[BEST] Joker Quotes List

BEST Joker Quotes

Looking for the best list of Joker Quotes? Then you are on the right place on the internet… Because we have compiled the best Joker Quotes and captions as well. You just need to pick the best one and copy it to your post with a picture that you want to upload.

So, the joker is the character of the movie series is batman… Actually, he is the villain in that movie but the character of joker was first played very well by Cesar Romero. So the public really likes that character and want that kind of attitude in themselves. Free and brave.

Now let’s start with the joker quotes for Instagram list without wasting a second…

Joker Quotes

  • “Nobody cares about your degree if you drive a Lamborghini.”
  • “Why So Serious.”
  • “People will kill you if you sit silent.”
  • “Excellence is the basic need of humanity.”
  • “I don’t need troops, weapons or anything… I am the only one and that’s enough.”
  • “I love killing people and I’m enjoying it.”
  • “No more Captions needed for me.”
  • “There are two types for joker in the world… One in the circle who make people smile by doing crazy things… And the other one is who make people cry by doing devil things… Now the choice is yours.”
Joker Instagram Captions
  • “You have to make your own choice… Don’t let anyone decides your decisions.”
  • “When you are at home alone do crazy things Cozz that’s the time you can do anything at home.”
  • “Joker make people laugh and I make people cry.”
  • “Do the thing you want…”
  • “The more important is, you still moving forward to your goal.”
  • “Quitting is not an issue.”
  • “If people talk behinds you just fart.”
  • “The more you try, the more chances you’ll get success in your life.”
  • “Don’t ever expect anything from others.”
  • “Expectations means disappointment.”
  • “If your love something, grab it anyhow.”
  • “Never lose your hope.”
  • “You have to be unique if you want to be number 1.”
  • “Now I want some new haters I’m getting bored from old ones.”
  • Mystery is remains to unsolved and It has to be unsolved.”

  • “1234567890 choose any no. Either you want be 0 or number 1.”
  • “Your attitude decides your position.”
  • “Joker is not a word… it’s a feeling.”
  • “If you don’t like me then take anyone on Instagram and hit a like on their post.”
  • “My block list is bigger than your contact list.”
  • “Look at the sky just once… I have that level of my attitude. So don’t even try.”
  • “Yes that’s me… THE REAL ME.”
  • “Hero or villain. Decide! which one you want to be.”
  • “Villains are the more stronger than heroes… But still they defeated by heroes.. Why? Because they did wrong things.”
  • “Success is not for the weaker ones… It meant to be stronger or hard working person.”
Joker Quotes and Captions
  • “People can change anytime so don’t trust people.”
  • “When the new people come someone’s life then they forgot to give attention to the people they have before.”
  • “Some people are behave strangely when they meet other people.”
  • “Make more friends so that you can talk to other when the things get wrong with one friend.”
  • “Be independent to do anything in your life.”
  • “I love people who tell your problem in front of your face rather than they think what they think is the right thing.”
  • “Sometimes your don’t realize your mistakes because you busy in describing your self.”
  • “Opposite attracts but in my case I attracted to those people who are exactly like me.”

  • “I believe in saying anything in the front of people’s face.”
  • “Wanna talk then come otherwise get lost.”
  • “Anyone an change in just two days… So never expect anything from that kind of people because in the end. They are only people left with themselves only.”
  • “If nobody understands you then left them with their thoughts.”
  • “Fuck yourself if you want to be successful in your life.”
  • “Sometimes it’s okay to let people leave.”
  • “Never trying to explain yourself again and again all the time.”
  • “JOKER.”
  • “Why so serious?”
  • “Enjoy each and every moment of your life.”
  • “If you good at something then never do it for free.”

Hope you guys really like the above list of quotes on joker. So freely pick one and upload it with any picture of yours…

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