Happy Friendship Day Status for Instagram | Wishes, Quotes & Pictures (2020)

Friendship Day status for Instagram

Happy Friendship day is celebrated every year. This year it is on the 4th of August. A true friend is one who not only adds joy and happiness to your life but also reduces your worries. This buddy is not opportunistic. A true friend is always a precious gift whom we must cherish for life. Friends are always an indispensable part of your life. Fortunate is a man who has good friends. One must hold them tightly and never let them go from your life. Kids send Best Happy Friendship Day Status for Instagram to all their friends.

We all know friends are always by our side through thick and thins. So, that is why we have got a day to thank them for whatever they have done for us. If you have someone whom you call your best buddy or even buddy, then do thank them by sending these below-mentioned Best Happy Friendship Day Wishes. Also, you can post these as your Instagram status and show your love for them.

Happy Friendship Day Status for Instagram

  • When we are comfortable even being silent that means we have become true friends. 
  • Old friends are the gem for life.
  • Our Friends are the only ones who will first understand our past and will also be the first ones who will believe in our future, no matter what. 
  • No friendship can turn into true friendship without communication. Happy Friendship Day
  • Best friends will always be happy in our happiness and stay with us like a shadow in problems.
  • Friendship is only ship which will never drown and will remain with us till end. 
  • Best Friends do not need interesting conversations to laugh, they can laugh with just a simple look which only they can understand.
  • There is no friendship like you and me. Happy Friendship Day.
  • I promise that we will stay with each other always.
Happy Friendship Day Status for Instagram
  • Good friends are those friends whom we don’t meet everyday, but will be there for us whenever needed.
  • Friends like you always make my day. 
  • When your battery is down, then your friend is the only one who can charge you. 
  • It’s Friendship Day, and enjoy this day with your best buddies. Happy Friendship Day
  • A very warm and bright Friendship day to my brightest friend.
  • True friendship is the hardest thing to find.
  • A friend is the only one who accepts us the way we are. 
  • My friend is lovable only because he treats everyone very nicely. 
  • The true quality of best friends is that they don’t get angry if you insult them, rather they will laugh with you and insult you back.
  • A friend is the person to whom we can rely on whenever in need.
  • On this day, I promise not to leave your side and always support no matter what. 
  • A friend is the gift we treasure for life. Happy Friendship Day
  • A friend is the one who knows all the best stories of your life. 
  • A friend is someone who understands you better than anyone else. 
  • Friend is the only relation we choose by our own. 
  • Having a friend is so great that they can make our problems very easy to solve. Happy Friendship Day
  • Most memorable moment is to share our lunch with them. Happy Friendship Day
  • If you have even one true friend then you are never alone. Happy Friendship Day
  • Lucky to have you as my best friend. 
  • Friendship is one such relation that will never leave you for whole life. 
  • A friend is the person of our life that knows you the way you are.  
  • Always choose a friend wisely. 
  • Hard to find a friend as faithful as you. Happy Friendship Day
  • During this life, we always get to know who are true friends after becoming friends with many. 
  • A friend will automatically get to know what is there in your mind before speaking.
  • If we have best friends in our life, then naturally we have the best life. 
  • True friendship is when we share even the smallest thing with each other.
  • Best friends can do anything for you when in need.
  • In true friendship there is no nonsense talk, every conversation has a value in itself which only true friends can understand.
  • A true friend can only be earned.Happy Friendship Day.

I hope you have found your Best Friendship Day Status for Instagram for your best buddies to wish them not only posting as Instagram status but also as status on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc, on this great day and you can even share these above pictures with everyone as these pictures will save your memory from WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

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