Witty Instagram Captions

Your brain is the one who does all the hard work. From your study to your job, from your actions to what you speak, everything and anything is done by what your brain orders you to do. So why not post witty Instagram selfie captions and show off our wit skills to the world!

Our wit is what everyone loves. even if you want to impress your crush, then show them your wit. Witty answers which have some fun too are definitely liked by everyone. It shows the interesting side of you which means no one will ever get bored with you whenever you hang out.

Coming back to posting selfies on Instagram, is a tough job but what makes it, even more, harder is deciding what Instagram captions to post. So, that is why Ourcaptions has come your way to solve your problem. Even if you don’t come up with interesting and witty Instagram selfie captions, you can still choose anyone from the below best list of Instagram captions for witty funny pictures.

So, without wasting any more time because people who have brains don’t like to waste their time, let’s start with the list of witty captions for a funny Instagram selfie…

  • Someone says that life is not easy, but I say life is the easiest thing if you know how to stay happy.
  • Why so serious.!
  • Life is full of experiences, you just need to accept it’s reality.
  • No matter how good you are, just wait and watch, what happen next.
  • That’s not a game, bro!.
  • You really think that this is going to happen.
  • Nobody is lucky, success is not a one night thing…. It takes years to come.
  • Stay strong, weekend is coming.
Witty Captions for Instagram Posts
  • People will suck out all the happiness from you, stay alert!
  • I need 6 months holidays twice a year.
  • People won’t give a shit.
  • Having bad experiences can leads you to beautiful destination.
  • I don’t choose to be a bad guy, people poke me to be one.
  • If you have control on your emotions, then you are the most joyful person on this planet.
  • Whatever you want in your life is just one step away from your comfort zone.
  • Try me.!

Always be witty enough to do the right thing without hurting anyone rather than impressing everyone around you. These witty Instagram captions for selfies are for everyone, whether the picture is of a couple or with your friend or just a mirror selfie showing your perfect pose!

  • Explorer & Ambitious.
  • Sometimes you need to remind them who they are dealing with.
  • My voice is enough to make some noise.
  • You were good in my worst. I promise to be the same always.
  • Might delete later.
  • What do you think of the view?
  • Life is better when it goes with you.
  • Keep calm and smile.
  • Just tell the truth and you just don’t need to polish anything after.
  • Never make fool of yourself, otherwise you will be the easiest one.
  • Never ignore people, face them instead of hiding from them.
  • The important thing to remember is not to forget.
  • There is no life without coffee. Coffee comes first, others come after.
  • Everyone has their own secrets to carry, so don’t give them more to overload it.
  • I know I am calm, but there is a great war inside my head.

A wit that cannot be measured is the best treasure for a man. This quote was said by our favorite Dumbledore. It is certain, that if you have that perfect wittiness and you always do the unexpected, the best will come of you and everyone will surely love it!

I am sure with these witty Instagram captions, you will definitely increase your Instagram likes and engagements on your Instagram account. This will in turn surely build up your follower metrics.

I hope you loved the Instagram selfie caption for your witty pictures. Let us know which one you loved the most!