50 Heart Breaking Captions for Instagram | Status For Love Failure

Heartbreaking Status for Instagram | Status For Love Failure

Hey guys, if you are searching for heartbreaking Captions & Broken heart Captions for Instagram Pictures, so this is the best place for Heartbreaking Status for Instagram. If you recently faced a break-up and want your partner to realize his fault or want him/her to show that you are fine without his/her presence. Then we provide you with our Best list of broken heart Quotes and Sayings.

These heartbroken status and Captions are definitely worth posting on your WhatsApp status or Facebook / Instagram story. So without wasting time, put these awesome heartbreaking captions for Instagram on your Instagram status or stories! (Want to read about How to use Instagram Swipe up feature without getting 10K followers then do check this link)

Status for love failure & Break-Up Instagram Captions does not only make them realize but also they will make yourself strong. So post these heartbreaking love quotes and sayings as your Instagram status to see the magic.

Heart breaking Captions for Instagram

We become mature when our heart breaks – this line is said by everyone who has experienced a broken heart once in their lifetime. And this is actually true, we get to know about humans when actually our heartbreaks. So, now is the time to make your partner realize their mistake through these Heartbreaking Instagram captions and status.

  • There is always someone, who broke my heart.
  • Pain is always temporary if you know how to survive.
  • Lonely people are not lonely they have their own company.
  • Please forget me and all the things we did together because from now I’m not yours, you’re not mine.
  • We always fall in love with, who always treat us like an ordinary person.
  • Don’t feel alone, you have the entire galaxy inside you.
  • You deserve better than this. So don’t get hurt over little things. There is something better who is waiting for you.
  • I have no issues with those who wanna go. If you want to just go, go.
  • You lost nobody in your life & she lost a lot.
  • Stop being fool to give different chances to disappoint you.
  • People change. life change, priorities change. Nothing is permanent. So go with the flow.
  • People change when they meet new people. The sad thing about it is they are no longer who they used to be.
  • It takes just a second to change and you mean nothing for them then.  
Heartbreaking Status for Instagram | Status For Love Failure
  • There is no guarantee in life that your girlfriend will never cheat you but there is guarantee that at one day she will miss and cry for you and on that day, she means no one to you.
  • Heartbreak is just a word but means a lot. Only one can understand who suffer.
  • I will never hate you, I will always pray for you I swear but now just go & never come back.
  • Tu jo bhi bolti thi maan leta tha mai, Tu jo bhi btaati thi sunleta tha mai. mjhse jaaada tujhe koi pyaar kar nahi sakta pagli maanle meri baat… roegi tu kal par chup kraaane ko hounga naah mai.
  • Neven be second option for others.
  • Saddest thing is who you love the most will never be yours.
  • It feels like perdition and then it doesn’t even exist.
  • I wish I knew that you are only going to break my heart.
  • Always love those who treats you like you are the world for them.
  • Sometimes let people go, if they love you they come back. If no then NO.
  • If I will start behaving like you, you would hate me.
  • Music is the best friend for lonely people.
  • He was everything to me but now he means nothing to me. Don’t even exist.
  • Pain teaches us how to survive.

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Broken heart Quotes Sayings

For those who are looking for heart broken status and wanna share his/her feeling by posting pictures on Instagram with Sad broken heart quotes then, this is the list especially written for you… just scroll down and choose the best one for you.

  • Nothing worse than watching your love to love his other love.
  • Tears are the most powerful thing in this world. You can use it in many ways…
  • The worst situation is when you have your love but you can’t have your love with you.
  • Love is not a bad thing, there are some people who make it bad.
  • I keep myself so busy the whole day but at night when I am going to sleep, every night I think about you only.
  • I need a long break from you.
  • Sometimes, I think about us, what we have done from start to the end but the end is not good like movies…
  • I always thought I lost you, I broke your heart, I lost my love, but now I realize that you were never in my life, actually.
  • The worst thing is that you both love each other but can never be together just because of a caste stamp.
  • Never cry for someone who doesn’t really value you.
  • Never trust anyone.
  • Never get too attached to something that isn’t yours.

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Sad Feeling broken Heart Quotes & Status

  • I know it’s difficult but must at the same time.
  • The way you treated me, somebody will treated you as well.
  • Treat me well or party in the hell.
  • The sad thing about us is the different point of view of ourself.
  • I totally agree with you, right now!
  • Heart was made to be broken.
  • Why our heart is so sensitive.
  • Okay means Broken.
  • Being alone is good because no one can hurt you.

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I hope you have got the Sad feeling broken heart quotes sayings for Instagram/ heart breaking Captions for Instagram, Don’t be sad buddy life will not stop for someone… You just carry on and have fun and post these Heart breaking captions Love Quotes on your all Social Media Accounts and let her know what she’s lost.

You cannot only share these as your Instagram status on Instagram but also as status on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Pick the best one for NOW and save the rest for LATER!

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