A Complete Guide to set up Instagram Shop in 2021

A complete guide to set up Instagram Shop

Looking for step by step complete guide to set up Instagram Shop? Well, so you are going to set up an Instagram shop in 2021. In 2021, it is very easy to open an Instagram shop on Instagram as it provides Instagram amazing features to the newbie.

This guide to set up Instagram Shop help you to gain more revenue in a quick time. Apart from that, a more social media presence can give you amazing engagements so that you will get more leads and conversions.

As a marketer after knowing about the Instagram shop you probably jump on Instagram for setting up an Instagram shop. Believe us, it requires good strategy and in-depth analysis.

However, as per the topic, we will not get its strategy. Here in this article, we will help you with 7 easy steps and a guide to set up Instagram Shop very quickly. Apart from that, you will also get some additional knowledge of the benefits of an Instagram shop as well.

So, let’s start…

How set up an Instagram shop in 2021

Before proceeding to open Instagram you should follow the steps found below. Without that, you might face difficulties in setting up an Instagram shop.

So, let’s proceed step by step

1. Eligibility to set up an Instagram shop

At first, you must meet the eligibility criteria to set an Instagram shop on your Instagram account.

The Instagram shop enables you to sell a variety of products or services to customers. Be it physical or digital products, you sell anything on Instagram. But before selling those products, your products meet the policies of Instagram. If you sell products like sexual products or any other life-threatening products then Instagram has the right to suspend your account straight away. [To avoid Instagram Suspension read me]

Apart from that, you must verify that you belong to which country? Because based on the country, Instagram has a variety of features. That means the features of Instagram vary from country to country and that is very little. 

In addition to this, you must have the latest Instagram app downloaded from plays tire or the Apple iOS store.

After downloading you must set up your business account to get higher benefits of using the Instagram shop.

2. Turn your Instagram profile to the business profile

To turn your Instagram profile into a business profile you must follow the steps which can be found below.

Actually, you can convert your Instagram to a business profile in a quick way. 

  • Go to the settings
  • Then quickly scroll down and click on the business profile

In this way first, you can turn your account into a business account.

3. Link your instagram account to the fb page

Before setting up an Instagram business profile you must have a Facebook business page. 

Steps to follow to link the Instagram business account to the Facebook business account

  • Go to instagram settings
  • Click on the linked accounts
  • Then link your Facebook business page URL

After that add the relevant products or niche of your products catalog into your Facebook shop.

4. Adding of product catalogues to the facebook shop

To showcase every product of your niche on Instagram, you must add all the products on Facebook shop. So that those products will automatically appear on Instagram shop.

That’s why we mentioned the linking of Instagram business accounts to the FB account. Right now you must have to create a Facebook shop and add all your products within that shop. This will help you to grow on Facebook as well.

5. Uploading of product catalogues

You can upload the products catalog of your niche at any time. You can do this by adding the products with the help of the Facebook business manager which can be found on Facebook’s settings section.

6. Account Approval

After adding your product catalogs now it’s time for account Approval. It has been seen that most accounts are generally approved in a few days.

For approval, you have to do the following steps

  • Go to setting on your instagram business account
  • Sign up for shopping

Do the above steps for account approval. For knowing the status of your account approval you can check the shopping panel found in the settings section. If you have a website of your service or products then you can drive maximum traffic to the website as well. To drive more traffic you can add the domain to the Instagram business account. For the domain, verification goes to the business manager then adds your website name. In this way, you can verify your website.

7. Tagging the products in posts and stories.

Once your account is approved, you can use all the shopping features that Instagram provides. For tagging products, you must add photos and captions.

Follow the following steps to add photos of your products

  • Go to add photos
  • Add captions as per the taste of audience or according to the photo
  • Then click on the tag products
  • Then search the products and select the product
  • Then click on the done button
  • Then share the photos . That’s it.

Benefits of Opening Instagram shop

There are numerous benefits of setting an Instagram shop in 2021.

Let’s discuss bit by bit

1. Easy product availability

When someone searches for any kind of product, he/she must write the name of the products on the search bar. As a result, the products will appear within a second. So if you are getting the most engagements then there is a chance that your products could be watched by the audience which results in a drastic shifting in more leads and conversions. The Instagram product discoverability easily helps a user to land on the perfect product of their choice.

2. Real advertising

As most customers need more real and authentic products they navigate more on Instagram. Actually, you can synchronize all your best products with the help of an Instagram shop. As a result, this will help you in getting more trust in your audience. This further can help you to grow your business as a brand.

3. Visual marketing gains more attention

Instagram shops help you to showcase the products in image or video form. So the chance of buying those products by the audience can increase rapidly. A report suggests that 85% of the users buy the products after watching product images or videos.

4. Create opportunity for influencer marketing

You can actually integrate influencer marketing with the Instagram shop. Suppose if an influencer uses your product and services then you will surely benefit from it. This is a win-win situation for Instagram influencers, business owners, and customers.

5. Simpler and quicker 

The Instagram shop allows direct showcasing of products. This quick and easy service enables you to leverage more money. The Instagram shop can give audiences worry-free quicker, easier and shorter buying options.

6. The Instagram also increase engagements and can give you more sales in quick time

7. The overall customer experience that the instagram shop provides is quite impressive. So use this feature effectively to grow your long run businesses

Bottom line

So, if you are planning to set up an Instagram shop in 2021. Then it is a great decision in 2021 as many business owners have it. Apart from that, you must increase your followers and strongly focus on content creation. So that you will get more engagements. This leads to you building trust among your audience. So, at last, follow the above complete steps and guide to set up Instagram Shop to grow your business.


Q. How do you get shopping approved on Instagram 2021?

A: We have already mentioned this in the above article. However, after adding the product catalog then you will apply for approval.

Q. How do you make a shop on Instagram?

A: Follow the above steps. It is very easy to open an Instagram shop.

Q. How much does it cost to set up an Instagram shop?

A: Setting up a shop on Instagram is free and is very easy.

Q. Is an Instagram shop worth it?

A: Yes, it is worth ED as it has more active audiences and it is also increasing continuously.

Q. Do you have to pay for an Instagram shop?

A: No, you need not have to pay anything.

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