or your site as well.

So when somebody clicks on that line he/she will automatically land on the targeted page. You can use CTAs in your captions too in order to get more sales, leads, or conversions.

How you can schedule Instagram Posts?

  • Always know your best time to post on instagram. For that you can analyze Instagram analytics or you can take the help of third party services as well.
  • Create and craft your content strategically
  • Always look for an instagram feed with a third party visual planner.
  • Then quickly schedule your posts in order to save more time.
  • Optimize your hashtags and captions to grab more engagements.
  • Automatically publish your post
  • Use which can drive more traffic as well.

If you can schedule the posts then literally it can save you valuable time which further gives you maximum benefits. 


So before buying any third-party services, you must read the above article;  “A Complete guide to schedule Instagram post” and plan accordingly. Use third-party services which can save you maximum time. Later Hootsuite, Buffer, etc. are the best scheduler that you can go for. 


Q. How to schedule Instagram posts on Instagram? 

A: Use third-party services.

Q. How to schedule Instagram posts for 2022?

A: Read this full article

Q. How to schedule Instagram posts on phone?

A: There are third-party services like Later, Buffer, etc. Which allows you to schedule all your Instagram posts.

Q. Should I use third-party services for scheduling Instagram posts?

A: Yes, you must go for third-party services in order to do seamless marketing.