Top 100+ Instagram Captions for Newborn Baby Boy & Girl

New members in the house? Finding Instagram Captions for Baby boy & girl? Best feeling in the world to become a mother/father. Whether it is a boy or a girl, a baby is the cutest being. Clicking their first-ever picture to capturing each and every moment of theirs is special. Sharing them in your social groups with beautiful captions for newborn baby boy & girl is really a very special period.

Before you may be used to post your selfies with selfie captions but now your baby has come, so obviously you will be needing some captions for newborn baby.

So, for such a social mother/father, we have brought some of the best captions for newborn baby boy. Check it out fast…


New Baby Born Captions

Table Of Contents

1. Amazing Captions for Baby
2. Instagram Captions for baby girl
3. Cute Instagram Captions for baby boy
4. One word Instagram Captions for Cute Newborn Baby
5. Welcome Captions for Newborn baby
6. Cute Captions for baby boy pictures
7. Editor’s Choice

Amazing Captions for Baby

A newborn baby is kind of obvious to let it know to the world by posting cute pictures of them. So, to add a little more cute thing to your photos, here are some cutest Instagram captions for newborn baby boy & girl

  • Excited to have a new member in our family.
  • Going to be a wonderful mom.
  • I would rather be a friend than a strict mom of my children.
  • A new member is about to come.
  • Keep calm my baby is coming.
  • I’ll try my best to be a great dad.
  • I will give you all the things which I can.
  • My superhero is born today.
  • Little champ’s journey starts from now.
  • Don’t worry champ I will be there for you always.
  • Now I’m waiting for your first step to take in this new world.
  • My breakfast, lunch & dinner is your smile from now.
  • Your smile is all I need.
  • I believe that you are going to make me proud, one day.
  • Children are naughty, but mine is naughtiest.
  • May be your journey would be tough my little baby but, you have to go through it and learn from it.
  • When you came into this world I was the one who cried because I love you more than anyone.

Must Look: Loving Captions for Instagram

  • First selfie with my baby!
  • I don’t need anyone in this world except you, if you are with me then I can fight with anyone.
  • Whatever you want my champ just ask me and it’s yours.
  • I don’t know what I can do for you but, I can promise you that I would be the best father/mother.
Captions for baby girl
  • We have you, we have everything.
  • The best is about to be a parent is that you will never be your first priority.
  • You are born with so much happiness.
  • I’m a parent now, now I will feel what my parents feel for me.
  • Becoming a parent is the toughest job.
  • My little sweet baby is all I need.
  • I promise to you champ that I and your mom will try to be the best parent in this world for you.
  • Before your birth, I and your father had each other now we have you, we become family now.
  • Without you our family is incomplete.

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Instagram Captions for baby girl

Baby girl is not only a girl but a princess to her daddy. Every mother dreams of a baby girl so that she could dress her up the way she wants. So, for such sweet moments, here are some sweet baby girl Instagram Captions

  • I don’t believe in angels but now I believe.
  • Our baby girl is so adorable.
  • A baby girl comes with a miracle.
  • No matter how old you are, you will always be my sweet little baby girl.
  • You are my barbie girl.
  • I’m flattered on her little smile.
  • When she smiles at me I am the happiest man in this world.
  • My little princess will always be my princess.
  • My baby girl makes my world wonderful.
  • Sometimes little things make you happy.
  • After so much worship, God gave me YOU.
  • Before you, your mother used to tell me that I want a cute little girl and she prayed for you and see you are here today.
  • I will teach you everything which I can.
  • Without stars sky is empty, you are the star of our family.
  • No need captions for my little sweetheart.

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Cute Instagram Captions for baby boy

Baby boy! Hero of his mother. A baby boy has this image of always being naughty, playing here and there. So, for such a naughty as well as cute baby boy, we have brought some cool captions for baby boy.

  • He is soo cute… 😉
  • My cute little champ!
  • My little son is enough to make me smile.
  • When you take your first step into this world, I just want to be with you at that time.
  • I want to capture all the little things of yours that will make cute memories.
  • Today you hold my hand and walk. When I’ll get old, hold my hand too.
  • You will always be my little son.
  • He belongs to me.
  • A wonderful miracle happened to me, that is YOU.
  • When you cry, I cry too.
  • You are the stairs of my way to heaven.
  • Star of the sky!
  • A gift from god to me.
  • I will never be the same as I was, after you.
  • On the day you were born, the world danced for you.
  • You are my brightest star.

One word Instagram Captions for Cute Newborn Baby

We all know one word is not enough to express the feeling in the photograph.. but one-word captions have become a trend and it is easy to post. [One Word Captions]

So, here we had to come up with one-word Instagram captions for newborn baby boy & girl…

  • Awwww…
  • Cho chweet.
  • my baby boy!
  • Champ!
  • Little star!
  • Reason for my smile.
  • koochi poo
  • little love!
  • my moon & star!
  • princess!
  • Sweet
  • Priority!
  • Little one
  • Blessing of God.
  • Precious
  • Naughty
  • Sweet little doll
  • Teddy Bear!
  • Cutie pie
  • Little angel!
  • Brighter than Star!
  • Lovely!
  • Hugs & Kisses
  • #LOL (Lots of Love)
  • Wish you a good and happiest life.

Welcome Captions for Newborn baby

Welcoming your newest member in the house? Then, post your photos with the following welcome quotes for newborn baby

  • Welcome to this new world.
  • So glad to see you.
  • Now a good time has begun.
  • You brought all the happiness with you.
  • Welcome!
  • I’m soo happy today!
  • You came like a sunrise.
  • Welcome to the new superstar in our family.
  • You completed our family.
  • I love to hold you in my arms all day.

[BEST 75+] Baddie Instagram Captions

Cute Captions for baby boy pictures

Recently captures the naughtiest pictures of your baby boy? Then, do not forget to post them with these Instagram captions for baby boy pictures…  

  • Little one is my dream.
  • God knew I needed you.
Captions for Newborn baby | Caption for baby boy
  • I want to take every single step of yours with you.
  • You are the only toy I love the most.
  • Best one I have ever seen.
  • Barbie girl I want to play with my heart.

So, here were some cool and cute Instagram captions for baby boy & girl. I hope you found your best suitable quote.

Also, do share these quotes with your social group on Instagram, Facebook, etc. We would love it if you let us know how much you liked them.

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