[BEST] Instagram Captions for video call

Video call Captions for Instagram

Finding Instagram Funny captions for videos or captions for video call?

Videos are the best feature to capture our best moments. We have those moments for life and love sharing them as status for Instagram.

In this period of lockdown, one this we have brought into our habits is that we straight away video call our loved ones as we could not meet them often, right? But only this much was happening, we even used to capture the precious moments during a video call in the way of screenshots, isn’t it? So, why not caption those pictures with these awesome Instagram Captions for Video Call & status 😉

So, here are some captions for a video call that are amazing enough to match your epic videos! Let’s dive into it.

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Instagram Captions for video call

How often do you video call someone? Do you take screenshots? Are they special enough to post? Yes? then, here are some of the best Instagram captions for video call screenshots.. let’s check

  • I love to take a screenshot while calling you.
  • When you make weird faces I just click the screenshot of yours.
  • Screenshot while video calling is not just a picture, it’s a memory you save for life.
  • In our relationship, screenshots are very special to me.
  • Screenshots are the moments you can steal and save from a beautiful time.
  • The only best friend in a long-distance relationship are screenshots!
  • Capturing your every moment forever!
  • She: Making weird faces to make him laugh.
    He: “Click-Click”. Laughed!
    She: “Click-Click”.
    Both of them got their perfect screenshots and one more special memory!
  • Video call screenshots are the best candids!
  • I have screenshots of our chat more than my selfies!

Captions for dance videos

Captions for Dance video

Dance is one such thing that is loved by each one of us. We dance in different situations, at different places but one thing remains the same, that is our carefree dance!

So, if you have captured some of those moments while dancing and searching for the best Instagram caption that suits it, then here are few captions for dance videos…

  • Dance is life!
  • The most interesting fact-Anybody Can dance.
  • Dance is a stressbuster for me!
  • Dance is in every body part.
  • I can live without a mobile but not without dancing!
  • I connect to my soul with dancing only.
  • Dancing in the rain is the best moment ever!

  • I think I was a peacock in my previous birth! haha…
  • Dancing is not just my career, it’s my passion!
  • Dance is love because I dance while sleeping too! Haha…
  • Dance is not just an art it’s a language to speak out your inner emotions!
  • People love watching dance but I love dancing!
  • I love it when everyone’s eyes are one me while I am dancing.
  • Dance your heart out for once and every stress will just disappear.
Instagram captions for video call
  • Dance has the power to make you look and feel beautiful!
  • Dancing in wedding functions are the best ones!
  • I love it when she dances for me.
  • Not everyone likes dancing but still, each one of us ends up dancing once in our lifetime!
  • Dancing with you is always fun!
  • Dance is an inspiration, motivation, and passion to me!

Captions for funny video call | IG Captions

Captions for funny video

Every one of us does have some hilarious moments in our life which are so funny and hilarious that we can’t stop laughing our lungs off!

But, what is the point of recording those funny moments if we do not share them? So, share them and caption them with the following best funny Instagram captions for video call.

  • Best video I’ve ever seen.
  • #OMG! It’s hilarious.
  • How can they do it?
  • See! those guys are funny enough to make anyone cry.
  • Just hold my hand and watch this video with me.
  • You & I together forever.
  • Videos on facebook, best time pass ever.
  • I want my dog and my phone.
  • Game Over!
  • Inspirational & Emotional both.

  • Whiskey with water and scotch on the rox.
  • Guess who is in that video.?? 😀
  • I love you to the sun…… what?? I will never be able to come back baby once I landed on it. Hahahahaha!!!
  • There is no sharing for fries.
  • Hawww! You guys are insane.
  • This is impossible, Fake video!
  • Hey guys! this is me with my brothers… Dancing!
  • I just want you to believe yourself.
  • If once you did it then, you can do it once again.
Video Call captions
  • I like hashtags coz they look like waffles.
  • Could you do this?

So, these were the best captions for video or video call. I hope you got your best suitable caption. Post them as your status on Instagram, Facebook, or any social media platform.

Also, If you liked these captions, then don’t hesitate to let us know and share them in your social group.

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