Ways to get Instagram Engagements

Increase your Instagram followers with the new method and get fine ways to get more Instagram Engagement. Digital marketing is booming each and every day. Where there are millions of products available on Amazon, flipkart, click bank and other market places, it is no doubt they are looking for selling their products. 

So, these shopping sites need more and more promotions on various platforms which include Google ads, Bing ads, youtube ads, and social media platforms, etc. 

There is a number of social media of which top social media are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, etc. which are widely used by people all across the globe. 

Today, in this article we will talk about Instagram engagement which can certainly boost your Instagram marketing to a great extent. As you all know Instagram has over one billion downloads on the play store, you can imagine how much potential it has to reach your customers. 

In 2021, increasing your Instagram engagement is a bit difficult than in the earlier years. It is due to the change of algorithms and increased number of people using this media which suggests that the competition is on the top level.

Here, in this article, we will talk about some of the pro ideas by which you can implement to your Instagram account to increase engagement rates within a short span of time.

1. Engage your audience with the particular niche or topics

As the heading suggests you have to post the relevant photos and videos which is associated with your niche.

Suppose your instagram account is all about the niche “fashion”, you have to post the various photos of trendy fashion products to your audience.

If you engage a particular post to your particular niche, people are more likely to follow you on Instagram. 

It has been seen people posting the same post related to their niche increase Instagram engagement up to 90% more than that of unrelated posts.

Talking about the top brands, they are very much aware of that what they are actually posting. So, if the top brands are doing the same thing you should also have to adopt the same method.

Search on the search bar of your Instagram account and search about a similar account like you and follow them to see their strategies as well.

2. Engage your audience with high-quality photos and videos

After selecting the particular topic or niche then you have to post the photos and videos which can draw the attention of your audience.

It has been seen that photos with faces gain more attention than photos without faces. So do posts that contain faces. You can also go for videos as well.

IGTV is one of the great feature of instagram by which you can showcase your videos. Apart from that instagram reels which added in the last year can also be used effectively.

The 15 seconds video, if used in more creative way on instagram reels can maximize your instagram engagement. 

After each video add some eye catching subtitles which can increase your engagement rates up to 12%, study says. 

While posting add locations of various areas. Suppose you are in Delhi and you can add location of chennai as well. But be tricky while doing this as the photos and videos should matches to your location. Otherwise the irrelevant location of your content can damage your reputation as well.

3. Use great captions on each post

Write very funny, shocking, controversial captions on each post as it has the potential to draw more attention as well.

The captions could be self-created quotes, short stories, informative, memes etc. You can do anything but you have to be a little bit creative while adding the caption.

A stats shows that great captions can increase the engagement rates up to 57%.

Suppose you have a “fashion” niche and you want to add some great girls captions. The caption should go like this; “Being well dressed is my kind of happiness” or “Call me a hot mess, but never a fashion disaster” etc.

If you can make such kind of things the results will automatically come in your way.

4. Adding creative mixed hashtags

Hashtags plays a key role in achieving the insta engagements. Top brands also use this method effectively.

Stats show that if you use a limited number of hashtags then that will be more effective. A single hashtag has the capacity to increase Instagram followers and engagement up to 12.6%.

When using hashtags your competitor are also used this method to feature in top position. So, to reach on the top position you should mixed two trendy hashtags in a common and creative way by which you have high chance to appear on followers page.

For example two hashtags such as “#fashion” and “#trendy vibes”, you can mixed those hashtags such as like “#fashion vibes’ etc. 

Though the number of hashtags can changes the percentage of engagement. From the research it is suggested that the posts with 9 or 10 hashtags performs better than the large number of hashtags. 

Above all long tail hashtags also perform well. Try to experiment with long tail hashtags and show the results on analytics.

So, do it effectively.

5. Post your content at the best time

Though there is no limit to posting the best photos and videos on your Instagram account still you have to post at least 10 posts a day to interact with your audience.

Knowing the best time to post needs a trial and error method and paying close attention to Instagram analytics. Here some best times to post on social media in 2021.

Post your content in various time periods and saw the Instagram analytics. 

After knowing your audience behavior choose the best time to post.

However, weekends can gain more engagements as the people stay in their homes or go out for a chill. In that time they surf more on social media.

6. Feed your Instagram stories regularly

If you want more engagement and Instagram Followers, certainly you have to pay much attention to your Instagram stories.

Fresh stories can give you more engagements.

For example, if you have a pet in your house and constantly looking after it then it’s okay otherwise the pet will be upset and behave weird.

Like that Instagram stories should be feed with sarcastic, funny, shocking, and memes which actively increases engagement rates.

What are you going to do in the next few days or weeks?. The plan should be posted on your Instagram stories frequently.

Other than that if you have a valuable product to sell, you can also set a countdown timer to your stories.

This really works more.

7. Share Emotional content

As you have seen many of the top brands use “emotion” as a special strategy to reach their customers, you should also do that which includes emotional photos, videos, and real-life experiences that fit your niche or topic.

While posting emotional content use emojis and GIFs very creatively as these emoticons can say a lot more things. Research says emoji-driven content can increase engagement rates up to 19%.

The emotion could be anything; sad, angry, happy, anxious, etc. Whatever you want you can add but make sure that is related to your niche or topic.

8. Create savable contents

As above said emotional contents gives you much engagement, it is a high chance that people will save and share your content in their busy times.

When they get the leisure time they will also look into your savable content which also increases engagements.

The savable content should also beautiful, short story telling which urges your audience to save the post right away after watching for few seconds.

9. Organize quiz competitions

Engage your audience with AMA ( Ask me Anything) or ask questions related to your niche.

If you ask some of valuable questions like what they want more in upcoming days? Or how do they feel about a particular product? etc. 

If you can do this , it is a high chance that people will give more and more answers by which you get more engagements.

Apart from that organizing quiz competitions and in return if you can give “give away” products to the winners can also draw more attentions by your audience. 

That also boost your engagement rates too.

10. Share your Instagram journey with your audience

Every people in their lives has ups and downs and from that to and fro motion he or she learns a lot.

If you are getting more exposure to social media then you have to share your Instagram journey or any kind of life experiences that connects to your brands more specifically sad moments, happy moments, frustration moments, etc.

11. Try to build relationships with social influencers

As the influencers have many great followers they are more likely to engage your post at high rates.

Ask them to do promoting your brands in all their channels and understand their followers about your brands. In return influencers usually charge so spend some money on that too, if favors.

If you do this then the engagements can be reflected in your Instagram account and there is a high chance of selling your products.

12. Read comments and give answers

The very best way to increase your engagement by reading the comments of your audience and answering the audience in the comment section.

This proven tactics can increase more interactions with your audience.

As likes, comments, interactions, clicks are certain metrics that surely change your Instagram engagement that can be found on Instagram analytics.


Though instagram is a powerful tool to reach your customers still you have to work diligently or intelligently while handling your instagram account.

You can find a lot more techniques by on the internet about the “instagram engagement” but you will only be able  achieve the success if you maintain the consistency. 

We know that all of you after reading this article or any other article, curiously jump into the action mode but “man”! it is not a “Get rich quick scheme” concept. It needs time, creativity, and more specifically passion and consistency.

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