Top Dhanteras Quotes, wishes and Images [2020 Latest]

Dhanteras Quotes, wishes and Images

Want to wish your family and friends with Dhanteras quotes and wishes? Dhanteras also known as Dhanwantri Triodasi, Dhantrayodashi is celebrated two days before the biggest festival of India, that is, Diwali. Dhanteras marks the beginning of our five-day festival that begins around Diwali and ends with celebrating Bhai-Dooj. This year, it will be celebrated on 13th November.

We all love this time of the year. This time is full of festivals and happiness around all of us. There is no space for any sadness which is the best part. On Dhanteras, Goddess Laxmi and God Kuber are worshiped because it is believed that Laxmi Ji came out from the ocean churning. So, that is why this festival is celebrated by praying for health and wealth from God. Also, every one of us buys silver, copper and brass utensils at it is auspicious to bring these utensils to home on this day.

Now, here are some Best Dhantares Wishes in English and Dhanteras captions in Hindi for you all to send them to your near and dear ones.

Dhanteras Quotes and Wishes

  • “Shimmer with silver, Shine with gold. Happy Dhanteras.”
  • “May this dhanteras shower with wealth and prosperity. Happy Dhanteras
  • “May goddess Laxmi solve your all financial problems and dhanteras come to you with wealth.”
Dhanteras Quotes, wishes and Images
  • “Sone ke rath pe beth kar Maa Laxmi hai aai… dene aap sabhi ko Dhanteras ki Badhai.”
  • “Happy Dhanteras to all. May God bring wealth and happiness to everyone.”
  • “Maa Laxmi ji ghar ghar aaengi aur aap sabhi ke ghar mai khushiyon ki chhap chod jaaengi.”
  • “If you want to be rich then do something for it. Praying is not the way to deal with it. Happy Dhanteras.”
  • “Want something then earn it, Goddess Laxmi can only open ways for you. but, it is your choice to walk on it or do nothing.”
Dhanteras Quotes, wishes in English
  • “On the occasion of Dhanteras, I wish you may get success and achieve what you want.”
  • “Wishing you a happy Dhanteras and joyful Diwali.”
  • “Dhanteras is the festival of Hindus in which people buy pieces of jewelry and other items because they believe it’s ‘SHUBH’.”
  • “Amiro ke liye hogi Dhanteras aaj, par gareebo ke liye toh aaj bhi dhan ke liye taras hai.”
  • “I believe in giving something to others so that they can also enjoy this festival.”

We all know that Dhanteras comes two days before Diwali but do we know what does the word Dhanteras means and what is its importance as a festival?

So, if you have started thinking about it then stop, don’t waste your energy, I have explained it all. “Dhan” means “money” and “teras” means”13th day”. It is actually the 13th day in the Krishna Pukra or dark fortnight of the Ashwin month according to Hindu Lunar Calendar.

Now, what is the importance of this festival? Actually, Dhanteras plays a very important role in all of our lives. It is a very auspicious day as people buy new things especially silver, gold, copper items as it is believed if we by all this, Laxmi Ji enter our home. This day brings happiness, health and wealth in all of our lives.

  • “May God fulfill all your wishes this Dhanteras.”
  • “Having gold doesn’t matter, what matters is your down to earth mature towards everyone.”
  • “Only do the right things and never think about the result. Laxmi Ji will give you everything when the right time comes.”
Happy Dhanteras wishes
  • “Dhanteras kaa ye pyaara tyohaar jeewan mai laaaien khushiyaan apaar.”
  • “Deepawali, Dhanteras toh ameero kaa tyohaar hai, gareeebo kaa toh har rozz bura haaal hai… Chalo iss baar gareebo ke ghr diyaa jalaate hai… unko meethai khilate hai… unke sath ye tyohaar manate hai.”
  • “Aap sabhi ko Dhanteras ki bhot bhot bhadhaiyaan…”
  • “May God bless you with good fortune and bright days ahead.”
  • “Dhanteras har saaal aaega khushiyon kaa bhandaar apne sang laaega.”
  • “Maa Laxmi ji aapko sahi raah dikhaae yhi kaamna karta hu. Happy Dhanteras,”
  • Let’s celebrate dhanteras not with materialistic gold but bringing gold in our heart!
  • Iss dhanteras laiyen kushiyon ki bahaar apke apno ke sath!
  • May this Dhanteras sun glows like gold in your house the whole year.
  • Pray for Strength and Happiness as wealth is temporary. Happy Dhanteras!

So, these were some of the best Dhanteras captions, quotes, status or wishes for you all to send them to your near and dear ones. I hope you liked them and found the perfect Dhanteras wishes which you want to share.

These Dhanteras wishes for Instagram, Whatsapp or Facebook can be shared with anyone. So, hurry up and send them fast! Have. safe and prosperous Dhanteras!

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