Grow your Instagram Account with these 6 Proven Growth Tactics

Grow your Instagram Account with these 6 Proven Growth Tactics

Instagram may have been initially planned as an easy and simple platform for friends to share their photos from a Spanish vacation or last night’s stag party, but now its features go very far beyond that.

The world’s second most popular social media after Facebook with millions of active users – and who knows, maybe it will become Number One pretty soon – this platform is a bottomless source of opportunities for those brands that know how to use it to their maximum advantage.

Nowadays everyone, be it influencer, brand, transnational corporation, or a non-profit organization, use Instagram to organically raise brand awareness by stimulating the follower’s genuine interest in their business.

There is a clear-cut reason why this platform is called social, meaning that it’s the audience that is the make-it-or-break-it factor of your success.

If there is personal trust between you and your followers, then they will also trust you with your expertise and advice. And once this trust is there, you have all the preconditions for monetizing your account. And with these tactics, your chance to make it big would be even higher.

6 Proven Growth Tactics Grow your Instagram Account

1. Visual Concept 

 Out of all social platforms, Instagram is the most demanding in terms of your graphic design quality. It’s not hard to understand why – this social media puts the visual content in the spotlight.

To grow your account, you should make sure that it is easy to get noticed by users. That’s why posting random inconsistent posts of different styles and designs is the road to nowhere. You should develop your design concept in every little detail and stick to it in the future.

Of course, it takes time and effort to find your own niche, but it’s a must-do. And when it comes to creating a top-quality professional design, you can’t do without special graphic software.

For example, using the VistaCreate app, in particular, one of its features –  Instagram post template, you will easily get nice visuals for your profile, since even a beginner will be able to run a complete makeover of their Instagram account with this app. 

2. Plan Your Posts

When you look at Instagram pages of most followed influences, you might get a first impression that they are improvised and intuition-driven. Yet, the truth is that behind every such past there are long hours of planning and designing.

Careful planning is the vital prerequisite for successful and stable performance. Importantly, you should make a realistic consideration of all stages of post-production and timeline.

3. Shoutouts 

Basically, this is a technique when influencers promote another account’s content via posts or stories. Though it was one of the first tools influencers employed to boost up their accounts, this trend’s popularity is steadily growing and is highly unlikely to lose its relevance.

There are different ways of how you can do that: by the arrangement that you give a shoutout in exchange for another account doing the same; paid agreement etc. Thus, it’s important to discuss the rules before proceeding further.

4. Hashtags and Geotags

Hashtags are extremely efficient in terms of building up a community and engaging people who have common interests. If you choose the right hashtag, you will be able to expose your images, videos, or stories to a larger and more relevant audience.

Though it might be difficult in the beginning to get other people to use your hashtags (Hashtag Tools), it’s totally worth it. Similarly, applying geotags to fantastic places you visit significantly increases the chance that your post will be spotted by other users who also enjoy this place. 

5. Giveaways and Contests

Everybody likes the feeling of good competition and being the lucky winner. Thus, running various contests and giveaways is a sure way to have followers’ attention glued to your Instagram account.

There are many options to approach this task: you can either do everything on your own, or partner with another account to double your exposure.

There are two vital principles here. Firstly, rules must be very precise, clear, and doable to all possible categories of your followers. Secondly, the whole process must be honest and transparent so that no one is left with the slightest shadow of doubt regarding your integrity.

Grow your Instagram Account with these growth tactics

6. Content of Value

It goes without saying that having eye-catching attractive visual content is a fundamental success factor for Instagram. However, most followers would like to get more than that.

If you can become one of those experts who can teach or motivate others with your own example or your past experience, then your audience will for sure appreciate it immensely. Don’t be afraid to share what you’ve been through and what challenges have faced in your life.

Grow your Instagram Account

Summing Up

Sometimes, Instagram seems to be a difficult place to have your voice heard, but if you don’t give up trying, you’ll get a nice result. And if you treat your account design and overall concept seriously, post regularly, and provide added value to your followers – then you are on the right track.

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