How to Increase Instagram Followers for Free

how to increase Instagram followers for free

Maybe your business is a brand or you are a small business owner but getting more presence on Instagram needs some real tricks. Your first approach should always be to gain more followers in order to get more sales, but the question is how to increase Instagram followers for free?

Gone are the days when buying followers or using bots to get more Instagram followers really worked. In the past, those tricks worked a lot but eventually, that was not fruitful for longer terms.

If you get unnecessary followers then things won’t work for you. For that same, you need a well-targeted audience or people who are certainly interested in your products.

Here in this article, we will try to reflect on some of the ideas proven by pro’s that How to Increase Instagram followers for free in 2021

Best Ways how to increase Instagram followers

There are a lot more important keys you should know before diving into Instagram marketing. Let’s discuss each of those key ideas.

1. A perfect and meaningful marketing strategy

Before starting out to sell any of your products you need a clear plan in your mind.

Maybe initially you have thought of getting more followers, but the sad truth is getting more followers is not a pro strategy rather gain the organic and real followers which will remain for a longer time in your journey. So now the question is why do you want to Increase Instagram followers?

The answer may be:

  1. Want to increase awareness about your brands.
  2. Want to drive more traffic to your website. Or 
  3. Want to get more sales.

So, you have to focus on the above three things and keep working on that, because in any kind of strategy you need to focus on why you need all that.

2. Know your target audience

First, get a pen and paper and write the following things about your audience.

  • Your audience location.
  • What are their daily works?
  • What age groups are they?
  • In which time and why are they using instagram?
  • What are their pain areas and their issues regarding any service?

If you can answer those questions or you can craft yourself depending on their moves then you can find your well-defined audience. It is obvious that you need content which will be discussed later.

3. Create the story that fits your brand

Sometimes what happens when brands show off their products that how it is made? Or how it takes time to develop such kinds of things but sometimes that won’t work.

Yeah, those things matter but if you can creatively add some stories with respect to your product then that could be handy.

In addition to this, your post should be understandable and easily recognizable when an audience sees it i.e. at first glance. You can also experiment with the design of your content before posting to get good looks as well.

4. Find some unique keywords that people can easily know you

Add the values on a regular basis so that people will search you in the search. Yeah of course the search results only include name and username. Suppose for example; travel writer Kelly Anderson (@the traveling Kelly). Here the key phrase is travel writer, so if a person searches the travel content he might catch that account.

5. Always use relevant Instagram hashtags

Hashtags are easily searchable. You have to use it carefully. The relevant hashtags can give you a good number of Instagram followers.

It is of course that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in your post, but studies found that 9-12 relevant hashtags are pretty good. Always use mixed hashtags. You can also search about the different posts of different accounts having the same niche; the niche you have.

6. Bio and profile optimization

Research shows that non-followers also visit 2/3rd of the Instagram business profiles. If your bio is perfect and your profile gives a clear-cut definition of your product then people will understand more.

You can also add some of the additional details which include content info, location, type of business, etc. 

Make yourself as honest as you can.

7. Design best Instagram grid

In grids add some relevant photos along with fascinating ideas so that when new people come to you at least give alike. But in later stages the algorithm of Instagram is different, even the person who likes your post might follow you as well.

8. Write amazing captions

Though Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform still a well-written and emotional caption can give you richer engagement. In captions, you can ask questions or you can use emojis along with the same relevant hashtags.

9. Pin your best comments

Instagram allows pinning the comments. Suppose a user has given the best comment to a particular post of your content, then you can pin that so that people will consider your account as well.

10. Promote your account on other social media

Apart from doing some strategies on Instagram, you can also mention your Instagram account on other social media too. As a result, the chances of getting followers will be more.

11. Add your Instagram posts on the blog

If you have a perfect blog regarding your brand then you can embed some of your amazing posts on the blog, so that people will also let you know from the blog as well.

12. Post reshared content

Sometimes make content in such a way that your content can be shared and reshared to any age group because people love to share good and infographic posts. Your post is good then there is a chance for bloggers to embed your post in their blog as well.

13. Use Instagram Nametag

The Instagram name tag is just like a scan-able code like GooglePay or PhonePay. If you have an offline shop, you can also use that as well. Always try to promote yourself either online or offline.

14. Aim to get featured

Suppose a featured Instagram account has millions of Instagram followers and if they can use your hashtags or tagging your posts then there is a chance you might be featured on top, but for that, you have to be unique in content making and using hashtags.

15. Tag your location

Adding location sometimes makes it very easy to find you. If you have a physical business store you can also mention the location.

16. Always tag relevant users

You can also tag some of your posts that fit other featured posts as well by using Instagram tagging functionality.

If you tag someone then there is a chance that your content can be shared by their followers, as a result, you may get more followers.

17. Encourage others to tag you

Sometimes you can also ask other Instagrammers or your followers to tag your post as well so that your post will get more engagement.

18. Always Follow Relevant Accounts

Follow the accounts that belong to the same niche you have. Keep an eye on their strategy and create better content than those top-notch accounts. Keep in mind that do not follow many accounts rather focus on 5-10 accounts.

19. Work with Influencers

As influencers have so many great followers, people trust influencers most. A stat showed that the followers can be increased to 60% if you work with the influencers.

20. Collaborate with top brands

Sometimes for a competition issue, small business owners or small brands hesitate to collaborate with other brands.

But frankly speaking, if you can establish relationships with other brands then it is a win-win situation for you as well as other brands.

21. Create better instagram stories

A stat shows that 45% of most viewed stories are from business accounts.

In stories, you can use hashtags, clickable things, and lots of fascinating stuff like when you are going to live or when a product will come. Apart from that, you can also add a countdown timer for products to sell as well.

22. Play Everyday

Organize some quiz competitions, poll questions, and chat stickers, etc. It has been seen that polling stickers can increase your Instagram engagements up to 90% as well. If you can use these types of funny things to users then there is a high chance to gain more and increase Instagram followers for free.

23. Make Highlighted Stories

Highlight your stories with amazing information so that when people arrive at your account they will get enough information.

Apart from all these methods, you can also go for the following strategies as well.

  1. Go instagram live and create awareness about your products.
  2. Make an IGTV series.
  3. Post consistently.
  4. Post at the right time.
  5. Schedule your post.
  6. Arrange contests.
  7. Use instagram analytics effectively.


Increase Instagram followers in freeways needs some time and well-organized strategies. However, those ideas which are mentioned above can give you impeccable results.

In short, you have to be consistent, creative and you have to know the taste of your audience so that all things will come into shape.


Q: How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

A: Post consistently, use hashtags properly, write good captions, tag location, etc. More things you will find by reading this article.

Q: How do you get more followers on Instagram for free?

A: Apply the above methods you will get the result in a month.

Q: How do you get 10K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?

A: Buy followers. Wait! No, don’t buy followers because buying followers can give you a lot more followers but eventually, you will lose the followers as their taste might be different. Better grow organically and reach your perfect audience because they will stay for you for a longer time and that is great for your business.

Q: What to Increase Instagram Followers?

A: We have already mentioned the tactics. Go through this article, you will find a way.

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