How to create Instagram Business Account

How to Create Instagram Business Account? Not that tough either not that easy! We’ll explain HOW! Just keep going on… Gone are those days when marketing is not that easy for the newbies. Though it’s not easy in 2021, there are some easy methods that you can adopt to excel in digital marketing.

In recent years digital marketing takes a new shape and it provides multi-dimensional solutions to business entrepreneurs. Instagram is recognized as one of the lucrative platforms for many small, micro, medium, and big businesses.

Starting with Instagram is very easy and you can certainly reach your audience with your creative ideas.

Whether you want to sell your own product or any other affiliate products, Instagram certainly lifts your strategies to a different level.

This photo and video sharing platform has over a billion active users monthly and daily Instagram users are over 500 million.

Top brands use Instagram to develop their social presence all around the globe. Even startups and small businesses can be converted into high-quality brands using Instagram.

According to Oberlo, it has been estimated that around 71% of US businesses mostly use Instagram frequently.

From the above information, one can easily imagine that Instagram is not limited to only personal use rather it showcases your products to grow your business.

Research says that about 59% of users visit the Instagram platform on a daily basis and they use 7 hours per week (at least) to interact with their loved ones and top brands.

Instagram has many advantages over other social media where you can actually showcase your valuable products and can get the early engagements in quick time.

Here in this article, we will talk about how to create Instagram business account from beginner to advanced.

So, let’s get started…

How to make Instagram account on Instagram on mobile phones

Before starting a business account first, let’s know about how to start a personal account which further takes you to explore the Instagram business account in detail.

Steps to open a Personal Instagram Account

Steps to create personal Instagram Account

1. First download the Instagram app from the Google Play store (for Android) or App Store (for iPhone).

Steps to create Personal Instagram Account

2. Open the application and click on the register

3. In the registration process you can register through email or phone number. Apart from that, you can also sign up via Facebook as well.

4. Then click on the continue and ready to go…

Steps to create Instagram Account

5. Then you can add photos and edit your profiles.

In this personal Instagram account, you can post good quality photos and videos which can be loved by your followers. But you can not get appropriate data regarding engagements for that you have to access Instagram analytics. To access Instagram analytics you have to switch from a personal account to a business account.

Insights to the Instagram business account

The booming of Instagram marketing all started in the year 2016 when it first launched its business profile feature. From that period Instagram has been making significant contributions to digital marketing.

The adding features like contact buttons and Instagram shopping make Instagram marketing so smooth to reach your audiences. These features enable influencers and entrepreneurs to increase their startups easily.

1. Why you should have a business Instagram profile?

If you want your business to evolve as a top-notch brand then you must have an Instagram business account. The feature of Instagram is just awesome which can really benefit you in the long run of your business.

There are some benefits of using an Instagram business account which is discussed below.

1.1 Seriousness

When you actually use an Instagram business account you additionally give your best than the personal account. In an Instagram business account, you generally add the category or niche of your business and its address and its contact buttons, etc.

When you add those things you take all that seriously. The contact buttons and bio adds a professional look to your Instagram business campaign. As a result, more audiences are likely to interact with you.

There are lots of differences between personal and business accounts. Users are ultimately able to know which Instagram account belongs to influencers and business-related content. If they found some valuable content then they simply build trust with that business profile.

Like the influencers the business account also gives adequate infographics to the users as well.

1.2 Full Access to analytics

When you switch from a personal account to a business account you get full access to Instagram analytics.

Instagram analytics enable you to know about the reach, impression, and interaction of your audience to your shared content. Especially you can able to know the behavior of your audience over a content.

As a result, you can find room for improving the quality of your content. Learning new tactics and implementing new strategies will come your way after you use Instagram analytics.

1.3. Advantages of adding links to your Instagram stories

Though you can add your own website link in the bio section of your account still you can directly use the website links on the Instagram stories as well.

But adding direct links in the Instagram stories has a certain condition. If you can surpass the 10,000 followers then you have full access to add such features.

As a result, you can get more conversions after displaying the right products on Instagram stories. This thing only works when you switch to an Instagram business account.

1.4. Instagram advertising

To show Instagram ads your Instagram account must be attached to Facebook which shares the same niche or category.

Merging Instagram and Facebook accounts can enable you to reach your valuable audiences through fb ad campaigns. By implementing this you can also surpass the 10,000 followers easily.

1.5. Schedule your post in time

Switching to a business account also led you to publish your content ahead of time. You can schedule any kind of post which can save you valuable time.

Apart from that, there are some third-party tools that are also available which can make your Instagram marketing easy as well.

1.6. Tag products

You can also take advantage of tagging products on your post that can generate more revenue.

Because research says that 46% of users are most likely to purchase the product after watching or viewing it first.

2. How to create Instagram business account (step by step)

a. Login to your Instagram account.

b. Make sure your Instagram account is set to the public

c. Click on the three parallel lines found on the right corner of the insta app

d. Go to settings and then scroll down to the blue color sentence “switch to professional account”

e. Tap on the switch to professional account

f. Then choose your category

g. After choosing the right category you will get two options: business or creator. You have to tap on the business.

h. Then add your contact number, business address then add some bio if desired.

I. Then connect your Instagram account to the Facebook page of having the same niche.

J. Then you are all set to go…

I. Now you can post your products and contents effectively.

3. How to get more likes on Instagram post

After you are done with the opening of an Instagram business account now it’s time to post. Let’s discuss how to get more likes and more ideas for your post.

The number of likes depends upon the quality of your post and the strategy you own. There are some incredible tactics that you can adopt to get more likes on Instagram.

Those strategies are:

3.1. Post amazing photos and videos

Though you are not a perfect photographer or videographer still you have to post amazing photos related to your niche.

The funny and cool stuff excites a lot, which means your photo should have the same gesture.

3.2. Use funny and trendy hashtags

Hashtags also play a great contribution in increasing more likes as well. When you post your hashtags make sure the hashtags should sound well and look pretty cool without being boring.

Use Hashtags by looking at the behavior of your audience and the kind of products you have. You can also use Hashtags in the bio section and stories as well.

3.3. Know your right audience

Simply by posting some of the good quality content you will easily know the test of your audience. Though it needs some time, however, you can get a fair idea from Instagram analytics as well.

3.4. Tag your brands along with the model

Suppose you have a product called “watch”. You can showcase your products to an audience by models. You can capture the best shots of the model wearing your products as well.

This attracts more audiences to your business.

3.5. Better captions

Story-driven content can influence audiences the most. You can share emotional captions that can catch the eye of your audience as well.

3.6. Tag a perfect location

Add some locations if possible while showcasing your products. That can give you extra engagements.

3.7. Post consistently

Post at least 10 posts a day that can draw the most attention. The consistency approach of your adding well strategic posts can get more likes and shares.

3.8. Always search what your followers need

Know the test of your audience by simply asking questions and running quiz competitions.

Always ask them to comment on your post and also ask them for improvements as well.

3.9. Post behind the scene content

Suppose you have great video content and to record that you have also gone through some of the funny moments as well.

So add those funny moments after your content as well. Because those behind the scene moments sometimes draw more attention from the audience.

3.10. Research about your competitors

Always keep an eye upon your competitors that what they are postings and how do they get more likes and loves from the audiences.

So try to give your best content than your competitors as well.

3.11. Opinion

Ask people about their opinions regarding the posts and simply by taking their opinions into consideration improve the quality of your content as well. Apart from that, always try to stay on the trend.

Apart from the above tactics if you have a budget then pay the influencers they can also smoothen your Instagram marketing as well.


Q. How to get more likes in Instagram hashtags?

A: Use funny and cool hashtags that sound incredible when someone says. Use always trendy hashtags or mixed hashtags.

Q. How to make a business account on Instagram on pc?

A: Turn your pc into a mobile mode so you can use the Instagram app effectively. It’s better to use Instagram as an app on mobile phones.

Q. How to create Instagram account with a Facebook page?

A: After switching to a professional account you can use those features. However, in the above section “how to create Instagram business account” you can find those things.

Q. Can you create Instagram business account without a personal account?

A: No, first you have to add a sign up for a personal account then In the later stage, you can switch to the Instagram business account.

Q. Is an Instagram business account free?

A: Yes, the Instagram business account is free.

Q. Can I have a personal and business Instagram account?

A: No, at a time you can use only one feature. However, if you have two email id then you can use those two features on two different Instagram accounts.



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